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Earliest 1841-

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Hare and Hounds

Closed Dec 2023

The Street


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Hare and Hounds 1910.

Above postcard dated 1910 kindly sent by John Skelton.

Hare and Hounds 2011 Hare and Hounds 2011

Above photos by Paul Skelton, 26 Nov 2011.

Hare and Hounds at Northbourne

Above photo shows the Hare and Hounds at Northbourne. Photo taken from before 2007.

Hare and Hounds, Northbourne
Hare and Hounds, Northbourne
Hare and Hounds sign, Northbourne

Above three photos taken April 2008 by Paul Skelton.

Hare and Hounds sign 1986

Hare and Hounds sign July 1986.

Above with thanks from Brian Curtis


I believe the building was built as early as 1628, but I don't know whether it has always been a public house.

Originally this pub had the title "Horse and Hound" and the earliest reference I have to that is from the Wingham Division Ale Licence list of 1740.

It was certainly called the Hare and Hounds in 1843 according to an auction in that year, so must have changed between those years.


Information taken from following web address:-

Poor House May 1843.

A public auction sale at the Hare and Hounds public house Northbourne sold 20 perches of land together with the Poor House to Mr. Charles Hannam of Northbourne Court for the sum of 46.


Kentish Gazette, 9 July 1844.

Valuable FREEHOLD PUBLIC HOUSES, at Sandwich, Word, Deal, Sutton, Northbourne, and Great Mongeham, in the County of Kent,

TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, AT the "Three Horse Shoes," GREAT MONGEHAM, on THURSDAY, the 25th day of JULY, 1844, (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given), subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced, in several Lots.

Also a FREEHOLD PUBLIC HOUSE called the "Hare and Hounds," situate in the parish of NORTHBOURNE, with the outhouses and appurtenances thereto belonging, now in the occupation of Mr. William Cannon Nethersole.

The above Property forms a most desirable investment, and (if not forthwith Sold by Private Contract), will be offered for sale in convenient Lots, as will be expressed in future advertisements.

For Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase by Private Contract, apply at the Offices of Mr. Mourilan, Solicitor, Sandwich.


Kentish Gazette, 11 December 1849.


The "Hare and Hounds" public-house was broken into last week, the thieves having effected an entrance through the bar window; they made off with a quantity of spirits, tobacco, &c., to the value of about 10. So quietly was the plunder perpetrated, that the inmates of the house were not awakened.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 12 July 1873.


George Prett, of the "George and Dragon," Ash; Henry Dale, "Coach and Horses," Sholden; and William Nethersole, "Hare and Hounds," Northbourne; applied to open one hour earlier during the harvest months to supply the labourers with refreshment.

The Bench granted the applications.


Eastry Rural District Tribunal 19th June 1918.

The following applicant was granted 6 months exemption (to 19th December 1918)

W. Moat, "Hare and Hounds," Northbourne, aged 43, married, Grade 1. master builder.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 17 July, 1936.

Northbourne Licence Extension.

The licensee of the "Hare and Hounds," Northbourne, was granted an extension from 2.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. on August 1st, on the occasion of sports to be held in aid of the Betteshanger and District Nursing Association.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 07 May, 1937.

Northbourne Extension Refused.

The licensee of the "Hare and Hounds," Northbourne, applied for an extension from 2.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. and 10.30 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. for sports, to be held on May 17th.

Subt. Webb said that he would have to oppose the application. A similar application was made last year, and some hours granted, and they had a little bit of trouble. He was not imputing anything against the licensee, who conducted his premises in a proper manner. The sports, however, commenced at 12 noon, and the people who attended the sports would have left the district by 8 p.m.

The application was refused.


Dover Express 09 December 1949.


The East Kent Hunt meets at 11 a.m. on Saturday at Wye College; on Wednesday at Bilsington Priory; and Saturday, Dec. 17th, at Lydden.

West Street Hunt meets at 11 a.m. on Saturday at the "Swingate Inn;" and on Saturday, Dec. 17th, at the "Hare and Hounds," Northbourne.

Ringwould and R.A. Beagles meet at 1.30 p.m. on Saturday at the "Hill House Hotel," Walmer; and on Wednesday at the "White Horse," Finglesham.


From the Dover Express, 13 May, 2004.


Pub puts out smoke.

Hare and Hounds landlady 2004

CLEARING THE AIR: Sue Ralph is introducing a smoking ban at the Hare and Hounds pub in Northbourne.


Cigarettes in a pub in Northbourne will be stubbed out for good later this year as the site becomes totally nonsmoking.

Sue Ralph and Tony Wellard have been running the Hare and Hounds pub in The Street for nearly 16 years and will start to introduce the smoking ban - one of the first of its kind in east Kent - next month.

