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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1860

Duke of Wellington

Latest 1971

201 London Road in 1899 Kelly's Directory 1950 (94 Buckland Street 1861Census)


Duke of Wellington

Above photo shows the Duke of Wellington regulars on a day out, date unknown. Picture kindly supplied by Joyce Banks.

Duke of Wellington

Above photo kindly supplied by Jeanette Harper, c/o Jackie Bowles of the Louise Armstrong. Date circa 1960.

From Rosemary Wells collection.

Duke of Wellington regulars

Above photo showing regulars inside pub date circa 1950s.

From Rosemary Wells collection.

Duke of Wellington regulars

Above photo showing regulars the inside of the pub, date circa 1950s.

From Rosemary Wells collection.

Penny push inside pub

Penny push inside the pub, date circa 1950s.

From Rosemary Wells collection.

Penny topple

Aftermath of the penny push, date circa 1950s.

From Rosemary Wells collection.

Tom May pulling a pint

Above photo showing Tom May pulling a pint, date circa 1950s.

Duke of Wellington card

The above sign, wasn't actually designed and released by Whitbread, but has been designed by Robert Greenham in the same style as the card sets they distributed as a representation of what the sign looked like. Robert says:- This was based on the image which appeared on Whitbread's metal map for East Kent which was painted by D. W. Burley in 1950, on commission from Whitbread.

Whitbread metal map 1950

The above metal map, kindly sent by Robert Greenham was released, in 1950 and painted by D. W. Burley, and was titled Inn-Signia of Whitbread Houses in East Kent, Whitbread & Co Ltd. The Inn Signs designed by:- M. C. Balston, Vena Chalker, Kathleen M Claxton, K. M. Doyle, Ralph Ellis, Marjorie Hutton, Harvey James, Prudence Rae-Martin, Violet Rutter, L. Toynbee and Kit Watson.

From the Rosemary Wells collection.

Former Duke of Wellington 1970s

Above photo circa 1970s.

From the Rosemary Wells collection.

Inside former Duke of Wellington 1970s

Inside the former Duke of Wellington circa 1970s.

Former Duke of Wellington Former Duke of Wellington

Above photographs by Paul Skelton 9 April 2010.


The number always read 200 up to 1914 and whatever happened then, there was still confusion up to 1939. From April that year, numbers one to seven Cranbrook Villas became 202-207a London Road.


The licence issued in 1869 I feel could be the first. Although I (Paul Skelton) have just been passed an account that happened in 1860, see below. The license was refused in 1868 while under control of John Chapman, the Magistrates giving the reason that "the house did not possess the requisite accommodation." Although he does show as licensee in 1871, after George Baker obviously persuaded them otherwise in 1870. It passed to the East Kent Brewery in October 1890.


I hoped to find another licensed property between here and Buckland Bridge but my searches were in vain. Once retailing for Mrs Harding, lack of trade brought about the closure here shortly after or during 1971.


From the Dover Express. 1860.

Petty Robbery.

A German who gave the name of John Hearn and said he was a labour in the employ of Mr. Moxton, was charged by David Matthew's the landlord of the Duke of Wellington Public House, Buckland, with stealing nine dominoes value 1s. It appeared that the prisoner who could speak English very well was at the house of the prosecutor on Saturday and was amusing himself by playing with a box of dominoes that had been left in the parlour and that shortly after he was gone nine of the dominoes were missed from the box and were subsequently found in the prisoners possession at his lodgings. The prisoner did not deny the charge but wanted to make the magistrates believe that he was drunk when he took the dominoes. The policeman who took him into custody however satisfied their worships that this was not the case and the prisoner who desired that he might be summarily dealt with was sent to the House Of Correction for fourteen days.


Information kindly supplied by Joyce Banks.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 4 March, 1887. Price 1d.


Mr. E. W. Spain applied on behalf of Mr. Brockman for permission to draw at the “Duke of Wellington,” Buckland.

The application was granted.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 3 October, 1890. Price 5d.


Yesterday afternoon Messrs. Terson and Son offered five public houses, the property of Mrs. Harding, for sale by auction at the “Royal Oak Hotel.” The result was, the “Duke of Wellington,” London Road, 600.


