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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton & Rory Kehoe

Earliest 1768-

Star Tavern

Latest 1922+

2 St. George's Place (Cattle Market)


Twyman advert

Also listed as being at number 2 St. Georges Place was Twyman & Sons Merchants & Manufacturers, Linen Warehouse.

Star location 1957

Above photo, circa 1957, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. Although St. George's Place was badly damaged in the war, Twyman's and the site of the "Star Inn" survived. However, the building of the ring road in the early 1960s saw Twyman's disappear and the whole area was flattened.

Star 1958

Above photo, circa 1958, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Star Tavern location 2016

Above photo 2016.


The majority of St. George's Place was burnt out during the blitz of 1942 and the buildings no longer remain. Prior to this and mainly between the wars the area was known as Doctor's Row, due to the vast number of doctors who lived or practised there.

Prior to the premises becoming a licensed house in 1824 it was owned by James Robertson, bookbinder.

However further research has found the following passage as advertised in the Kentish Gazette or Canterbury Chronicle or 1768. See below.


Kentish Post 14 August 1736.

This is to give notice that William Badcock is removed from the "Black Boy" in Folkestone to the "Star," without St. George’s Gate, near the cattle market, Canterbury, where is good entertainment for man and horse; likewise horses to be let.


From the Kentish Gazette or Canterbury Chronicle, Wednesday, 24 August to Saturday, 27 August, 1768. Price 2d.


Starch-Maker, At Petham, near Canterbury.

Makes and sells all Sorts Poland and Common STARCH, fine Hair-Powder, which all Kinds of Indigo, Blues, and sine Smalts, as cheap as in London, Carriage paid to Canterbury, Faversham, Deal, and Dover, and other Sea-ports. All orders left at the “Star Inn,” at the Cattle-Market, Canterbury, shall be duly answered.

He buys and Quantity of Black or inferior Wheat.


Kentish Gazette, 28 October, 1780.

"Star" without St. George's gate, Canterbury.

William Pearson, (late of the "Duke's Head," St. Paul's) informs of Public, that he has taken the "Star;" and having laid in a fresh stock and provided himself with every necessary accommodation for Board and lodgings, will endeavour, by good attendance and civil treatment, to oblige all his Friends and Customers, whose favours will be thankfully acknowledged.

He has also provided the best Hay and Corn, and Gentlemen may depend on their Horses being well attended and taken in as usual at livery.

Horses going abroad will be taken in, and proper Assistance and warm Stabling is provided for that purpose.

A good ordinary every Saturday at 1 o'clock.


Kentish Gazette, 25 March 1803.

Monday morning Mr. Hodges, of Dover, set out from the "Royal Oak Inn," to run to the "Star Inn," in this city, in the space of 2 hours and a half, being the distance of sixteen miles; the first eight miles (although the worst part of the road), he accomplished in one hour and seven minutes, and performed the whole of this extraordinary feat, within the limited time, by one minute, notwithstanding he experienced a fall just before the termination of his journey.


Kentish Gazette, 25 November 1803.

Monday was married at Stelling Mr. Wm. Pearson, late of the "Star Inn," in this city, to Mrs. Culver, widow of Mr. John Culver, late of the "Duke’s Head" public-house, in Wincheap-street.


From the Kentish Gazette, 17 January 1804. Price 6d.


By CHARLES POUT, Auctioneer,

AT the “Star Inn,” St. Georges, Canterbury, on Wednesday the 18th day of January inst. at twelve o'clock, at noon (subject to the conditions of sale to be then and there produced)—the following Freehold Estate- All that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the yard, garden (as now marked and slumped off) and appurtenances, situate, lying and being in Bridge Street, in the pariah of St. George the Martyr, in the said city; now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Jarman.

The messuage contains two parlours, a kitchen, and pantry, on the ground floor; two bed chambers, and a sitting room, on the first floor; four bed-chambers on the second floor; a washhouse detached, with a Laundry over it, and good cellaring. For particulars apply to J. Z. Plummer, attorney at law, Canterbury.


Kent Gazette Reports 11 October 1805.


R. Wild grateful for the very liberal support with which his friends and the public have favoured him, since entering on the above concern, respectfully begs leave to inform them, that being obliged to give up the stables and yard belonging to Mr. Pearson, adjoining to his premises, and late in his occupation, he has, at a considerable expense, erected a range of good stall stables and lockup coach houses, on that piece of ground lately used as a stonemason's yard, immediately opposite his house, and hopes their superior accommodation, added to his strict attention, will ensure a continuance of those favours, which he has already experienced.

Spiritious liquors and wines of the best qualities.


Kentish Gazette 29 June 1819.


