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Crown at Eythorne date unknown

The above picture date unknown is of the Crown at Eythorne. By kind permission of Dover Library.

Crown 1896

Above photo, circa 1896, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. Showing Charles Stokes (in the waistcoat) and his wife Mrs. R Stokes, along with their children (in front of window).

Crown circa 1930

Photo circa 1930 by kind permission Crown.

Eythorne school celebrations 1909

Photo by kind permission Crown 1909 showing Eythorne School Empire Day celebrations.

Crown, Eythorne

Above photo by kind permission Crown, date unknown.

Crown draymen 1930s

Above photo, circa 1930s, showing the draymen having a rest after a delivery.

Crown, Eythorne
Crown, Eythorne
Crown sign, Eythorne

Above three photographs by Paul Skelton 27 October 2007.

Crown sign 1990

Crown sign August 1990.

Above with thanks from Brian Curtis


One time a tied house of Thompson and Sons, Walmer.

This had been an old posting and coaching house, where in 1954 the present tenant has been in possession for upward of forty-five years'.


Kentish Gazette, Tuesday 12 January 1864.

Eythorne. Shocking and Fatal Railway Accident.

Yesterday (Monday) afternoon week, Mr. Deputy Coroner Callaway and a respectable jury, held an inquest at the "Crown Inn," Eythorne on the body of Mr. George Stanley Parker, farmer, who had been killed by jumping from a railway train in motion at the Shepherdswell station on the London, Chatham and Dover station on the previous Saturday evening.

William Bourne, station-master in Shepherdswell station deposed:- I was on duty at the station at Shepherdswell on the arrival of the 5.05 train from Dover on Saturday evening last. I and the porter an under-guard called the name of the station, and having satisfied myself the passengers had alighted, I gave orders for the train to proceed. After the train and started I saw the deceased in a second class carriage. I believe no one was with him. He had then his head partially out of the window, and he told me he wanted to get out. I told him to keep his seat and go on to Adisham. He had then his hand out of the window, and had partly opened the door. He then shut the door, but I cannot tell if he fastened it. The doors are were all fastened when the train started. About a quarter to six I received a telegram from Adisham station, with information that a passenger had been seen to jump from a carriage some 200 yards from the station. I sent a porter at once with his lamp to search the line, and he came back saying he had found the deceased insensible. Are they went with further assistance, and found him about 125 yards from the station, and had him removed to the "Whitehall Inn." He did not speak. I sent for Mr. Chalk at once. The deceased was lying outside the metals. I saw he was bleeding from the nose.

Mr. Frederick Chalk, of Eythorne, surgeon deposed:- About half-past seven on Saturday evening I was called to attend the deceased, who was then lying at the "Whitehall Tavern," at Shepherdswell. I found deceased in a state of profound coma, and breathing very laboriously, which lead to the inference that he was suffering from concussion of the brain. There was a contusion upon the left eye, such as would have been caused by a fall. I considered he died from concussion of the brain. I gave orders to have him removed home. I considered him a dead man from the first. Other witnesses having been examined the jury returned a verdict of "Accidental Death."


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 2 February, 1872. Price 1d.


On Friday last a paper hunt steeple chase took place here. The start was from the "Crown Hotel." There was a large assembly of spectators to witness the sport, which was successfully carried out by the spirited landlord, who took the lead with the papers over hedges, ditches, and ploughed land, and took the large pond in the valley, making a splendid dive, which was followed very pluckily by the competitors amidst the hearty cheers of the spectators. He reached the gaol first, Marsh 2nd, Keeler 3rd, Hambrook 4th, and Groombridge 5th.


From Sinnock Directory 1875.

A. J. BUSHELL “Crown Inn”, Eythorne: carriages, horses, bowling green, meadow, waggonette, coal (advert pages 314, 315)


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 5 January, 1877. Price 1d.


John Maxted, labourer, was indicted for stealing a pony and cart, value 35, the property of Thomas Christie Royce, at Eythorne, on the 26th of October, 1876.

