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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1861

Imperial Crown

Latest Aug 1989

48 Tower Street


Imperial Crown outing 1919

Above photo kindly supplied by Denise Metcalf and shows a pub outing taken outside the pub in 1919.

Imperial Crown circa 1987

Imperial Crown circa 1976 (Photo above by Paul Skelton)

Photo below by Barry Smith circa 1980

Inperial Crown 1983

Above photo 1983 by Stuart Kinnon.

Imperial Crown
Imperial Crown 1987

Above and below Imperial Crown just after closure in 1987 photos by Barry Smith

Imperial Crown 1987


Ratcliffe in 1861 and if not the first he could not have been far off that distinction. It was an outlet of Fremlin when Godden applied for the spirit licence in 1960.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 27 September, 1878


John Brockman and Thomas Taylor were summoned, the former for keeping his house, the “Imperial Crown,” open during prohibited hours, and the latter for being on the premises at twenty minutes past ten on Sunday morning.

Police-constable Baker said: Last Sunday morning in company with Police-constable Corrie I visited the “Imperial Crown.” I went to the back door and Corrie to the front. I opened the door and there saw the defendant Taylor sitting in a chair with a pot half full of beer beside him, and Police-constable Corry knocked at the front door and Taylor got up to pass me. I took his name. Corry was then admitted by the landlady who said Taylor came on business. I asked her about the beer and she made no reply.

By Mr. Mowll: The landlord looked as an innocent man. The woman did not tell me she had been there all night.

The defendant admitted the offence, and Brockman was fined 20s. and 9s. 6d. costs, and Taylor 10s. 6d. including costs.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 7 November, 1890. Price 5d.


J. G. Brockman, landlord of the “Imperial Crown,” was summoned for neglecting to contribute towards his mother's maintenance, who became on the 8th of August, and still was, chargeable to the common funds of the Dover Union.

Mr. Carder said that he applied for 2. 6d. a week, repeated application had been made to the defendant, but refused.

Mr. R. W. Patmore, produced the order for the proceedings. He said Mary Brockman was the defendant's mother, and she became, on the 8th of August, and still was chargeable to the Dover Union. She was 79 years of age, and was unable to work. She previously lived in a cottage adjoining the “Imperial Crown.” The defendant was a licensed victualler, and kept the “Imperial Crown,” and was able to pay the sum asked.

Mary Brockman, mother of the defendant, said that she had been living in a cottage next to the defendant, but she left as she was in fear of her life.

Thomas Howard, a labourer said that he occupied the house adjoining the “Imperial Crown,” and paid 5s. 6d. a week to the defendant.

The Magistrates made an order for 2s. 6d. a week.



Up to 1928 it was always 46a. I can shed no light on that. It does have the appearance of being a single storey extension which has been added at some time.


I have been informed by Denise Metcalf, Albert Victor Ashbee's grand-daughter that Albert, a landlord of the pub, left it for a job on the railways after a fire damaged the pub in 1923, but as yet have no more information regarding the fire and how much damage was done to the pub. He must have regained the call to pub life as in 1935, a good 12 years after leaving the Imperial Crown, he became landlord of the "Ancient Druids".


1919 showed the pub to be tied to Leney's but a Whitbread outlet which was on offer in August 1989 and never continue in the trade.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 8 March, 1901. Price 1d.


Carl Wennal, of German nationality, was charged with stealing three bass brooms from the doorway of 1, and 3, Widred Road.

Mr. A. Grossman interpreted.

Stephen Fred Hedgcock, grocer, 1, and 3, Widred Road, Tower Hamlets, said the three brooms produced were hanging outside the door of his shop on Friday. Later in the day in consequence of an enquiry by a Constable he missed the brooms. He afterwards identified them at the Police Station. He never sold the brooms to the prisoner, not had he seen him until he saw him at the Station. The value of the brooms was 2/3.

Mrs. Elizabeth Rhodes said her husband was the landlord of the “Imperial Crown Inn,” Tower Street. About twenty minutes to seven the prisoner came into the private bar and asked for “half a porter.” He had three bass brooms with him and wanted to sell them. Witness bought two for sixpence. He left the house with the other one.

