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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1874

(Name from)

Dew Drop Inn

Open 2023+

26-27 Tower Hamlets Street


01304 206388

Dewdrop Inn 1920

Above photo from the John Gilham collection, circa 1920.

Dew Drop Inn presentation

Above photo, circa 1917, it is suggested that the lady to the left of the cup is licensee Mrs E J Castle.

Dew Drop Inn 1983

Above photo 1983 by Stuart Kinnon.

Dewdrop Inn circa 1987

Dewdrop Inn 1986 (Photo by Paul Skelton)

Dew Drop 2011 Dew Drop sign 2011

Above photos by Paul Skelton, 28 May, 2011.

Dewdrop 2007
Dewdrop sign 2007

Above photos by Paul Skelton 6 Oct 2007.


The street itself materialised about 1866 and number 27 was previously known as the "British Tar" in 1871. The name had changed by 1874.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 27 September, 1878


Robert Russell and James Webb were summoned, the former for having his house, the “Dew Drop,” open at twenty-five minutes past ten on Sunday morning, and the latter for being on the premises.

Police-constable Corrie said: On Sunday morning I went with Police-constable Baker and visited the “Dew Drop” public-house. I went to the front and Police-constable baker to the back. I heard someone walking in the house. I knocked at the door twice and the landlord opened it. I told him who I was and went in and found a glass with fresh beer in it. I went through to the back and found Police-constable Baker talking to the other defendant. I spoke to the landlord and he said “Don't take any notice of this for my wife's ill upstairs.” I saw the man off the premises, after taken his address.

After hearing Mr. Worsfold Mowll and witnesses for the defence the Bench fined Russell 40s. and 12s. 6d. costs, and Webb 2s. 6d. and 12s. 6d. costs.



Plans for rebuilding were presented by the brewer, Phillips and Company, in 1902. In 1908 it was described as being recently rebuilt.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 6 January, 1905.


The "Dewdrop Inn" was transferred from G. Swain, who held the license for 23 years 7 months, to W. Castle, a retired sergeant of the Buffs.


Dover Express 12 November 1909.


Mr. William Castle, "Dew Drop Inn," 26, Tower Hamlets, Street, hereby gives Notice that he will not be responsible for any debts contracted by his wife from November 5th. - (Signed ) W. F. Castle, "Dew Drop Inn," Tower Hamlets Street.


From the Dover Express, 13 October 1916.


The funeral took place on Monday, with full military honours, at Charlton Cemetery, of Mr. William Frederick Castle, of the "Dew-drop” Inn, Tower Hamlets Street, who died on October 4th at the age of 47 years. The band of the Buffs played Beethoven's and Chopin's funeral marches on the way to the cemetery. The firing party was from the Buffs. At the conclusion of the burial service, the “Last Post” was sounded. The officiating clergyman was the Rev. W. H. Grepe. The mourners present were Mr. W. Castle (son), Mr. E. Castle (brother), Mr. T. Datlen and Mr. G. Hogbin (brothers-in-law), Mr. Gurney (step-father), Mr. Francis and Mr. Mosely. Amongst those present at the graveside were the following members of the Licensed Victuallers Defence Society; Mr. H. Rothwell (Chairman), Mr. J. Parker (Vice-chairman). Mr. B. Morris (Secretary), and Messrs. F. Barton, B. Holman. W. Fagg and — Stockwell. Floral tributes were sent from the following:— To my dear Will, from his Emma; from Nellie and Gladys; from Ada; from Lizze and Moses, also niece and nephew; from the members of the Sergeants' Mess, 3rd Battalion the Buffs, Dover; from his comrades of the Sergeants Mess, 29th T.R. Battalion; from the members of the “Dew-drop Inn" Club; from old pals of the “Dew-drop Inn"; from Phil, Tom and family; from the members of the Dover and District Licensed Victuallers Defence Society; from Mr. and Mrs. Holman; from Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Hubert; from Mr. and Mrs. Francis and family; from Mr. and Mrs. Philpott and family; from Mr. and Mrs. Mosely; from Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Goldfinch; from Mr. and Mrs. Turner; from L. B. and L. H.; from Dr. W. J. Duncan Best; from Mr. and Mrs Smith (“Havelock Arms”); from Mrs. Medhurst and family; from Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hubbert; from Mr and Mrs. Penn; from Mr. and Mrs. Curd. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. Parsons, of Beaconsfield Road, Dover.