From Tuesday June 1, customers will only be able to smoke in the bar from 10pm onwards - leading up to the full ban that comes into effect on Tuesday August 31.

Explaining the new policy, publican Sue said: "We're both non-smoking but we've been here a long time and realised the amount of passive smoking we've done over the years has probably been harmful to us. Also it's not pleasant in a small village pub - you may be sitting at a table and not smoking but the people ten tables away could be and you would be affected."

"The government has been talking about having totally smoke-free areas and air cleaning machines in smoking areas of pubs - but in a pub this old it would be impractical and would destroy the character. We didn't want to wait for anyone else to ban it."

Before making the changes the duo consulted their customers about the idea.

Sue said: "We were quite surprised at the level of support we got - even from smokers.

"A couple of people did disagree with what we're doing, but we feel strongly that we're moving in the direction we want to move in.

"We want to create a pub where people can come and have a nice meal and a drink and not have to worry about smoke."


From the Dover Mercury, 2 September 2004.

Regulars give up smoking.

Smoking ban

SMOKE-FREE: Tony Wellard and Sue Ralph throw out the ashtrays from The Hare and Hounds pub in Northbourne.

THE smoking ban at the Hare and Hounds has been a “brilliant success”, according to the pub’s owner, Sue Ralph.

“It’s gone amazingly well and we are so busy,” she said.

“So many people have come in and said that it is fantastic - now they can bring family members who have breathing difficulties or asthma. We have people eating here three or four times a week who couldn’t do so before.

“It is a pleasure to work in the environment now and our business has gone through the roof.”

Since June, smoking had only been allowed after 10pm in the comer of the pub if everyone had stopped eating. As of yesterday (Wednesday), it is now banned completely, although it will still be possible outside.

“About 10 of our regular customers have given up - they are not tempted to light up as no one else is smoking,” Mrs Ralph continued.

“We have had people coming from Hythe, Folkestone, Birchington and Canterbury to show their support and we would like to thank everyone who has supported us in this.

She added: “One of our customers has stopped coming here since the ban was introduced, and it’s not something that would suit every pub. “But for us it has been absolutely fantastic. It’s non-smoking forever here now.”

From the East Kent Mercury, 18 November 2011.


PRESERVING old English pubs is a must in the eyes of Melissa Osbourne, the new landlady of the "Hare and Hounds" at Northbourne.

The area's newest publican has added her voice to those of some of the town's landlords who are against big chain pubs like Wetherspoon's moving to Deal and selling cheap beer.

"We can't lose these traditional English pubs," she said.

"They're becoming extinct and it's such a shame."

She said the big brands like Wethspoon's and supermarkets like Tesco were "taking over the country."

It's such a shame because people work so hard to keep individual pubs alive and they're coming and trampling on everything," she added.

The "Hare and Hounds" is open again after closing its doors for one week while Miss Osbourne moved to the village from Essex.

Miss Osbourne studied forensic biology at Canterbury but said: "I couldn't work in a lab now. I have to have a conversation with people.

"Luckily the "Hare and Hounds" has always had a fantastic reputation.

"All I need if for people to know we're open again," she said.


From the East Kent Mercury, 10 November, 2011.

From the Dover Mercury, 12 January, 2012. 80p


Floyd Toulet

ON STAGE: Floyd Toulet will play a henchman in Snowy White and the Seven Broads at Northbourne

Picture: Martin Apps PD1975512


Snowy White and the Seven Broads can be seen from 7.30pm at Northbourne Parish Hall on Friday and Saturday, January 20 and 21, and also on Sunday, January 22, from 3.30pm. Tickets cost 6.50 for adults and 3.50 for children from the "Hare and Hounds" in Northbourne, or by calling 01304 369188. Profits go to the League of Friends at the qEQM Hospital, Margate, and the Multiple Sclerosis Society.


CHANCE conversations in a village pub proved to be a springboard for a lot of fun at Northbourne, as well as a chance to raise cash for Help for Heroes.

The chats led to a charity panto last year, which was such a success that the "Hare and Hounds" Players was later formed and a second production will take to the stage this month.

Floyd Toulet, who was an Ugly Sister for Cinderella last year, is back in the cast as Trickey, an incompetent gangster henchman in Snowy White and the Seven Broads, which will open on January 20.

Floyd, 48, a freelance writer, of Deal Road, Northbourne, said: “It was originally going to be a one-off production and then we wanted to raise money for Sam Morgan at the same time.”

Sam, the son of Northbourne Parish Council chairman Steve Morgan, was injured while serving in Afghanistan and the villagers wanted to raise money for Help for Heroes. About three months ago, when regulars at the pub were remembering the fun of creating Cinderella, it was decided to form the "Hare and Hounds" Players.

