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Beer Retailers

Dover including Buckland


From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Wine and Spirit Merchants

COURT Stephen. Importer of wines and spirits (140 Snargate Street)

SCLATER Edward (& Porter, Ale, Cider etc. ) (70 Snatgate Street)

THOMPSON Edward. Importer of wine. (Limekiln Street)



ELGARD & PAGE Limekiln Street, Brewers.


KINGSFORD Alfred, Archcliffe Fort, Brewers.

POULTER & GREENWOOD, Charlton-near-Dover, Brewers.

WALKER Robert & Sons, Dolphin Lane, Brewers.


From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34Pigot's Directory 1832-34

Retailers of beer

BETTS Richard (Charlton) see "Royal Standard"

CALCRAFT William (Charlton Road)

ELGARD & PAGE Limekiln Street, Brewers.


HART Edward (77 Biggin Street) see "King William IV"

KINGSFORD Alfred, Buckland by Dover, Brewers

PERRY John (Oxenden Street) see "North Pole"

POULTER James, Biggin Street, Brewers.

ROBASON John (Jail Lane)

SINNOCK John (York Street) "Crown."

SPAIN George (and brewer) (Adrian Gate)

STEVENS Edward, Buckland by Dover, Retailers of Beer

WALKER Robert & Sons, Dolphin Lane, Brewers.

WILLIAMS Thomas (45 Limekiln Street) see "Granville Arms"

Wine and Spirit Merchants

COURT Stephen (also Porter) (140 Snargate Street)

THOMPSON & WRIGHT (Limekiln Street) see "Introduction"

WORTHINGTON Henry (157 Snargate Street)


From the Pigot's Directory 1839Pigot's Directory 1839

BETTS Richard (Charlton) see "Royal Standard"

CALCRAFT William (Charlton Road)

HART Edward (77 Biggin Street) see "King William IV"

PERRY John (Oxenden Street) see "North Pole"

ROBERTSON John (Jail Lane)

SINNOCK John (York Street)

SPAIN George (and brewer) (Adrian Gate)

STEVENS Edward (Buckland)

WILLIAMS Thomas (45 Limekiln Street) see "Granville Arms"


CENSUS 1841.Census

BRACKENBURY William, South Pier, age 35, Publican.

BURFIELD Catherine, Bowling Green Lane, age 45, Publican.

CHATER William, Finnis Hill, age 45, Publican.

CLARINGBOULD Mary, Commercial Quay, age 40, Publican.

CLAYSON James, Lady Well Place, age 65, Beer House Keeper.

COLE George, Seven Star Street, age 35, Publican.

CONSTANCE Richard, Market Place, age 55, Inn Keeper.

CROSEER Henry, Crow Acri, age 45, Publican.

CROSTER/CROSOER, Richard, Market Place, age 40, Publican.

CULLEN Elizabeth, High Street, age 60, Publican.

DICKSON Charles, High Street, age 30, Publican.

DOLE/COLE George, Seven Star Street, age 35, Publican.

ELENDER John, Woolcomber Street, age 35, Victualler.

EVENDEN William, South Pier, age 45, Publican.

GRADSON William, Council House Street, age 30, Publican.

HARRINGTON Isaac, Strond Lane, age 25, Victualler. "Green Dragon" perhaps.

HARRIS William, George Lane Place, age 30, Publican.

HAUSON Mary, Strond Lane, age 40, Publican.

HILL John, Priory Place, age 45, Publican.

HOGG William, Paradise Street, age unknown, Publican.

HUBBLE Richard, Biggin Street, age 50, Publican.

JACKSON William, Commercial Quay, age 50, Victualler.

KENNETT Henry, Priory Street, age 60, Publican. ("Golden Lion?")

LADD John, St. James Street, age 50, Publican.

MINTER Stephen, Spring Place, age 30, Publican.

MORRELL Amelia, Commercial Quay, age 40, Victualler.

MOSES Eleanor, Round Tower Lane, age 60, Beer House Keeper.

MUGGERIDGE William, Snargate Street, age 55, Publican.

PIGON Louis, Round Tower Street, age 55, Publican.

PIQUE Louise, Round Tower Street, age 55, Publican.

SHARP John, Council House Street, age 35, Publican.

SMITH Charles, Snargate Street, age 30, Victualler.

SPRATT Elizabeth, Bridge Street, age 50, Publican.

SYMONDS James, Round Tower Street, age 45, Publican.

KEMP Samuel, Snargate Street, age 50, Publican.

WICKENSTALL James, Seven Star Street, age 35, Publican.


