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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton and Jan Pedersen

Earliest 1705-


Latest 1940

3 Seagate Street


Chequers, Folkestone


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Chequers floor plan Chequers floor plan


From the Kentish Gazette, October 4 7, 1758. Kindly sent from Alec Hasenson.

Sale of a Lugger at the Sign of the Chequer, Folkestone, 16th October.


From the Kentish Gazette, February 10-13, 1770. Kindly sent from Alec Hasenson.

Auction of Meadow land at the sign of the Chequer, in Folkestone, February 20, 1770.


From Kentish Gazette 29 July 1775.

Wednesday morning last, between the hours of six and seven o'clock, Mr. Ambrose Dadd, master of the "Chequer," at Folkestone, was found hanging in a passage in his house above stairs; it is supposed he had hung upwards of an hour. The cause of this rash action is unknown.


From the Kentish Gazette, 13 April, 1847.


On Friday evening at midnight the Princess Helena steamer landed 56 savoyard peasants at Folkestone in the most wretched state of filth and raggedness imaginable, we suppose to be employed as itinerant musicians and white-mice boys in London.

(Savoyards, were people from Savoy, an area shared between France, Italy and Switzerland,  and White Mice Boys were Italian boys being trafficked into London in an elaborate white slave trade, they performed tricks with trained monkeys and mice while their masters played the organ. Paul Skelton.)

The poor wretches were shivering with cold (it being a frosty night with a keen wind from the north), and in that state were kept for an hour in the harbour, the man in charge of them not being able to come to terms for a lodging for them, having only offered 4 shillings and 6d for that purpose.

However, the landlady of the "Checkers" kindly gave them a resting place in her stables on the straw, where the poor creatures were huddled together like swine. Many persons assembled the next morning to see them depart, who commiserated their unhappy condition. Surely something might be done to prevent these poor fellows leaving their sunny clime to endure a life of slavery, privation and misery in England; the object being not to employ them as labourers, but to excite charity from the benevolent for the benefit of their inhuman masters.



The owners changed hands in 1859 after Thomas Walker sold off the Phoenix brewery to Leney's.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Saturday 16 July 1859.

To let by tender.

The following public houses situate in and near Dover, Eastry, and Folkestone, viz:-

1. The "Bull Inn," Eastry.

2. The "Halfway House" and land, on the Dover and Canterbury Road.

3. The "Chequers," at Folkestone.

4. The "Chequers" and land, at West Hougham.

5. The "Red Lion," at Charlton.

6. The "Fox," in St James's Street.

7. The "Ordnance Arms," in Queen Street.

8. The "Cause is Altered," in Queen Street.

9. The "True Briton," on Commercial Quay.

10. The "Three Kings," in Union Street.

11. The "Fleur-de-Lis," in Council House Street.

12. The "Cinque Port Arms," in Clarence Place.

13. The "Red Lion" in St James's Street.

14. The "Dolphin," in Dolphin Lane.

The above houses are to be let as free houses, in consequence of the proprietors of the Dolphin Lane Brewery discontinuing that business.

The holdings of the present Tenants expire under notice to quit, as follows, viz:- No. 2, on the 6th January next, No. 3, on the 6th July, 1860, No. 10, at Lady Day next, No. 13, on the 23rd October next, No. 14, on the 6th April next, and reminder on the 11th October next.

Tenders must be sent into the offices of Mr. Edward Knocker, Castle Hill, Dover, on or before the 20th day of July next, marked on the cover "Tender."

Particular and Terms of hiring, with the forms of Tender, to be obtained on application to Mr. knocker, or Mr. Thomas Robinson, Estate Agent, Bench Street, Dover.

Tenders may be given for the whole together or separately. The Tenders will be accepted subject to the houses being sold on or before the 20th day of September next, and the proprietors do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender.

N.B. The proprietors are open to treat for letting the Brewery, Malthouse, and Premises, in Dolphin Lane.

