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Earliest 1792-

Coach and Horses

Open 2020+

Sandwich Road



In 1874 Post Office Directory 1874 address given as Sholden, Deal

In 1882 and 1913 Post Office Directory 1882Post Office Directory 1913 address was given as Foulmead, Worth, Eastry and Sandwich.

01304 617063

Coach and Horses

Above photo, date unknown.

Caoch and Horses

Above photo, date unknown, from Living in Canterbury and it’s villages 1900-1939 "Tell us about when you were young" as told to and compiled by Anne Pope.

Coach and Horses 1952

Above photo 1952. Creative Commons Licence.

Coach and Horses ledger

Thompson & Son ledger. Creative Commons Licence.

Coach and Horses at Hacklinge Coach and Horses at Hacklinge

Photos above and below taken by Paul Skelton 17 February 2008.

Coach and Horses at Hacklinge signCoach and Horses at Hacklinge sign
Coach and Horses garden 2010

Above photo taken 17 July 2010 showing the garden.


Being situated half way between Deal and Sandwich this has also been know as the "Halfway House," but at present I am not certain whether it actually had that name officially.


Kentish Gazette, 13 April, 1792.


Saturday last died at the "Halfway House," between Deal and Sandwich, Mr. W. Watson, master of the house.


Kentish Gazette, 27 April 1852.

Penalty of Drunkennsss.

On Thursday evening, a man named Henry Wood, a licensed hawker, was drinking at the "Coach and Horses" public-house, Finglesham, Deal, in company with a number of men, till he got more than he could very well carry; and in going out of the door he felt one of them fumbling him about, but it was not until some time after that he discovered his loss, when he found that he had been robbed of 171. He immediately posted off to Canterbury, on the supposition that the robber had taken this direction; and the necessary information, with a description of the inspected thief, having been given, pursuit was raised.


From the Deal, Walmer & Sandwich Mercury, 4 April, 1872.


On Monday last an inquest was held at the "Coach and Horses," Sholden, before T. T. Delasaux, Esq., the County Coroner, on the body of a child named John Pain about two years of age, who met with his death under the following circumstances.

Henry Pain, father of the child, said on Saturday last he missed deceased from his house (which adjoins the "Coach and Horses"), and on examining the premises he found the body in a ditch adjoining the house. He was quite satisfied the child strayed from the house and was accidentally drowned.

A verdict of "Accidental Death" was returned.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 22 May, 1872. 1d.


To Farmers, Dairymen, Fly Proprietors, and Others.

"Coach and Horses Tavern"

The half-way house between Deal and Sandwich on the Turnpike Road.

Messrs. West & Usher will sell by auction, on Thursday, the 27th day of June, 1872, the whole of the LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK, of the late Mr. Samuel Dewell.

Comprising e Excellent MILCH COWS, and 1 Other in good condition; 20 EWES and LAMBS and 1 RAM, Sows and Pigs, Sundry Shoots, 2 Useful HORSES Handsome PONY, Geese, Ducks and Fowls, a Light-spring WAGGON, nearly new, might be used for a Waggonette; about Eleven Acres of HAY, 2 Light-spring CARTS, Light WAGGONETTE with Patent Axles, in good condition; Dung Cart, Earth Clean Plough, Spuddling ditto, Plough and Light Harnesses, Core of Hay, Quantity of Straw and Manure, Lodge as Thatched, Ladders, Hurdles, Poles, Sundry Fencing, Firewood, &c., and many other useful articles.

Sales to commence at ONE o'clock.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 12 July 1873.


George Prett, of the "George and Dragon," Ash; Henry Dale, "Coach and Horses," Sholden; and William Nethersole, "Hare and Hounds," Northbourne; applied to open one hour earlier during the harvest months to supply the labourers with refreshment.

The Bench granted the applications.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette 16 December 1893.


John Sullivan and William Purcell, privates in the Royal Marines, were charged, on remand, with stealing two half-pound packets of tea, two half-pounds cooked beef, two jam pies, one loaf bread, and quantity of pickled cabbage, value 7s. 6d., the property of Thomas Chandler Chapman, at the "Coach and Horses," in parish of Sholden, on 22nd and 23rd November.