Mr. Kingsford (instructed by Mr. Worsford Mowll, of Dover) prosecuted; prisoner being undefended.

The prosecutor deposed: I am a butcher carrying on business at Dover. On the 26th October I and Mr. George drove with a pony and cart to Mr. Harvey's annual stock sale at Eythorne. We went to the "Crown Inn" about 5 to settle up our purchases, and while there the pony and cart were tied up to a post outside. Some time after we had been there we missed the pony, and we then went different roads to Dover - I by Waldershare and George by Coldred. I saw the pony later on that night, when I found it had been very much knocked about and the cart damaged.

Joseph George, a butcher, of Dover, deposed: I went with Mr. Royce to the sale, and after the sale was over we went to the "Crown Inn." While there I went outside now and then to see that the pony was safe. I last saw it about half-past 8. At 9 o'clock I missed the pony and cart, and I went on to Dover by the Coldred road. I saw the pony and cart in front of me, and when I came up to them I saw two men named Kennett and Belsey with it. The pony was lying against a bank, and the men said "Here's your pony and cart." I went on to Dover and overtook the prisoner, who appeared in a dusty state. Belsey said "Here's the man I found  by the side of the cart upset." Prisoner said it was not he, they said it was.  I asked the prisoner if he had been to Eythorne sale, he said he had not, the other men said he had. Prisoner said he had been to work at Mr. Stephen Dale's.

By the Chairman: It was a rather dark night. You could recognise a person three or four yards off. It was about two miles and a half from the "Crown" where I found the pony and cart. I left the "Crown" about half-past nine, and came upon the pony and cart about ten.

George Dunk, instructing-constable, stationed at Eythorne, deposed: I saw the prisoner at the Eythorne sale. In the evening I saw him standing at the head of Mr. Royce's pony, as if he was minding it. I turned the light on him.

By the Chairman: I have known the prisoner about four years.

Edward Belsey deposed: I am a fish hawker living at Dover. On the evening of the 26th of October I saw the prisoner in the "Crown" - at five or half-past. Between 9 and 10 I found four others were driving in two donkey carts to Dover. On going down Coldred Hill I saw a pony and cart at the bottom of the hill, and two or three rods from them a man was lying flat on his back. I did not know the man. I went to a farm house to get a light, and when i came back the man was gone. I went onto Dover and overtook the man, who someone said was "the man." I heard him say, "I have been thrashing at Stephen Dale's."

By the prisoner: I saw you by Water's End  Arch, and you pulled hold of me and wanted me to fight.

Henry Cannon, a small boy not quite ten years of age , deposed: I went to the sale by myself and saw the prisoner there. I have known him about two years. I drove home with Belsey, and at the top of  Coldred Hill, I saw George. At the bottom of the  hill I saw  a pony and cart lying in the road. I also saw the prisoner lying by the side of the cart. I am quite sure it was the prisoner. When the prisoner got up he stood for about a quarter of an hour and then walked away. We got the pony out  of the cart and they went on and overtook Maxted. We saw him close by the arch. I said "Hulloa Mr. Maxted," and he said "Hulloa my boy." I said wasn't that you that was lying in the road?" He made no answer, and then one of the men asked him the same question, but the prisoner said he had been thrashing at Mr. Dale's for two or three days. he also said he had ridden Mr. Bayley's horse from the "Crown" at the bottom of Coldred Hill, and then that a gentleman gave him a drive in a pony cart and  having a little drink he was pitched out.

Stephen Dale, farmer at Water's End, Ewell, about half or three quarters of a mile from Coldred Hill, said the prisoner was not at his farm or about his premises on the day of the 26th of October. he had not worked for him for about two years.

This was the case for the prosecution, and the prisoner addressed the jury, said he was at the sale with a horse, and on the road home, being the rather worse for drink, he laid down in a meadow near the  roadside, and after some time he heard a noise and on looking up saw some men and boys, who said he was the man that was lying  in the road with a pony and cart; he was not the man at all.