James Robinson Cairns, landlord 1924-29 & 1944 was the longest serving Mayor of Dover in the 20th century. (See info.)


This Fremlin outlet was seriously damaged by a storm in October 1987, part of the frontage collapsing into the road. (The frontage is shown still in the photo taken just before the storms, above) Satisfactorily repaired however and still active today.


Dew Drop from Wyndham Road, 1919

The above photograph, kindly sent to me by Stuart Kinnon, was taken from Wyndham Road in 1919 and shows the Dew Drop in the distance.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 22 September, 1933. Price 1d.


At the Dover Police Court on Friday, before Messrs. C. J. Sellens, W. S. Lee, W. B. Brett, T. Francis, S. Lewis and F. R. Powell.

Matilda Coade was summoned by Annie Agnes Holland for assault.

Defendant pleaded not guilty.

Mrs. Holland said that on the 8th September she was coming from the “Dewdop Inn” at 10.45 a.m. with a pint of beer in her hand, and Mrs. Coade came along with her sister and pulled witness down to the ground by her hair, so witness threw the beer over her. Defendant called witness names, and said her children were brats. Defendant was her sister-in-law, and witness would not have summoned her if she had not threatened. There have been several scenes in Tower Hamlets Street over family affairs. Witness's children could not walk down the street without the other children spitting at them. She could not summon both the women as her husband was on the relief.

Fined 2s. 6d. and bound over for 12 months.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 16 June, 1935. Price 1d.


The residents of Tower Hamlets Street provided a Jubilee tea on Monday afternoon for the children in the street. At 2.30 p.m. the children, numbering 170, assembled outside the "Dewdrop Inn", and marched through Tower Hamlets, headed by Mr. and Mrs. Turner's band. Most of the children were in fancy dress. At 5 o'clock, tea was provided, and a telegram from the King was read to the children. After tea, there was another march through the streets with the band and a party of nigger minstrels, who caused a great deal of amusement. The entertainment finished at 9.30 p.m., when each child received a present of fruit and sweets. Mrs. Cadman and Mrs. McKeen wish to thank all who assisted in the organisation of the treat.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News. 20 January 1939.

Royal Navy Old Comrades Association-

Next meeting, Saturday 21st, Dewdrop Inn, Tower Hamlet, at 8 p.m.: all ranks and ratings R.N. and R.M. (Past and Present) invited.

Also Saturday, August 5th, 8 p.m.


Dover Express 27 April 1945.


Unity Glade, No. 45, held their eleventh birthday anniversary at the "Dewdrop" Inn, Tower Hamlets Street, Dover, on Thursday last week. The ceremonial portion was attended by sisters of Acorn and Maple Leaf Glades. Sister Smith was raised to the 3rd Degree, the installing officer being Grand Dame Commandant Dame Elliott, assisted by her officers. The soloist was Sister Wright, and the pianist Sister Sisley.

The refreshments included the participation by seventy in a birthday iced cake, with eleven candles, made by Sister Sisley.


From an email received 15 December, 2012

Dear Paul,

I've just had some info given to me, and it contains reports that Reginald Maltby, (Jan/1940-1943) who was the landlord of the "Dew Drop Inn," and before that the "Five Alls," was awarded the George Cross (he was originally awarded the Empire Gallantry Medal, in 1926, for saving a little girl from drowning in a well while he was serving in the forces in India, and later this was swapped for a George Cross). It was Mrs Beatrice Maltby, his wife, who took over the licenseeship of the "Dew Drop Inn" after her husband died. Reginald was born in Fulham on 24 January 182 and died in Dover, at the "Dew Drop Inn," on 17 December 1943. The family had moved to Dover in 1939.

If you happen to be around the library, there's a funeral report for him in the Dover Express of 31 December 1943 (he's buried in Charlton SJ 14), and also a death announcement in that paper. There are also a couple of reports in local papers (sorry, not exactly sure which ones, but one may be the Dover Express of 8 January 1998) of a headstone being placed on his grave on 6 January 1998, with funds raised from his Regimental Association. I'm sorry, I haven't got the copies, otherwise I'd send them to you, but I hope this might be of some interest/help!