The evidence went to show that on the 22nd November, Mrs. Chapman closed the house at ten o'clock, locking all the doors. At ten minutes to eleven her husband called her downstairs and showed her the back kitchen window, which was wide open. Upon searching the house she found that the articles enumerated in the charge were missing. At 1.30 a.m., on the 23rd the prisoners were arrested by P. C. Kirby, K. C. C., at Sandwich, as deserters from the Royal Marines, and on searching them he found the stolen articles. The prisoners were each fined 20s. including costs, in default 14 days imprisonment.


Dover Express 07 August 1903.

COUNTY PETTY SESSIONS, Held at Wingham on Thursday.


Thomas White was charged with stealing, on the 28th of July, one overcoat, a pair of trousers, a handkerchief, and various other articles, value 50/-, belonging to Thomas Chapman, the landlord of the "Coach and Horses" at Sholden.

Annie Chapman gave evidence that on the 28th July, the prisoner with others were in the bar. He went in between eleven and twelve in the morning. Shortly after three in the afternoon, she heard a noise in her bedroom, and on going upstairs saw the prisoner under the bed. Without saying anything to him she went downstairs and called her husband, and he went up and brought the prisoner down. The prisoner had evidently been in three bedrooms, and taken some clothes away.

Thomas Chapman gave corroboratory evidence. The prisoner was perfectly sober. He valued the articles at 50/-. He called Police constable Handford and gave the man in charge.

The prisoner pleaded guilty, and was sentence to three weeks' imprisonment with hard labour.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 20 September, 1912.



George Tuscall, a traction engine driver, was summonsed for allowing steam to escape from his engine on the public highway in sight of horses, contrary to the Locomotive Act, on July 30th, at Sholden.

Mr. A. K. Mowll appeared to defend, and pleaded not guilty.

Mr. Tom Cooper, of Finglesham, a master plasterer, said that on July 30th he drove to Margate with three van loads of children. On returning along the road leading from Sandwich to Deal, at about 10.30 p.m., when within 300 yards of the "Coach and Horses" public house, Sholden (I believe it to be this pub at Hacklinge) they heard a noise of steam blowing from a locomotive, as if the engine was about to burst. The wind blew the steam from the locomotive onto the road. They had to stop the horses 300 yards on the Sandwich side of the "Coach and Horses," because they thought it dangerous to pass the engine. Witness went up to the engine, which was outside the public house, and found no one attending it. He saw it was one of T.T. Denne's. He then went to the door of the public house and saw three men drinking at the bar. He called to them, and the driver came out and got on the engine and stopped the steam so that they might pass, which they did. The pressure of the steam previously was enough to scald any bodies legs.

In reply to Supt. Stone, witness said the locomotive was partly on the turnpike road and partly on the "draw-up" which belonged to the road. One wheel was on the main road.

Henry William Wyborn, market gardener of Finglesham, said he was driving the last of the 3 vans. Mr. Cooper was in the front one, and he said he heard steam being blown off. He saw the engine standing in front of the "Coach and Horses" when he drove by afterwards, but not before. Both wheels were on the road.

P.C. Vennell, of great Mongeham, said that he had measured the road. It was 20ft., that was the part kept by the Council. He passed it.

In reply to Mr. Mowll, witness said there was a piece 18ft. between the "Coach and Horses" and the tarred road, so that the total space was front forty feet.

Mr. A. K. Mowll for the defence said he should think the ground on which the locomotive was perched up was not the highway, but the property of the Brewery, and also that the cylinder taps were turned off, and any steam which blew off was not defendant's fault.

George Tuscall, of Upper Walmer, in the employ of Mr. T. T. Denne as an engine driver, said the engine and trailer were on private ground and the cylinder taps were shut. He disputed that there was more than a little steam, and he put it right in a minute or two. The horses went quiet quiet.

In reply to the Superintendent, witness said his engine wheel was 22 yards from the other side of the road. He was four or five yards off the road.

In reply to the Magistrate's Clerk, witness said that the steam came through the safety valve, and he could stop it by turning on water through the injector. It was safe to leave the engine as he had done. Had as much steam escaped as Mr. Cooper said, it would have taken some time to put right.

Charles Hooker, of Curson Terrace, Upper Walmer, a drayman to Messrs. Thompson and Son. said the engine was drawn up right off the tarred path of the road. He was just going to draw attention to the steam escaping when Mr. Cooper came, but it was only a little steam.