From Bagshaw Directory 1847Bagshaw's Directory 1847

ADAMSON George, Cross Walls, ("Harbour Ale Shades")

BARTON Arthur, Seven Stars Street,

BISHOP Joshua, Commercial Quay,

BOYCE Ann, Cannon Street, ("Bricklayer's Arms")

BROMLEY John, Five Post Lane,

BURROWS Henry, Fishmonger Lane, ("Rose and Crown")

BURTON Thomas, Fishmonger Lane,

CHAMBERS William, Snargate Street,

CHATER William, Finnis's Hill,

COZENS Thomas, Market Place, (Also listed as Eating House.)

CULLEN Harriett, Town Wall Street,

GOLDEN John, Priory Place,

GOLDSACK Stephen, Oxenden Street,

HAMMOND Matthew, Trevanian Street,

HART James, Worthington Lane,

JENKINS Elizabeth, East Cliff,

JONES John, Limekiln Street,

MAKEEN Henry, Council House Street,

MARSH William, Bowling Green Lane,

MINTER Stephen, Council House Street,

MUTTON Henry, Folkestone Road,

NASH John, East Cliff,

NORWOOD George, Snargate Street

SMALL George H, Priory Place, ("Comet Star")

SNELLING George, Biggin Street,

STONE John, Laurestone Place,

SUTTON Mary Ann (63 Snargate Street) Just listed as Eating House.

WEBB James, Biggin Street, ("British Queen")

WILLIAMS Joseph Robert (Market Place) Listed as Eating House.

WOOD William, Hawkesbury Street,



CLIFFE Henry F, Bulwark Street,

JEKEN, RUTLEY & COLEMAN, Commercial Quay,

PAGE George Sydney & Alfred, Limekiln Street

POULTER James, Biggin Street, h Russell Street

WALKER James & Thomas, Dolphin Lane



COURT Stephen, agent for Guinness's stout and pale India ale, 140 Snargate Street

GRANT Thomas, Limekiln Street

RUTLEY, COLEMAN & Co. Limekiln Street


BUCKLAND Beer Retailers

MAYTUM John, Buckland,

PAY William, Buckland,



KINGSFORD Alfred, brewer, Buckland, 1847


CENSUS 1851.Census

BANKS Charles, age 35, Brewer.

BARNES Elizabeth, 41 New Street, age 55, Beer Shop and Lodging House Keeper.

BARTON Arthur, 5 Seven Star Street, age 40, Licensed Victualler.

BOWLER William, 76 Biggin Street, age 45, Victualler.

BOYCE Ann, 6 Cannon Street, age 74, Beer Shop Keeper. ("Bricklayer's Arms")

CHATER William, Finnis's Hill, age 58, Beer Seller.

GOLDSACK John, 38 Oxenden Street, age 56, Publican.

GOLDSACK Ann, 38 Oxenden Street, age 53, Publican.

HARRISON John, Hawesbury Street, age 41, Beer Seller.

HOLMAN Winford, 20 Cannon Street, age 67, Publican.

HOOD Henrietta, widow age 53, Lodging House Keeper.

WELLS George, Adrian Street, age 40, Victualler.

WOOD William, Custom House Quay, age 65, Publican.


CENSUS 1861.Census

CULLEN Stephen, 7 Market Street, "Working Mans Inn," age 36, Grainer.

HOLYMAN Ann, Seven Star Street, age 47, Publican.

WHITING Mary, St. James's Street, age 57, Victualler.


CENSUS 1871.Census

DELPH Thomas, Worthington Lane, age 65, Whitesmith & Inn Keeper.

ELLIS Thomas, 78 Snargate, age 28, Licensed Victualler.

WEATHERHEAD John, 22 Adrian Street, age 40, Publican.


From the Kelly's Directory 1874Kelly's 1874

JOHNSON John, beer retailer, 1 Priory Road

JUTELET William, wine and spirit merchant, preserves & French pastry cook, 179 Snargare Street.

KINGSFORD Alfred, ale and porter brewer, Buckland brewery.


CENSUS 1881. Census

BAKER William B, 4a Beach Street, age 38, Licensed Victualler.

BARTON Judeth, 64 St. James, age 65, Lodging House Keeper. ("Crown")

COURT Percy, 140 Snargate Street, age 49, Wine Merchant.

TYSON Joseph, 136 Snargate Street, age 56, Wine Cooper and Retail.

WILLIAMS G, 9 Beach Street, age 56, Licensed Victualler.


From the Kelly's Directory 1899Kelly's Directory 1899

ADAMS Lewis & Co, wine & spirit merchants

(182 Snargate Street see "Trocadero"  & 5 Park Place)

ADAMS Walter Day, wine merchant

(41 Townwall Street) see "Wine Lodge"

ATHERDEN Charles Matthew, beer retailer

(Trevanion Lane) see "Star"

BEER Thomas, beer retailer

(44 Bridge Street) see "Black Horse"

BINFIELD Bros. ale & porter, wine & spirit merchants,

(11 & 12 Market Square)

BINFIELD Jas. grocer & wine and spirit dealer (Last Lane).