Floyd said: “Throughout the run-up to last year's panto we got on so well. Northbourne is a lovely little village and the community combined for the performance last year. It created tremendous unity and we so enjoyed it.”

So when someone suggested at the pub that it would be fun to do it again, it was quickly agreed. Former villager Glenn Swanborough, now living in Wales, was invited to write the script and Snowy White and the Seven Broads was born. Floyd said: “It is fantastic and described as a jazz age gangster-mime. Rehearsals are going very well. We have reached a point of slight hysteria and have turned the whole hall into a theatre. I have spent my life trying to be professional and terribly important, so to be silly is completely different - it is a release.”

Floyd was born in South Africa and has been in England since the early 1980s.


From the Dover Mercury, 14 June, 2012. 80p


Hare and Hounds players

Members of the "Hare and Hounds" Players at Northbourne present the QEQM League of Friends and the south east branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society with money raised from performances of their pantomime Snowy White and the Seven Broads.


TWO charities have received more than 2,000 to boost their fund thanks to the theatrical talents of villagers in Northbourne and surrounding parishes.

Members of the "Hare and Hounds" Players handed over 1,100 each to the south east branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the QEOM League of Friends.

Money was raised from performances of the pantomime Snowy White and the Seven Broads earlier this year.

The charities chosen held special significance for two members of the cast, Tracey Doodney and Michelle Doms.

Both Tracey and Michelle have benefited from the care and support of the QEOM hospital and Michelle, who has multiple sclerosis, has been helped by the society.

Yolanda Baker from the Multiple Sclerosis Society said: "Donations like this are so important to us and will enable us to increase awareness and reach more people."

QEOM League of Friends chairman Jeremy Voizey said the friends were delighted that the Hare and Hounds Players had raised this money for their organisation.

"Donations just like this one have helped to buy 80,000 worth of vital medical equipment recently and this money will go towards the next project," he added.

From the Dover Mercury, 4 February 2016.

A little drama helps breathe new life into the village pub.

A pantomime and the arrival of a pub landlord and his wife have brought the community back together in Northbourne.

Ryan & Georgia Lynch

Ryan and Georgia Lynch took over the Hare and Hounds in the village in November and, thanks to the am-dram group meeting there on rehearsal nights, the village feel is well and truly restored.

“Without them, this pub wouldn’t be open,” said Ryan, 32.

He and Georgia moved to the area from Bexley with their children, Bartholomew, three, and Lueila, two.

Ex-city worker Ryan left the financial sector and gained four years’ experience managing pubs but he became disillusioned by their ethos and set out on his own with support from his father.

He now wants to make his ventures a top-notch experience for customers and diners and his big aim is to have 10 pubs and eateries around the coast.

He has already branched out from Northbourne into Deal itself.

On New Year’s Eve he took on the lease for the "Jolly Gardener" in Golf Road.

Already he has invested in the North Deal complex’s latest eaterie, a pizzeria, and he flew over a specialist oven from Italy.

His vision includes a clientele of men stopping off after work for a drink, and ladies drinking prosecco and eating pizza.

Back at the Hare and Hounds he has invested in contemporary branding and an Italian menu is sure to offer an alternative for relaxing nights dining out and special occasions.

“I might be biased but our Sunday roast is something special too,” he said.

It’s a tribute to the Hare and Hound players for coming back to their old haunt, which is also their namesake.

They meet there before and after rehearsals in the village hall, having migrated to the "Crown" at Finglesham for rehearsals in the past.

“Now they come here again, which is nice because they are named after the pub after all.” In keeping with the village feel, Ryan and Georgia, 28, have bigger plans.

“We’re looking forward to the summer. There will be a three-day event on one of the May bank holidays with live music, like a little festival in the garden.”

The event is a fundraiser in support of a friend, whose child was born with a life-limiting illness but sadly died.

More details will be published when available but in the meantime Ryan and Georgia are working on building up the Hare and Hounds and the "Jolly Gardener."

“We’re planning on putting this place back on the map,” he said.


Currently closed (August 2017) undergoing a major refurbishment. It opened again at the beginning of September, under new tenants: Danny Philpott & Jade Butler from the "Crown Inn," Eythorne.

It's definitely open again (2019).

Unfortunately in June 2022 it was reported as closed till further notice due to illness.

Latest news says it's to reopen again on 18 July 2022.



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JOHNSON Debbie (temp) 9/Jan/2012-8/Feb/2012

HATZIPOLAKIS Minos 8/Feb/2012+

LYNCH Ryan Nov/2015+

Last pub licensee had PHILPOTT Danny & BUTLER Jade Sept/2017-Sept/20

BRITTON Luca Sept/2020+

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