Mr. Mowll was going to call Mr. Ladbury to prove that the land was the private property of Messrs. Thompson, but the Magistrate's Clerk said that it did not effect the case as there was a public right of way.

The Bench, after retiring, decided to dismiss the case on a technical point, but they warned defendant to be more careful in future not to blow of steam to the danger of horses near the highway.


Dover Express, Friday 26 August 1927.


At the Sandwich County Police Court on Monday, before the Mayor (Alderman H. Wyborn), Ernest Wilfred Wallond was charged with breaking; into the "Coach and Horses," Public House, the half-way house on the Deal and Sandwich road, between the 16th and 19th instants, and stealing 3 12s. and a rain proof coat value 12s. the property of George Maxted, the landlord. Detective Constable Sharp, stationed at Deal, deposed that at 2.30 p.m. on the 20th inst. he saw prisoner detained at Folkestone Police Station. After cautioning him witness said he had been detained on suspicion of breaking into the "Coach and Horses" Public House on the night of August 17th-18th. Prisoner replied, "I admit it. I have something to say about it." He then made a statement which witness took down and prisoner signed.

This was read by the Clerk (Mr. L. N. Watts), and was to the effect that prisoner entered the public house about 9 p.m. and concealed himself behind the piano until the inmates had retired. Between 11 and 12 he came out and took all the money he could find in the till, and also the coat. When he got to his lodgings he counted the money and found 3 12s. He gave a long detailed list to show how he had spent the money, including a trip from Deal to Margate with a lady friend, costing 5s. 3d., and 8s. spent at Margate. Continuing ho said he left the 10th Hussars in June, and concluded by intimating that he preferred a term of imprisonment to being sent back to his regiment.

Prisoner was remanded to the Wingham Sessions on September 1st.


From the Dover Express, 10 September, 1971.


Anyone who tells Mr. Larry Searle, 54-year-old landlord of the "Coach and Horses" on the Deal road out of Sandwich to "put that in your pipe and smoke it," may be accused of being vague. For Mr. Searle has a collection of no less than 80 pipes of every conceivable shape and vintage and 60 of them are in regular use.

They are the product of a collectors mind and an eye for the unusual spread over 38 years of steady puffing. Though they are displayed on the wall of the saloon bar visitors usually respect the "Do not touch" notice and only one has been broken.

The finest example is a beautifully carved and melowly coloured merschaum in the shape of a girl's head which is well over 100 years old and possibly the most unusual one in which the bowl is a piece of raw merschaum clay.

Some have unusual stories behind them. One a briar carved to resemble a football balanced on the toe of a football boot was picked up in the Italian lines by a member of the advancing eighth army in 1943, in the western desert. Another is an old army field pipe of ingenious design. When not in use its parts screw together to form a dust proof unit which could be carried in the pocket.

Almost the newest and certainly the most elegant is a gilded and jewelled contemporary lady's pipe given to Mr. Searle by a leading tobacco firm when a mammoth "smoke-in" was held at the inn.

Mr. Searle and pipe collection

Mr. Searle with a selection of his pipe collection.

Dover Express, Friday 5 February 1988.

Smash shock for publican.

A DOVER man was slightly injured when the car he was in smashed through the wall of the "Coach and Horses Inn" on the Deal-Sandwich Road at Hacklinge.

Mr. Ronald Shucksmith, of Rokesky Road, Dover, received bruising on his right temple when the Jaguar ploughed into the pub's restaurant section in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The car was driven by Mr. Michael Theobald (22) of Lower Road, River.

Inn landlord Mr. Tom Bradley, who also runs the "High and Dry" pub at Waldershare, said: "The car went straight into the middle of the restaurant wrecking it and the furniture. It was lucky no-one was in there. "I don't know how much this is going to cost to put right."


From the Dover Mercury 20 February 2003.

Coach and Horses bar at Hacklinge

GOOD food and the music of top singing sensations can soon be experienced at the Coach and Horses near Deal.

The first in the tribute line-up nights will be on Wednesday, March 5 2003.

"We want to give something a bit special to cheer up those mid weeks," said Penny Barnes, who runs the popular restaurant and pub at Hacklinge with her husband Mike.

Tribute singers for Neil Diamond, Tom Jones and Robbie Williams will be performing on three separate Wednesday evenings when the chefs will create a special three-course meal.

All menus will vary on each of the three nights and there is an excellent choice to suit everyone's enjoyment.