BROCKMAN Elizabeth Ann (Mrs.) beer retailer,

(Tower Street, Tower Hamlets) see "Imperial Crown"

BROOKE J, H & J. wine & spirit merchants (4 Snargate Street)

CASTLE William Joseph Marsh, beer retailer

(26 Priory Road) see "Comet"

DAWES E & Sons, brewers & wine & spirit merchants,

(Diamond Brewery, Maxton) see "Diamond Brewery"

GARDNER & Co. pale ale stores, (Priory Station Road)

GOLDFINCH Walter, provider, distributor & beer retailer

(51 Clarendon Place) see "Canterbury Bell"

GREEN Francis, beer retailer

(Tower Hamlets Street) see "Coach and Horses"

HINKLEY John, beer retailer (Maxton) see "Orange Tree"

LUKEY John & Sons, wine & spirit merchants

(4 Bench Street) bonded warehouse (Custom House Quay)

MACKESON & Co. maltsters, Buckland;

& wine & spirit merchants (15 King Street) & at Hythe.

MOWLL Edward Rutley & Co. wine & spirit mers

(42 Biggin Street) see "Wellington Hotel"

NEWBLE Robert Frank, beer retailer,

(Tower Hamlets Street) see "Canterbury Bell",

"Milestone" and "Nottingham Castle"

SAUNDERS George, beer retailer

(75 Snargate Street) see "Lord Roberts"

WITTHAMS Charles, beer retailer

(14 Seven Star Street) see "William and Albert"

WRIGHT William, beer retailer (Fishmonger Lane)


From the Post Office Directory 1901Post Office Directory 1903

EYLES A, Beer retailer, Eythorne

GRAY J, Farmer and Maltster

PEARCE George James, 14 Market Square, age 51, Greengrocer


CENSUS 1911.

NEWMAN Albert, 14 Market Square, age 35, Licensed Victualler.


From Dover Express 1921.

ADAMS Gerald Day, 41 Townwall Street to 9/Dec/1921

LINNELL J R Mr, 41 Townwall Street 9/Dec/1921+ (Manager of Ash's East Kent brewery Company.


From the Kent Directory 1922

CRAWFORD A W, Folkestone Road ("Hare and Hounds")

HARVEY Herbert, 8 Peter Street, beer retailer ("Globe")

KING Philip, Fishmonger's Lane, beer retailer ("Prince of Wales")


From the Dover Express 1934

11 Market Square, (off-license)

WATTS H & G Ltd to June/1934

NORTON Henry C.A (liquidator) June/1934+


From the Dover Express 1936

51 Clarendon Place, Beer (off-license)

GOLDSWAIN Henry to Dec/1936

GOLDSWAIN Henry Abraham (son) Dec/1936+


Kelly's 1934From the Kelly's Directory 1934


Information taken from John Bavington Jones' book "A Perambulation of the Town, Port and Fortress of Dover", 1906. (Reprint in The South Kent Gazette, August 15th, 1979.

Probably the last cobbled carriageway in Dover, Dolphin Lane used to be flanked by Messrs. Leney's former Phoenix brewery premises. There was a brewery here in the 18th century, and in 1808 it was a flourishing concern, owned by Mr. James Walker, who, at that time, considerably developed it and erected some steam machinery; which was superseded by more modern plant during the greater development of the business in the hands of Messrs. Leney and Co., the buildings at one time covering over five acres.

At the beginning of 1927 Dover lost this, the last and the oldest of  its breweries, Messrs. Leney and Co. amalgamating with  Messrs. Fremlins, Ltd., of Maidstone, to which town their brewing work was transferred. The brewing plant was sold, but part of the  premises was subsequently used for bottling, etcetera. Then the site became redundant and was sold. A multi-storey car park now occupies part of the site.

Fifty years earlier there were no less than seven breweries at work in Dover, viz.:- Cliffe's Brewery, at Archcliffe; Satchell's, in Limekiln Street; Leney's, in Dolphin Lane; Poulter's Castle Brewery, in Russell Street (afterwards Leney's); the Diamond Brewery, in Maxton; Harding's Wellington Brewery, in London Road, at the rear of the Flour Mills; and Kingsford's Buckland Brewery, at the premises at the corner of Union Road (later Palmer's and then, until 1978, Jenkins and Pain's coachworks. Earlier still, there were other breweries in Dover, notably, a very ancient one on Custom House Quay.



Bagshaw's Directory 1847From Bagshaw Directory 1847


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