The Magistrates' Clerk: What did he do with the money?

Witness: Lord Almighty, my dear man, how should I know? (Loud laughter.)

Witness, continuing, said that the Police came shortly afterwards and she handed the brooms over to them.

When the evidence was read over to the witness she remarked it was she who kept the “Imperial Crown” and not her husband.

The Clerk: How is that?

Witness: I am master. (Laughter.)

The Clerk: But I suppose you husband has something to say to that?

Witness: Oh no, he has not. (Loud laughter.)

William Henry Rogers, landlord of the “Plough Inn,” Buckland, said the prisoner came into the house at 8.30 and offered a bass broom for sale. Witness ultimately bought it for sixpence. The Police afterwards made enquiries, and witness gave the broom to them.

Police Constable E. Duncan said that about 7.15 on the previous evening he was in Bridge Street, when he was told that the prisoner had been acting suspiciously in Tower hamlets Road. Witness went in search of him, and found him coming out of the “Red Lion,” Charlton Green. He was the worse for drink, and had a new bass broom under his arm. Witness followed the prisoner until he met P.C. Cook, who went after the prisoner, and witness made enquiries at Tower Hamlets, he then went to the “Plough” with P.C. Cook and received the broom produced from the landlord. They then went to the prisoner's lodgings in Cherry Tree Avenue. He was asleep on the bed. He was taken to the Station, but made no reply to the charge of stealing the broom. Mr. Hedgcock identified the broom as his property. After making further enquiries he received the two brooms from Mrs. Rhodes.

The case was remanded till Monday to make enquiries.


From the Dover Express, 8 September, 1922.

At the Dover Police Court on Friday last, before Dr. C. Wood (in the chair) and Messrs. S. Lewis, W. B. Brett. T. Francis and C. E. Boaufoy.

The licence of the "Imperial Crown," Tower Hamlets, was temporarily transferred from Mr. W. Scott to Mr. Harry K. Wilsher, of 19 Whitfield Avenue, one time licensee of the "Plough Inn," Ripple.


From an email sent to me 29 June 2009.

Sidney Horton






Picture left shows Sydney Horton, landlord of the Imperial Crown 1950 to 56 and the grandfather of Alan Goodwin who kindly sent me this photo. I believe it was taken in the garden of his previous house in the late 1940's.

He goes on to say his other grandfather was James Goodwin of the pub "White Lion" just opposite.

Offers invited for pub

Inperial Crown 1989

BREWERS Whitbread are selling their old pub, Imperial Crown at Tower Street, Dover, through the Dover offices of Nationwide Anglia King and Chasemore. Offers are invited. (1989).


Now a residential house. (2007).



RATCLIFFE Richard Munden 1861 (age 23 in 1861Census)

BROCKMAN John 1871-84 (also agricultural labourer age 72 in 1881Census)

PODEVIN Joseph George 1884

BROCKHAM John 1891+ (age 42 in 1891Census)

BROCKMAN Mrs Elizabeth Ann 1899 (beer retailer) Kelly's Directory 1899

RHODES Mrs Elizabeth Ann 1901-13 (age 52 in 1901Census)Post Office Directory 1903

CASTLE Mrs Elizabeth A 1915-June/19 dec'd Dover Express

WOOD Mr June/1919 Dover Express

ASHBEE Albert Victor (Frank) June/1919-Dec/21 Next pub licensee had Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1922

Last pub licensee had SCOTT William Dec/1921-Sept/22 Dover Express

Last pub licensee had WILSHER Harry K Sept/1922-48+ Pikes 1924Pikes 1932-33Pikes 1938-39Pikes 48-49

HORTON Sydney 1950-56+ Kelly's Directory 1950Kelly's Directory 1953Kelly's Directory 1956

GODDEN Frederick William 1956-74 dec'd

GODDEN Mrs Joan K 1974-81 end Library archives 1974 Whitbread Fremlins

HAMBROOK Stephen 1981



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