Prisoner called a man named Kennett, who was  one of the men with the donkey and carts, who said he saw a man lying near a pony cart. He got the man on his legs and put his hat on. It was too dark to see who the man was. Witness afterwards saw the prisoner by the arch at Water's End, Ewell.

Lydia Maxted, prisoner's sister, said she passed the "Crown" at 8 o'clock and saw the prosecutor's pony and cart standing outside. The reins were dragging on the ground underneath the horse, and the horse appeared to be restless. It was not tied up.

The Jury found the prisoner Not Guilty.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 20 July, 1888. Price 1d.


The employees of Mr. Richard Bonton, builder, Margate, had their annual outing, on Saturday last, driving in breaks, to the “Crown Hotel,” Eythorne. Amusement was found in quoits and bowls, on the pleasantly situated grounds connected with the Hotel. Host Bushell provided both dinner and tea which was well appreciated by his visitors.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 20 July, 1888. Price 1d.


The return match between the Eythorne and Nonington clubs, was played at Eythorne on Tuesday July 17th. Both clubs took lunch at the “Crown Hotel.” The Chair was occupied by Mr. H. Amos, (Eythorne Captain), and the vice-chairman by W. Plumptre. Esq.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 28 December, 1888. Price 1d.


There was a successful pigeon shoot at the “Crown Inn,” on Boxing Day.


Dover Express 23rd July 1909.


On Thursday last week the Juvenile members of the Lord Palmerstone Lodge, Deal, and the Earl Granville Lodge, Walmer, held their annual outing. Leaving Deal about 1 o’clock, the party, numbering 160, proceeded in brakes through Nonington and Fredville Park to Eythorne where they were joined by the Juveniles of the Earl of Guilford Lodge. Tea was provided by the good folks of the "Crown Inn," to which, needless to say, full justice was done, after which the usual sports were indulged in, materials for them being kindly provided by Bro. H. T. Amos. The prizes for sports were kindly presented by the Rev. T. J. Holt, Rector of Waldershare – also an Hon. Member of the Earl of Guilford Lodge – who gave an interesting address to the boys bearing on the importance of belonging to such a Society, and pointing out that Friendly Society work was a moral question and not merely a financial one and was an important factor in our national and domestic life. At the close of the proceedings three hearty cheers were given for the Rev. T. J. Holt and the return journey to Deal was begun about 8 o’clock after a very enjoyable day, with a hearty send off from the boys of the Earl of Guilford Lodge.


The Dover Express, Friday, September 05, 1919 ; pg. 8; Issue 3190.


A dance was held on the Green adjoining the "Crown Inn," following the Sports, on Saturday evening.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 20 July, 1923. Price 1d.


An extension was granted to Mr. Chase, of the "Crown Inn," Eythorne, for a whist drive and dance on July 21st.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 4 January, 1924. Price 1d.


An extension was granted for the "Crown," Eythorne, for the annual dinner of the Eythorne Cottage Gardeners' Society on January 12th.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 3 October, 1924. Price 1d.


The "Crown Inn," Eythorne, was granted an occasional licence, for a farm sale at Archers' Court on October 9th.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 16 January, 1925. Price 1d.


Mr. Stokes, of the "Crown Inn," Eythorne, was granted an extension for the 28th inst. on the occasion of the annual supper of the Eythorne Branch of the British Legion.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 22 October, 1926. Price 1d.


Mr. Stokes, of the "Crown Inn," Eythorne, was granted extensions for the British Legion Dinner on November 18th.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 8 April, 1938.


The licence of the "Crown Inn," Eythorne, was transferred from Mr. C. Stokes to Mr. A. B. Clayson (formerly Metropolitan Police).

Superintendent Webb said that the outgoing tenant had been there for forty-five years without complaint, and had held the licence in an exemplary manner.

The Chairman said that was a splendid record, and set a high standard for the new tenant.

The Wingham Petty Sessions noted the following:- Mr A B Clayson was formerly a Metropolitan Police officer. When Charles Stokes passed the licence to Mr. Clayson, Subt. Webb said that the outgoing tenant had been there for forty-five years without complaint, and had held the licence in exemplary manner.