June 25, Mr. Samuel Hearnden, of the "Star Inn," Canterbury age 38 years.


Kentish Gazette, 7 March 1820.



WILLIAM BAX RESPECTFULLY acknowledges with gratitude, the numerous favours he has experienced from his friends and the public, for several years, during his residence at the "Sun Inn;" and begs to inform them, that he has removed to the "Star Inn," St. George's Place, recently occupied by the late Mr. Heresden, which he has fitted up with excellent beds, and with every possible convenience for the reception and accommodation of families, travellers, and those who may do him utmost exertions to render them comfortable, and hopes, by an unremitting attention, to merit their patronage and support.

An Ordinary every Saturday at One o'clock.

Good Stabling and lock-up Coach horses.

Neat Post Chaises.


From the Kentish Gazette, 9 July 1839.


July 2, at the "Shakepeare Hotel," Dover, Mr. Thomas Lavender, late waiter of the "Star Inn," Canterbury, in his 31st year.


From the Kentish Gazette, 12 September 1843.

Star Inn 100 Burial Society.

This Society held a special meeting on Tuesday evening last, to elect a Secretary. The candidates for the office were Mr. T. Southee and Mr. T. M. Goldfinch; on a poll being taken, the numbers were— for Mr. Southee, 13; and for Mr. Goldfinch, 12; Mr. Southee was declared elected.


Kentish Gazette, 5 March 1844.

"March 4, at her uncle's, Mr. J. Wood, poulterer, St. Margaret's Street. Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. Samuel Hearnden, formerly of the "Star Inn," Canterbury.


Kentish Gazette, 13 February 1849.

The second annual meeting of the Canterbury 100 Mutual Assurance Society, held at the "Star Inn," took place on Tuesday evening; when it appeared, from an account that was rendered of the Society's position, that 205 were in hand. Most of the officers were re-appointed. It was stated that not a death had occurred in the Society for nearly two years, and that there were a few vacancies for members under 45 years of age.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, Tuesday 12 June 1849.


Important sale of the extensive Brewery of Messr's Flint, including 30 old established Inns and Public Houses, and other valuable property.

Mr. V. J., has received instructions to sell by auction, at the "Fountain Hotel," Canterbury, on Tuesday and Wednesday, 26th and 27th of June, at 12 o'clock each day, (in consequence of the death of the senior acting partner and the retirement of the surviving partners,) the valuable property known as Messrs. Flint's Brewery, in Stour Street, Canterbury, and the Inns, Public Houses, and other valuable property connected with theirwith. The first day sale on Tuesday, 26th June, 1849, will comprise the following property in and near the city.

Public houses.

Lot 1. The "City of Canterbury," situate on the road to Whitstable. Freehold.

Lot 2. The "George and Dragon," Westgate without, leasehold under Hind's charity for 17 years unexpired.

Lot 3. The "Three Compasses," Westgate within. Freehold.

Lot 4. The "Bell Inn" and Coach Office, in the High Street. Freehold.

Lot 5. The "Prince of Wales," St. Alphege Lane,. Freehold.

Lot 6. The "Weavers Arms," Broad Street, freehold and partly leasehold.

Lot 7. The "White Swan," Northgate. Leasehold under St. John's Hospital for a short term, at a ground rent.

Lot 8. The "Kings Head," Northgate. Freehold.

Lot 9. The "Swan Inn," at Sturry (close to the railway station). Freehold.

Lot 10. The "Ship," St. Martins Hill, freehold.

Lots 12. The "Star Commercial Inn and Tap," St George's, close to the Cattle market and Dane John. Freehold.

Lot 13. The "Blue Anchor," Old Dover Lane, near the Cattle market. Freehold.

Lot 14. The "Fleece Inn," High Street, opposite to the Corn market. Freehold.

Lot 28. Three neat Cottages opposite the Brewery, with large gardens extending to the river.

Lot 29. The "Two Brewers" public house and Spirit Warehouse, adjoining the last lot.

Lot 31. The "Black Dog" public house, Castle Street.

Lot 34. The "Duke's Head" Public House, Wincheap Street.

Lot 35. The "King's Head," Public House, Wincheap Street.

Lot 37. The "Royal Exchange," public house, Stour Street.

Lot 38. The "Kentish Arms," public house, and 5 cottages in Jewry Lane. Leasehold for a short term at a low rent.

Lot 40. The "Duke William," at Ickham, abiout five miles from Canterbury. Freehold.

Lot 41. The "Royal Oak Inn," at Deal. Freehold except a small portion.

Lot 42. The "King's Arms," Beach Street, Deal, and Cottage in the rear. leasehold for a short term, at a Ground rent.