Edward Knocker. Castle Hill, Dover, June, 1859.


From the Folkestone Chronicle 17 December 1859. Transcribed by Jan Pedersen.


Wednesday December 14th:- Before R.W. Boarer and James Tolputt esqs.

An application was made to transfer the license of the "Chequers Inn," Seagate Street, from Henry Mercer to Mary Goor. The necessary five days' notice not having been given, the transfer could not be completed until January next, but the magistrates' clerk intimated that applicant could obtain a magistrate's order for carrying on the business till the next sessions.

Mr. Harrison (Brockman and Harrison) said, he appeared before the Bench to support application for a licence from Miss Jane Stapple, for the Ship Hotel, Sandgate, the late landlord, Mr. George Ward, having neglected to obtain a licence at the annual licencing day; he read a letter from Messrs. Bayley and Co., Earl of Radnor`s agents, accepting Miss Stapple, as a tenant, as from 11th October last. Under the circumstances stated he hoped the Bench would be pleased to grant the licence asked for.

Miss Stapple being examined, proved the statement of the learned gentleman, and the magistrates, after consulting for some time, granted the application.

From the Folkestone Observer 29 August, 1863. Transcribed by Jan Pedersen.


Thursday August 27th:- Before Captain Kennicott R.N., and James Tolputt, Esq.

George Peacock was brought up on a charge of sleeping in an outhouse and having no visible means of subsistence.

P.C. Ovenden about a quarter past one in the morning found him asleep in the water-closet of the "Chequers Inn." He belonged to the town, but had no place of residence. Ovenden had not known him to work for a long time, but he loitered about and got odd jobs. In the winter he went into the Union House. No money was found on him, but he had an order for the Union. The Bench now admonished him and dismissed him.


From the Folkestone Chronicle 18 June, 1864. Transcribed by Jan Pedersen.


Tuesday June 14th:- Before the Mayor and R.W. Boarer, Esq.

John Wettingstall and John Knight were brought up in custody charged with stealing one gallon of beer, value 1s., from a cask, the property of Richard Checksfield.

Remanded till next day.


Note: Beer (bought from Gun Brewery), was on Checksfield's van, parked in the yard of the "Chequers." Jan Pedersen.


Wednesday June 15th:- Before the Mayor. R.W. Boarer and J. Kelcey, Esqs.

John Wettingstall and John Knight were brought up under remand charged with stealing a gallon of beer from a cask on the 13th inst.

The prisoners pleaded Guilty under the Criminal Justice Act, and John Knight was committed for 7 days with hard labour, and John Wettingstall to 6 weeks' imprisonment with hard labour.


From the Folkestone Observer 18 June, 1864. Transcribed by Jan Pedersen.


Tuesday June 14th:- Before the Mayor, James Kelcey and R.W, Boarer, Esqs.

John Whittingstall, 19, seaman, living at Charlotte Terrace, and John Knight, 21, shoemaker, living in Tontine Street, were charged with stealing a gallon of beer, the property of Richard Checksfield, Ashford.

Richard Checksfield said he was a carrier from Ashford to Folkestone. He had two casks of 4 gallons each of porter consigned to him in Folkestone to go to Ashford. He left them in his van last night about ten o'clock, in the "Chequers'" yard, when they were all right. Between two and three o'clock this morning the constable called him up, saying there were some persons in the van drinking the beer. He went and found nearly a gallon drawn. Saw the casks filled up with porter at "Mr. Tite's Brewery." The porter was about a shilling a gallon. The yard door was not locked at night; there was no gate to it.

P.C. Hills was on duty at the bottom of High Street about half past two. Seeing the van there he went, as usual, to see if any persons were there, and found the prisoners, drinking beer.

The bench sentenced Whittingstall to six weeks' hard labour, and Knight to seven days' imprisonment.


Note: The Brewery referred to is the "Gun Brewery." Jan Pedersen.




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