During Charles Stokes time as licensee, the "Odd Fellows' Club" (Earle of Guilford Lodge, Manchester Unity) used to hold their meetings at the hotel, and their secretary was William Nichalls. Kelly's 1899 In 1934 it was still held there, secretary W. J. Marks. Kelly's 1934

The Chairman said that was a splendid record, and set a high standard for the new tenant.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 17 March, 1939. Price 1d.


Extensions of time were granted to the "Crown Inn," Eythorne, on April 1st, from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m., for the annual dinner of the Prospect Lodge of the Order of Buffaloes.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 27 October, 1944.


On October 23rd, at park Villa, Eythorne, Charles Stokes (late licensee of the "Crown Inn," Eythorne), passed away, aged 85 years.


Dover Express 18th August 1944.


Recovering from Wounds.

Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Clayson “The Crown Inn," Eythorne, wish to thank all friends for their sympathy and kind enquiries about their son, Gordon, and are now pleased to inform them that he is now recovering from wounds in hospital in England. He hopes to greet all old friends in the near future.


Dover Express 15th June 1945.


“Moisheh”, a six month old puppy of doubtful pedigree, of “The Crown” Inn, Eythorne, is endeavouring to outdo “Sally” of the “Orange Tree”, Maxton. During May this puppy collected 4 from customers which was donated to the Local Services Comforts Fund. This month the money will be handed to the Secretary of the Dover Memorial Hospital. During the past two weeks she has collected 2. 12s.


Dover Express 7th September 1945.


"Moisheh", the dog belonging to Mr. A. Clayson of the "Crown", Eythorne collected 4. 12s during August for NSPCC.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, 17 October, 1952.


Service in the Club Room

From the spacious club-room at the Crown Inn, Eythorne, on Sunday evening - a room which the previous evening had echoed with the voices of darts-players and customers singing such pub favourites as "Nellie Dean" - came the voices of many of the same folk, only this time singing harvest hymns.

The occasion was the harvest thanksgiving service which the licensees, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Clayson organise each year in their pub.

Customers had helped to transform the club-room with masses of produce and flowers, and when the Rev. Michael Gedge opened the service there there was a congregation of nearly seventy people.

A collection amounted to 2 and together with the proceeds of an auction of the produce conducted by Mr. Clayson, a total of 7 will be forwarded to the T.B. after-care committee who have established a Convalescent cottage at Ashley.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 16 October, 1953.

Crown Harvest Festival 1953

Service in the Club Room

A section of the congregation at the Harvest Festival service held on Sunday evening in the club room at the Crown Inn, Eythorne. The Rev. John Strong, who conducted the service, is standing on the left.


From the Dover Express, 2 September, 1999.


Roy Tarver

IT was "cheers" to Roy Tarver when colleagues from P&O Stena Line said a fond farewell to him at his retirement celebration.

Roy, from Dover, has worked as a chief petty officer in the engine room of the 26,000-ton ferry Dover, since 1987.

He plans to "relax and take life a bit slower" when he officially retires on September 26.

He is pictured here, at the Crown Inn, Eythorne, with wife Mary and colleagues raising a glass to him.


From the Dover Mercury, 26 April, 2012. 80p ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE


PARTY TIME: Manager Jim Steptoe, centre, with staff members Jean McNickolas and Will Perfect.

Picture: Terry Scott PD2023606 Buy this picture at


A QUEEN'S Diamond Jubilee party is being planned at the "Crown Inn" at Eythorne.

Landlord Jim Steptoe is hoping the party will be held in the car park of the Barfrestone Road pub. He said: "The Jubilee is going to be a great occasion, and I am hoping to help the community in Eythorne celebrate it."

Mr Steptoe, who took over as landlord last July, has been at the pub for five years and employs nine staff. He is also the pub's chef, and is in the process of making changes to the pub's popular dining menu.