All the best, and Happy Christmas!

Maggie Stevenson


From the Dover Express. 18 June 1948.


Dover Magistrates on Friday approved the following applications for alterations to licensed premises:-

The removal of the partition separating the jug and bottle and the private bar at the "Dewdrop Inn," Tower Hamlets Street.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 1 November, 1963.

Dew Drop harvest festival 1963

Customers at the "Dew Drop," at Tower Hamlets, held their annual harvest festival at the week end.


Derek Imrie emailed me on 12 December 2007 with the following recollections of his time in the pub.

My father, William Imrie was a retired naval officer who became licensee of the Dewdrop with his wife Lily Patience and his in-laws. E. A. Elliott and wife.

On the outbreak of war he intended to return to the navy, but unfortunately became ill with TB, from which he died in Feb. 1940.

Although I was only 4 in 1940, I do have some vivid memories of the pub, particularly my brother Frazer and I riding our bikes and toy cars around the first floor Clubroom, but not on those days when the room used for meetings of either the Ancient Order of the Buffaloes or Ladies Glade.

Bunk beds were built for my brother and I in the cellar, amongst the beer crates, and when there was an air raid warning we had to sleep done there.

We moved towards the end of 1940 to Heathfield Avenue on the other side of Town. My mother spent the war driving an ambulance for the Civil Defence, by brother went with the Grammar school to Wales, and when Barton Road school reopened in 1942 I went there and subsequently joined my brother at the Grammar school.

I trust this information is useful, I have plenty more memories, so do come back to me if you need help. Regards Derek Imrie.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News. 22 October, 1965.

Harvest Festival at the Dew Drop 1965

A record 43 5s. 5d. was raised for the Kent Blind at the annual Harvest Festival at the Dew Drop Inn in Tower Hamlets on Sunday. Customers and local tradesmen gave the produce which was auctioned. Raffles were also held.


From the Dover Mercury, 8 September, 2011. 70p


Dewdrop Inn Flintstones

PUB landlords and customers raised money at the 38th annual Dover Lions Club Publicans Walk on the seafront. Seven pubs took part, with teams going up and down the seafront three times, a distance of three miles.

Sponsorship money will help organise the club's Christmas dinner for the elderly, held at "Club Dover" (formerly the "Harbour Board Club") on Saturday December 3.

Winner of this year's fancy dress was the Flintstone family, complete with a Flintmobile, from the "Dewdrop Inn." The "Park Inn" took second place with its 'Nauticoo' theme and the "White Horse" came third as the Smurfs.

Trophy for the best individual entry went to Betty Rubble from the "Dewdrop," Popeye and the Mermaid from the "Park Inn" were awarded second and third places respectively.

 The "Carpenters Arms," Coldred, the "Flotilla," "Dover Sea Angling Club" and the "Bull" also supported the event.

Sponsorship money is still coming in a trophy will be awarded for the most money raised.

• For more information about Dover Lions Club and its fundraising and community service activities, call  0845 8339908.




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CASTLE Mrs E J to Apr/1917 Dover Express

MANTELL/MANTEL Charles Apr/1917-June/24 Post Office Directory 1922Pikes 1923Pikes 1924Dover Express late of Dover Engineering Works.

Last pub licensee had CAIRNS James Robinson June/1924-May/29 Next pub licensee had Dover Express

Last pub licensee had HAWKINS James Frederick May/1929-Dec/36 Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1930Pikes 1932-33

HAWKINS Mrs Henrietta M Dec/1936-37 end

Last pub licensee had IMRIE Lieut. William Alexander Richie 1937-40 dec'd Post Office Directory 1938Pikes 1938-39


IMRIE Mrs Lily Patience 1940 end

Last pub licensee had MALTBY Reginald Jan/1940-1943 dec'd

MALTBY Mrs B M 1943+

Last pub licensee had CAIRNS James Robinson 1944

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WARR R 1987

GIORDANI Caspare 1992

HORTON Derek & Angie 1996-2000

PAGE Chris 2000-20+


From an email from Anthony "Tosh" Marshall, 9 December 2009.

My father was indeed Joseph Marshall, landlord of the "Dewdrop Inn," Tower Hamlets Street, where he was landlord from 1971 to 1984 when he retired. He passed away in Worksop in 1990.

Tosh Marshall.


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