Lot 43. The "Fleur De Lis," near the Railway Station, Dover. Leasehold for a term of 6 years, at a Ground rent of 3.

Lot 44. The "Two Brewers," Limekiln Street, Dover. leasehold for a term of 46 years, at a ground rent of 3.

Lot 45. The "Fountain Inn, adjoining the Market place at Dover. Freehold.

Lot 46. The "Lord Nelson," Radnor Street, near the harbour, Folkestone. Freehold.

Lot 47. The "Bricklayers Arms," Fancy Street, Folkestone. Freehold.

Lot 48. The "Castle Inn," at Sandgate. Leasehold for a short term, at a ground rent of 7s. 6d.

Lot 49. The "King's Head Hotel and Tap," at Margate. Freehold.

Lot 50. The "New Inn," at Elham, on the road to Hythe. Freehold.

Lot 51. The "King's Arms," at Milton near Sittingbourne. Freehold.

The Public Houses are for the most part in the occupation of unexceptionable tenants, and the majority of them are doing trades, both in beer and spirits, considerably above the average run of Country houses. (None of them have been beer shops; they're all old Licence Houses, with connections of long standing, thereby affording ample security for the permanency of the trade). The Premises generally are in a superior state of repair.

Particulars and Plans, price 1s. each, may be had of Messr's. Furleys and Mercer, Solicitors, Canterbury; at the "Fountain Hotel;" and of Mr. V. J. Collins, 3, Moorgate Street, London.


Kentish Gazette, 25 September 1849.


MESSRS. DAVIS AND CHAMBERS. (Successors to Messrs. White), Are instructed by the present Proprietor, who is retiring from business, TO SELL BY AUCTION, On WEDNESDAY, 10th October, 1849, and following day, THE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PLATE, GLASS, CHINA, LINEN, and EFFECTS of the above respectable Establishment.

Catalogues are preparing and will be ready for delivery in a few days.


Kentish Gazette, 2 October 1849.


Household Furniture, Plate, Class, China, Linen, and Miscellaneous Effects.

MESSRS. DAVIS AND CHAMBERS (Successors to Messrs. White)

On WEDNESDAY, 10th October, 1849, and Following Day, at Eleven o'clock, on the Premises, the "Star Inn," CANTERBURY, by order of the present Proprietor, retiring from Business,

THE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Miscellaneous Effects of the above Inn; Comprising eight clean four-post and tent bedsteads with dimity furniture's, feather beds and bedding complete, several mahogany chests of drawers, dressing tables and glasses, commodes, easy chairs, and the requisite articles of eight bedroom's, two sets mahogany dining tables, mahogany oak seated and Windsor chairs, Brussels and Kidderminster carpets, sideboard, mahogany loo, card, Pembroke, and coffee-room tables, chimney glasses, window curtains, eight day clock, copper coal scoops, fenders and fire irons, several dozen ivory-handle knives, large quantity of cut glass, in decanters, rummers, ales, &c.; 100 ounces of plate, in forks, spoons, ladles, fish slices, &c.; plated soup tureen, cream ewers, candlesticks, &c.; some excellent bed and table linen, dinner, dessert and tea services, bar furniture, kitchen furniture and utensils, and various effects, which may be viewed on Tuesday preceding the sale.

Catalogues to be had at Messrs. Davis and Chambers Furnishing Warehouses, Sun-street, Canterbury.


Kentish Gazette, 12 February 1850.

100 Mutual Assurance Society.

The annual general meeting of this society was held at the "Saracen's Head Inn," Canterbury, (being lately removed from the "Star Inn,") on Tuesday evening last, to appoint the officers for the ensuing year, to receive the secretaries balance and sheet, &c. Nearly the whole of the officers were reappointed, votes of thanks being respectively given to those of the past year. This appears to be one of the most prosperous societies of its kind in this city. During the evening the Secretary reported that there had not been a death in the club for nearly 3 years; that the sum of 200 was at interest, together with a floating balance of 130, making a total balance in favour of the Society of 330. Some vacancies for members were reported.


Kentish Gazette, 12 February 1850.


Richardson:— Feb.6, after a long and painful illness, borne with much fortitude. Mr. B. Richardson, late of the "Star Inn," Canterbury, aged 71.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 6 April, 1861.

Charles MacDonald, was charged with furious driving in the New Road, on Tuesday afternoon last.

Police-constable Groombridge said:— About half-past six o'clock yesterday afternoon I was on duty in the New Road, and saw the gentleman coming towards Canterbury, driving furiously. I went and stopped the horse beside the “Star,” and found out who he was, and took his horse to the stables. I then followed him down the street, and, finding him in a state of intoxication, the superintendent told me to take him into custody, which I did. The horse was driven very furiously so as to endanger the public safety. People had to get quickly out of defendant’s way.