Mr Steptoe is arranging possible dates for the party. Details will appear in the Mercury. The next big events at the pub are disco/karaoke on Friday May 4 and a quiz night on bank holiday Monday June 4. Both events will start at 7.30pm.

■ An item on last week's Roundabout incorrectly stated that the pub was temporarily closed. We apologise for the error.



Visit their web site at:-

News received in December 2012 tells me the pub has recently been sold or let but Open 2014+.


From the Dover Mercury, 30 August 2017. By Maya Kayukwa.

Landlord’s farewell to one pub, but warm welcome to another.

Danny Philpott & Jade Butler

Danny Philpott and partner Jade Butler are leaving the Crown Inn for the Hare and Hounds in Northbourne.

It will be a day of mixed emotions when 41-year-old landlord Danny Philpott says a heartfelt goodbye to the Crown Inn in Eythorne.

After five enjoyable years, Danny and his partner Jade Butler, 25 - not forgetting Lucy the dog - will be moving on to pastures new at the "Hare and Hounds" in Northboume.

They are part of the overhaul currently under way at the 400-year-old pub.

The former Walmer Secondary pupil has worked in many pubs over the years, including the New Inn in Deal.

Since arriving at the Crown Inn in 2012, he has brought a more family-orientated and community-centred experience by opening the beer garden, adding a children’s play area, and extending the children’s menu.

He has enjoyed the mix of catching up with regulars and not knowing who will head through the door next.

Memorable moments include raising awareness and funds for meningitis, as well as hosting charity events such as the Martha Trust Music4Martha last weekend, which he hopes will continue to be an annual event for the venue.

A career highlight was his first Christmas there, when he opened on December 25.

He said: “There was a whole community feel.”

Looking towards to his next chapter, Danny is eager to restore the "Hare and Hounds" to its former glory and country pub roots.

His aims include adding a local Kentish menu and early-doors offers with real ales, “to have it just as busy, if not busier” than it was before.

He said: “The "Hare and Hounds" needs a bit of TLC and hard graft.”

Danny has already been getting stuck in by painting and deep-cleaning the kitchen and wash room areas, with the assistance of workmen.

He’s also had a helping hand from the community who, over two weekends, cleared up the litter-filled car park. After several years in the industry, Danny is feeling positive about the future of both pubs.

He said: “I can leave the Crown Inn knowing we’ve left the strengths, and made changes for the better.” Danny has thanked his step-dad Bob Maughan and mum Angela Maughan for all of their support and encouragement throughout his time at the Crown Inn. The "Hare and Hounds" will reopen on Monday, September 11.

Danny Philpott

Danny Philpott behind the bar at the Crown Inn


In May 2018 the owners changed from Punch Taverns to Patron Capital.



LADD John 1847-66+ (also farmer age 62 in 1851Census)

TOWNER/TURNER Edward Tanjore 1871+ (also farmer age 44 in 1871Census)

BUSHELL Alfred John 1874-Sept/78+ Post Office Directory 1874

Last pub licensee had BUSHELL William Smith 1881-91+ (also fly maker and coal merchant age 29 in 1881Census job master in 1891Census) Post Office Directory 1882

STOKES Charles 1893-Apr/38 Kelly's 1899Kelly's 1903Post Office Directory 1913Post Office Directory 1903Post Office Directory 1914Kelly's 1934 (Job master & Fly proprietor age 52 in 1911Census)Dover Express

CLAYSON Alan Benjamin Apr/1938-53+ Dover Express (Formerly  Metropolitan Police)

WILLIAMS Dorothy E 1974+ Library archives 1974 Charrington & Co

FIELD Phil & Joy 2001-04

CHAMBERLAIN Jason & Hayley 2005-07

COOPER Paul & Sarah Feb/2007-10+

STEPTOE Jim July 2012+

MAUGHAN Robert & PHILPOTT Danny (Step-son) Oct/2012+

PHILPOTT Danny July/2014-Aug/2017 Next pub licensee had

MAUGHAN Robert Aug/2017-18+


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