For the Neil Diamond night the starters will be Brussels pate with toast, prawn cocktail or garlic mushrooms.

The main course choices are chicken chasseur, cod in parsley sauce or stuffed aubergines, all served with jacket potato, peas and carrots.

It will be difficult to decide on the delicious desserts with profiteroles with chocolate sauce or fresh fruit salad.

After Love on the Rocks with Neil Diamond on March, the following week the Tom Jones tribute singer will be concentrating on a wealth of titles from Delilah to Sex Bomb.

If Robbie Williams is a favourite then book now for March 19. These special events cost 19.95 each and payment is essential in full in advance. To reserve a place, phone 01304 617063.

The Coach and Horses is now in the good hands of Penny and Mike Barnes, who have a wealth of experience in the catering trade.

They were previously at the Bowling Green Tavern in Deal, where they built up the eating side of the business during their eight years at the pub.

Penny said: "At the Coach and Horses we aim to provide a destination pub-restaurant venue serving quality food with quality service.

"We are proud of our extensive and interesting wine list and our quality real ales."

There is ample car parking at The Coach and Horses at Hacklinge on the Deal-Sandwich Road. The business also organises buffets, parties and special occasions.


From the Dover Mercury, 20 February 2003.

Advert 2003

From the Dover Mercury, 22 May, 2008. Advertisement feature.


A BIG colourful bouncy castle is up and ready to be invaded at the "Coach and Horses" pub and restaurant.

Bouncy Castle DinosaurA competition has been organised to name the pink dinosaur sitting on the top and one lucky youngster can win a private session, or even a party, purely to jump up and down on the new play equipment.

It has its own slide in the tail and different areas inside for games. Penny Barnes, owner of the "Coach and Horses," said: “The winner has to be under 11 years of age and, apart from the prize, will be the guest of honour at a special naming ceremony.”

Suggestions for names should be put on a postcard addressed to Name That Dinosaur, The "Coach and Horses," Sandwich Road, Hacklinge, near Deal, CT14 OAT before June 30. Please include an address and daytime contact telephone number.

The new bouncy castle is a popular added attraction to the garden at the "Coach and Horses".

Apart from space for about 100 to dine in the garden, the "Coach and Horses" also has a separate area at the front entrance for pet owners to sit with their dogs.

The pub is a popular stop for walkers, as well as cyclists visiting Fowlmead Country Park.

Work has just been completed on creating a separate and private indoor dining area, which can be used for conferences and training events by clubs and groups.

■ For more details ring 01304 617063 or see


Mr. Kevin Savage, swapped his Eastry bungalow for the pub when he moved into the pub in the 1990s.

During the early 1980s the pub changed into a nightclub called "Gigs Nightspot" but Kevin Savage opened up as a public house again, changing the name to the "Coach House."

The present licensees bought the freehold off Kevin Savage in 2002 and returned the name to the one we know today, the "Coach and Horses."


From an email received 13 October 2012

Thomas Chandler

Above photo shows the "Coach and Horses," showing Thomas Chandler from between 1884 and 1905, occasion unknown.

Coach and Horses overlay

Above showing an overlay of above picture kindly produced by Stuart Ewing.


From an email received 29 May 2012.

I have done some digging on family search and it would seem that Samuel Dewell's parents were not Joseph and Eliza, according to census records, Samuel Dewell was living at the "Coach and Horses" from 1841.

I did have a look for Joseph and Eliza in census records and a death certificate for Joseph but I cannot find anything on them I'm afraid.

Thank you for your help


Claire Medhurst.

From the Dover Express, Thursday, 15 March, 2012. 65p.


The Coach and Horses pub in Hacklinge has donated the proceeds from its regular monthly pub quizzes to local charity Martha Trust.

The pub managed to raise 991 in total for Martha, a charity that cares for people with profound disabilities across Kent.

Pub landlords Penny and Mike Barnes said: “Martha Trust has two homes in Hacklinge so it's great to be supporting such a local charity.

“We have some friends who benefit from Martha Trust's respite care for their daughter. They really appreciated the great work the charity does, so it's a pleasure to be able to give them this donation.”


From the Dover Mercury, 15 November, 2012. 80p. ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

Penny and Mike Barnes at the Coach and Horses, Hacklinge which is renowned for its delicious home-made food and wide selection of drinks

Picture: Chris Davey FM2320944

A traditional Christmas menu, with prices starting at 7.30 for a single turkey meal, is available throughout December.