In reply to questions from the Bench, the defendant said:— I must admit the charge, but I must say, in mitigation, if there can be any mitigation of such conduct, that I am of very excitable temperament, and no doubt acted very foolishly. I had been to the races, and had a little too much wine, and I remember nothing of what I was doing; in fact I do not remember how I got back to Canterbury.

The Bench having consulted for a short time, Mr. Philpott, addressing the defendant, said:— The Bench find by your own admission, that you are guilty of this offence; and this is not the first time that you have appeared at this Court on a similar charge. In consideration, however, of yesterday being a holiday, we have decided to take a lenient view of the case, and find you 20s., and 6s. costs.

The money was paid.



In 1869-70 the pub was part of a consortium who were advertising their goods of selling tea in response to grocers' selling beer and wine. (Click for further details.)


Maidstone Telegraph and West Kent Messenger. 28 August 1870.


A man named Davit was charged with stealing a bottle containing a pint of bitters from the shop of Mr. Sanderson, wine and spirit merchant. P.S. Hayward stated that on the previous day he watched prisoner going into several shops in the town, and then followed him into the "Star,” where he found that prisoner had a bottle under his arm with one of Mr. Sanderson's labels on it. He gave information to Mr. Sanderson who missed the bottle from his counter.

A young man named Carter, in the employ of Mr. Sanderson, deposed to the value of the contents of the bottle being 2s.

Defendant said be had been drinking, and did not know how the bottle came in his possession.

Sentenced to three weeks' hard labour.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 26 October, 1889.


William Powell, landlord of the "Star Inn," St. George’s Place, was summoned for keeping his premises open during prohibited hours.

Sergt. Ross said on the 12th October he in company with P.C. Dunk was in St. George’s Street about 25 past 11. They visited the house of the defendant and in the bar found a man and woman standing beside the counter. There was a pint pot in front of them on the counter, and the man was drinking out of a glass what looked like beer. The landlord said he knew the time, but he could not get them out. During the time witness was there, two men came in and asked to be served, but the landlord said it was past time. The left hand side of the door was open and strapped back.

P.C. Dunk corroborated.

William Powell said on the 12th October, a few minutes before eleven, be told his man to clear one room, while witness went and cleared the other. The people all went into the bar and as they would not leave he told his wife to draw no more beer, and told his man to clear off all pots and glasses from the counter. This was done. They all left then except one man and woman, the man said he had not finished his beer and would not go till be had had it. Witness offered him another glass of beer which he refused. Witness said he would send for a police constable if he did not leave, but the woman asked him not to do so as she would do her best to get him away. The police officers then came in. Witness had never been cautioned before.

Sydney Castle and James Whitcombe corroborated.

Inspector Farmery and Sergt Sinclair both swore to cautioning the defendant at different times.

The Magistrates said they considered the case was not proved, and they thought the landlord did his best to get the man out.


I was under the impression that this pub only gained its license in 1824 and I had assumed that the pub referred to the other "Star Inn" at St. Dunstan's as dates suggest this was operating at the time, but the passage mentioning that this "Star Inn" was at the Cattle Market suggesting that the vicinity is in fact this one. So perhaps it is either this pub or another with the same name in this area that pre-dates this building.



Last pub licensee had BADCOCK William 1736+

Last pub licensee had PEARSON William 1780-1803+

WILD R 1805+

HEARNDEN Samuel to 25/June/1819 dec'd

Last pub licensee had BAX William 1820+

RICHARDSON Benjamin 1824-6/Feb/50 dec'd (age 55 in 1841Census) Pigot's Directory 1824Pigot's Directory 1828-29Pigot's Directory 1832-34Stapletons GuidePigot's Directory 1840Bagshaw's Directory 1847 (More info)

BAX William 1851+ (age 31 in 1851Census)

DUNN George 1858+ Melville's 1858

BURCH Charles J 1861-62+ (age 39 in 1861Census) Post Office Directory 1862

CHANEY/CHARCY E 1868-70+ Greens Canterbury Directory 1868

SHEEPWASH Walter jun 1874-82+ Next pub licensee had (age 46 in 1881Census) Post Office Directory 1874Post Office Directory 1882

POWELL William 1891+ Post Office Directory 1891

STEVENS Alfred James 1895-97 Next pub licensee had

LATTO Thomas 1903+ Post Office Directory 1903Kelly's 1903

BUSHELL Henry Herbert 1911-22+ (age 42 in 1911Census) Historic Canterbury web sitePost Office Directory 1922


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