From a publication written for 2018.

Robert Henry Fisher, was the licensee of the Duke of Wellington from 1915 to his death in service in 1917, and his wife Mary Fisher also lost two of their sons in 1917. Henry; who had emigrated to Canada; died on Vimy Ridge whilst serving with the 14th Canadian Infantry Battalion in April 1917. They were informed that Robert was missing in October 1917 and then it was confirmed that he too had been killed.

Their eldest son Henry Burleigh Brockway Fisher had emigrated to Canada before the War with his wife and three young daughters and was living in Prince Albert when he volunteered with the Canadian Expeditionary Force on the 10th of July 1915. After training he was mobilised with the 14th Canadian Battalion. He was killed on the first day of the battle for Vimy Ridge on Easter Sunday 9th April 1917 and is buried at Nine Elms Military Cemetery Plot I, Row A where 79 other men from his battalion who fell on the same day are buried. For more about the battle for Vimy Ridge visit

The family also lost Robert Henry who was serving with the Queens Own (Royal West Kent) 4th October 1917 remembered at Tyne Cot having no known grave, he was first reported missing but then confirmed as a casualty.


From the Dover Express, October 1917.


In loving memory of Robert Henry, third son of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Fisher, of the "Duke of Wellington," Dover, who was reported "missing in action," 4th October 1917. Thy Will be done.


From the Dover Express, October 1917.


Officially reported "missing" on October 4th, Private R. H. Fisher, West Kent Regiment (late West Kent Yeomanry), son of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Fisher, "Duke of Wellington," Dover. Thy Will be done.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, 15 January, 1926. Price 1d.


At the Dover police Court on Friday, plans for alterations to the “Duke of Wellington,” London Road, were approved. They provided for moving the position of the counter, so that access to the street could be obtained from the living premises without passing through the bar. Alterations to the “Granville,” Limekiln Street, provided for a longer bar were also approved.




MATTHEWS David 1860-61+ (age 59 in 1861Census)

Last pub licensee had BAKER George May/1870 Next pub licensee had Dover Express

CHAPMAN John Sept/1871-74+ Next pub licensee had Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1874

FENN John 1876-81+ Next pub licensee had (age 61 in 1881Census) Post Office Directory 1878Dover Express

HUBBARD Edward 1882 Post Office Directory 1882

BAXTER Charles or James 1885 end

JOYCE James B 1885

BROCKMAN Daniel Mar/1887-99 (age 43 in 1891Census) Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1891Pikes 1895Kelly's Directory 1899

STANLEY Thomas William 1899-1913 (age 60 in 1911Census) Post Office Directory 1903Post Office Directory 1903Kelly's 1903Post Office Directory 1913

HOPPER William George 1913-14

FISHER Robert Henry 1915-4/Oct/17 dec'd Post Office Directory 1922

WOOTON Frederick Charles 1920-Jan/24 Pikes 1923Pikes 1924Dover Express

WILSON Henry Thomas Jan/1924-28 dec'd Dover Express

WILSON Mrs Ann Emma 1928-32+ Post Office Directory 1930Pikes 1932-33

CHAPMAN Mrs Ann Emma 1933-48 Post Office Directory 1938(Pikes 1938-39Pikes 48-49 CHATWIN Mrs)

FRANKS Bernard George 1950-17-Aug-51 Next pub licensee had Kelly's Directory 1950Dover Express

BEAVER Reginald 17-Aug-1951+ Dover Express

HURLEY Arthur Frank 1953-56+ Kelly's Directory 1953Kelly's Directory 1956

ILBURY Henry C 1962-71


Post Office Directory 1874From the Post Office Directory 1874

Post Office Directory 1878From the Post Office Directory 1878

Post Office Directory 1882From the Post Office Directory 1882

Post Office Directory 1891From the Post Office Directory 1891

Pikes 1895From Pikes Dover Blue Book 1895

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Kelly's Directory 1950From the Kelly's Directory 1950

Kelly's Directory 1953From the Kelly's Directory 1953

Kelly's Directory 1956From the Kelly's Directory 1956

Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express



If anyone should have any further information, or indeed any pictures or photographs of the above licensed premises, please email:-

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