With seasonal buffets also on offer for groups looking for festive joy in a relaxed setting. Structured menus are available, but it's a moveable feast and owners Penny and Mike will do their best to cater for whatever tickles your tastebuds.

IMAGINE looking out at a stunning, rural landscape of marshland and sea as mid-winter's gloom gathers.

You're clutching a warming glass of mulled wine as a roaring log fire casts a cosy glow among your nearest and dearest in a pub brimming with bounteous seasonal cheer.

An idyllic Christmas scene which awaits visitors to the "Coach and Horses" in Hacklinge.

Situated on the A258, halfway between the historic towns of Sandwich and Deal, it's the perfect base for a party season gathering of family, friends or work colleagues.

As well as a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the pub is renowned for its delicious home-made food and wide selection of drinks.

For the Big Day itself, bookings are being taken for the sumptuous three-course Christmas dinner, which costs 59.95 per person and is served between noon and 2pm, complete with a glass of bucks fizz on arrival.

Places are already at a premium, so don't miss out on this gloriously tasty Christmas Day treat.

And having sampled all the stylishly-traditional lounge bar has to offer, take a wander around the award-winning country garden with its colourful array of seasonal herbs and vegetables. Penny Barnes, who has owned the pub with husband Mike since 2002, said, whatever your festive fancy, the "Coach and Horses" awaits.

She said: “If you have a special occasion coming up and you would like something different, why not come along and have a chat with us about exactly what you want.”


From the Dover Mercury, 6 October, 2016.

Head to pub for Halloween fun.

Coach and Horses

The "Coach and Horses" in Hacklinge Pictures: Roger Charles.

Get your spook on with a spectacular Halloween night at the Coach and Horses pub in Deal.

Have spooky fun and games at the pub situated halfway between Sandwich and Deal on the Sandwich Road on Saturday, October 29.

Coach and Horses Scarecrow

Spooky guests can book then-table now!

The event runs from 4.30pm until 7.30pm, making it an ideal party night for families.

Alongside fancy dress, there will be a number of fun and traditional Halloween games.

There will be a kids’ Halloween creepy menu for young diners, and a free glass of mulled cider for every adult who is in fancy dress.

Everyone is encouraged to carve out a pumpkin in advance of the event and bring it along for the chance to win a prize.

Staff, who will be dressed in their own creepy costumes, are planning the pub’s Halloween decorations, while Sam from Beautiful Beauty will be painting Halloween nails for customers.

The Coach and Horses is also in the process of taking Christmas bookings, with a full Christmas menu available from Friday November 26 until Christmas Eve, and a free bottle of wine for every six people if booked before Halloween.

All party sizes are catered for. Bookings need to be made in advance, together with a deposit.

Call 01304 617063, email, see or like the pub’s Facebook page for


From the By Eleanor Perkins, 1 October 2016.

Fatal crash on A258 Deal to Sandwich road sparks safety calls.

Fresh calls to improve the safety of the A258 Deal to Sandwich road have been made following the death of a woman after a head-on collision.

The 53-year-old, who has not yet been named, was airlifted to hospital after the crash at Hacklinge last Tuesday.

She died from her injuries on Friday night.

Angela Farrington, who lives on the road, has now spoken out about the area’s safety and says she will support any action to stop more injuries and deaths.

She said: “I would like to see whatever it takes to stop people having these accidents – whether it’s a solid white line, a double white line, a further speed reduction or hazardous signs warnings people of the exits.

“I don’t know what is causing accidents but anything that is going to help stop them would be worth it.”

Her plea comes after police attended a second accident involving a car in a ditch at the same spot on Tuesday this week.

She has campaigned for road safety improvements in the past.

Mrs Farrington called for people to stop overtaking other vehicles – even tractors.

She added: “It may be a straight road but people don’t realise there are 11 entrances and exits between Bridge Hill and Hacklinge Hill.

“If there is a tractor on the road, people should sit back and wait like many others do.

“People are just so impatient these days and I think that’s half the problem.

“The wait from Deal to Sandwich is no time at all in the scheme of things. I would rather sit behind a tractor and be safe.”

Mike Barnes, owner of The Coach and Horses for 15 years, said “the road is a death trap” and suggested speed cameras as a deterrent.

He said: “The speeds we see every day and night, I’m surprised there aren’t more accidents.”

Stephanie Longley, shop assistant at Felderland Farm Shop, said: “People don’t abide by the speed limit. Cameras would slow them down.”

Sandwich town and district councillor feels the crash has been a wake up call.

He said: “I’m very concerned that the road is an A road and is used by a lot of traffic. It’s narrow with lots of rural sub roads coming off it.

“Maybe the incidents that have happened are a wake up call for the road to be looked at.”

The 53-year-old woman who died was travelling in a green Renault Clio. The front seat passenger, a woman, remains in hospital in a stable condition.

A 31-year-old woman and two children travelling in the a brown Peugeot 3008 sustained minor injuries and were taken to a local hospital.

Police renewed their appeal for witnesses on Saturday after the death was announced.


From the Dover Mercury, 1 December, 2016.

Friendly, family-run pub.

Come and experience what one diner described as ‘...the best meal I’ve had this year’.

The Coach & Horses, in Sandwich Road, Hacklinge, has introduced a gourmet burger to its menu which has been selling like crazy.

Coach and Horses inside 2016

It is served in a toasted brioche bun with a special blend of beef mince to ensure premium quality.

Chef Chris Millett has also developed his own signature chipotle sauce which is served on the side.

Packed full with toppings, including homemade onion rings, it is a delicious meal.

Meanwhile, head chef Penny Barnes has been busy developing the Christmas menu which is now available.

Throughout December you can enjoy a traditional roast turkey dinner all day, every day without booking.

There are still a few spaces left for Christmas parties which come with Christmas crackers and place cards.

Family friendly and family run, The Coach & Horses is a busy, rural, traditional pub that serves food from midday.

Boasting gorgeous gardens, a pool table, quiz nights, folk nights and plenty to look at while you are there, it is definitely worth a visit for Christmas or any time.



Looks like the horses bolted in Match 2022 after Mike and Penny Barnes retired. It now seems there will be a change of name to just the "Coach." They say their restaurant chain is connected to the "Granville" and also the "Coastguard." Their new website when live will be as follows:- and Facebook page here:-



WATSON M Mr to Apr/1792 dec'd

DEWELL Samuel 1841-72 (son of Eliza from "Sportsman," Sholden) (age 70 in 1871Census)

DEWELL Henry 1872-82 (age 55 in 1881Census) Post Office Directory 1874Post Office Directory 1882

DALE Henry 1873+ Whitstable Times (possible name error)

CHAPMAN Thomas Chandler 1884-Sep/1904 (also lime burner age 45 in 1901Census) Dover ExpressKelly's 1903

REDMAN R J Sep/1904+ Dover Express

LUSCOMBE Alfred Edwin 1913-May/20 Post Office Directory 1913Deal Mercury

STEWART Mr William James May/1920-Apr/26 Deal MercuryDover Express

MAXTED George Frederick Apr/1926-Sept/32 Dover Express

FULLER Herbert William Sept/1832+ Dover Express

PALMER Arthur Henry to Sept/1934 Next pub licensee had

HERBY Mr A J J to Nov/1936 Dover Express

PARKER Mr A Nov/1936-Oct-40 Dover Express

BRAILSFORD Mr C Oct/1940+ Dover Express

KIDNEY Mr H J 1946+ Dover Express (of Croydon)

GILHAM Kenneth George (Late 40's-early 50's)

MYERS H 12/Feb/1948-53

BROOKS A 1953-Sept/56

FRICKER W E J Sept/56-Mar/58

GAFFEY H Mar/58-Jan/60

LILLEY H G Jan/1960-Mar/62

FAGG F C Mar/1962-Oct/64


SEARLE Larry 1971+ Dover Express

SHAW Charles F 1974+ Library archives 1974 Charrington Ltd

BRADLEY Tom 1988+ (also of "Hi and Dry")

SAVAGE Kevin 1994-2002

Last pub licensee had BARNES Mike & Penny 2002-22

Name to "Coach."

CLEAVER Jamie & LURROCK Charlotte Apr/2022+


The Deal Walmer & Sandwich Mercury reported that Stewart was a late Colour-Sergeant in the R.M.L.I.


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If anyone should have any further information, or indeed any pictures or photographs of the above licensed premises, please email:-