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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1862-

(Name from)

Clarendon Hotel

Latest 1950

47 Snargate Street


Clarendon Hotel circa 1895

Above photo kindly sent by Leighton Radford who says he believes the gentleman in the picture is James Sampson Torr who was married to his great grandmothers sister Elizabeth Hill. The picture must have been taken during his reign at the pub circa 1895.

The previous landlady Sarah Torr was the sister of James.

Sarah married a George Philpott and by 1911 they and James were living at 2 Tavistock Villa, Cherry Tree Avenue, Dover.


Clarendon Hotel 1910

Above postcard, postmarked 10 Oct 1910. Kindly sent by Graham Butterworth.

Clarendon Hotel

Above photo shows the Clarendon Hotel 1950, just before demolition. The White Cliffs Cafe is shown on the left.


Before 1862, 47 Snargate Street was titled the "True Briton." This pub closed in that year and I am going to assume changed name to the "Clarendon Hotel," the dates certainly match.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 1 October, 1880. Price 1d.


The license of the "Clarendon" public-house was transferred from Mr. Birch to Mr. John Pope, of the "Officer's Club," Liverpool Street.

In answer to the Bench, Mr. Pope stated he should still keep on at the club.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 1 February, 1895. Price 1d.


George Richards was charged with stealing from the “Clarendon” public-house, a silver mounted walking stick.

Arthur George Rowlands, living with his friends at Snargate Street, Dover, said the stick produced was the property of his father. Witness had it in his possession on Saturday evening when he went to the “Clarendon Hotel.” Witness placed the stick in the corner of the bottom bar and went into the other bar. He stopped there two minutes and hearing the door click he returned, but found the stick gone. He did not see it again till now. Its value was 7s. 6d.

Elizabeth Torr, wife of the landlord of the “Clarendon Hotel,” said she saw the prisoner come in on Saturday evening between eight and nine. At the same time she saw the prisoner in one of the bars offering songs for sale.

G. Phillips, landlord of Common Lodging house, 41, Adrian Street, said the prisoner had paid for lodgings at his house on Saturday. About 10.30 he handed the stick (produced) to witness and asked him to take care of it. He subsequently gave the stick to the Police.

Police-constable Reilly said he went to the last witness' house and the stick was handed to him and the prisoner who was in the house was taken into custody. He said he found it in a passage by the quayside.

The prisoner was sent to prison for 14 days' hard labour.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 22 February, 1901. Price 1d.


A Belgian seaman named Kettle, belonging to the smack Record was charged with being drunk and disorderly in Snargate Street.

The prisoner was asked if he understood English, and at once replied that he did not.

The Superintendent remarked that he had when below understood what was said to him.

Police Constable Husk said that on Saturday night at 10.35 he was called by the landlord of the “Clarendon Hotel” to eject the prisoner and another man who were behaving disorderly. He found the prisoner, who was drunk, and two others quarrelling. The landlord requested them to leave. The prisoner did not go, and witness ejected him. The prisoner refused to go away when outside, and made use of very filthy remarks in broken English. He twice struck at witness, who closed him with handcuffed prisoner. He was very rough, but with assistance got him to the Station.

The prisoner was asked if he understood the evidence. He replied in Flemish that he did not understand.

The Magistrates asked what the prisoner said.

Sergeant Cadman said the prisoner said “East Cliff.” (Loud laughter.)

Rowland Huggett, landlord of the “Clarendon Hotel,” said that about 10.30 the prisoner came in and had half a pint of beer. Another man came in afterwards and stared quarrelling with him. The prisoner got excited, and witness ordered them both out, and the constable, at witness' request, put them out. There was a disturbance outside, and the Constable took the prisoner into custody. Witness could not say the prisoner was drunk. He thought the other man caused the disturbance, and the prisoner became excited, like a foreigner does.

The master of the “Record” gave the prisoner an excellent character, and the Magistrates discharged him on a fine of 2s. 6d. being paid.



On the corner with Snargate Street and Northampton Street and well established by 1879. Reports of the last century usually refer to it as an inn. The singing and dancing licence was granted in 1929 and a lease dated February 1923 for 21 years, was made between the Harbour Board and Nalder and Collyer's Brewery of Croyden. Another lease in 1942, was held by Ind Coope and Allsopp.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 4 September, 1931. Price 1d.


On Friday night, extraordinary scenes took place at the “Clarendon Hotel,” Snargate Street. The landlord saw a light flickering in the bedrooms and on going to the rooms found a man in one of the bedrooms and the room in disorder. He called for assistance and the man made for the window. The landlady, who rushed into the room, caught hold of his hands as he was dropping out of the window, but failing to hold them, grabbed his cap. The man dropped into the street, but a passer-by – a railway man going to work on his cycle – saw him come out of the window and followed him up Northampton Street. At the top he called on the Constable to arrest the man, but whilst the matter was being explained the man bolted, but was again pursued by the cyclist, and after a struggle a man alleged to be the one who dropped out of the window, was arrested. The sequel occurred at the Dover Police Court on Saturday, when the man alleged to be the individual who dropped out of the window was charged.

The Magistrates were Messrs. W. B. Brett and T. Francis.

Private Walter Donaldson, 1st Battalion the Royal Sussex Regiment, was charged with stealing from a bedroom at the “Clarendon hotel,” Snargate Street, on August 28th, a lady's diamond ring and a string of pearls, the property of Miss Peggy Courtney, an actress, values 31, with stealing a lady's gold ring, a metal necklace and part of a manicure set, the property of Miss betty Theedon, 1, Winchelsea Street, barmaid, value 3 10s.; with stealing two rows of pearls, four rosaries and a packet of playing cards, the property of miss Joan Fitzwalter, a shorthand typist, valued 3.

P.C. Datlen said: At 10.15 last evening, in consequence of information received, I went to the “Clarendon Hotel,” Snargate Street, and saw the proprietor, Mr. Fitzgerald, who made a complaint to me. I also saw the prisoner detained in the kitchen. I made an examination of the premises and found various drawers in four bedrooms had been turned over. On a bed in the bedroom on the first floor I found a metal necklace and two pieces of a manicure set which had been taken from a bedroom on the second floor, occupied by Miss Betty Theedon. Also two rows of pearls, four rosaries and a set of playing cards, which had been taken from a chest of drawers in the bedroom. Also a military plain-clothes pass in favour of No. 6395224, Private Donaldson. I then saw the prisoner and told him I was a Police Officer and cautioned him. I told him that he would be charged with stealing various articles of jewellery. He replied, “Why should I be?” I searched the prisoner at the hotel and among his property I found in the right hand pocket of his jacket, two pearls, which he stated he got at the barracks. The prisoner was then taken to the Police Station. This morning the prisoner was cautioned and charged and made no reply. I also took possession of a cap found in the dining room of the hotel.

The Chief Constable asked for a remand till next Friday in order to complete the enquiries in this case.

The Chairman ordered the prisoner to be remanded in custody till next Friday.



This licence was suspended for the duration of the war in September 1940 and it never reopened to my knowledge. If it did it would have closed again by the beginning of August 1950. Demolition took place in September that year and was complete by November. The last licensee was Archibald Hopper.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 22 September, 1950.

Work on the widening of Snargate Street, which is to replace Northampton Street as the main thoroughfare to the Pier District, is expected to begin at the end of the year or early next year.

This week workmen have resumed operations on the demolition of properties on the south side of the street. Lorry loads of lead have been salvaged from the buildings, few of which are now occupied.

It is expected that the whole of the remaining premises from Wellington Passage to the Clarendon Hotel, at the corner of Northampton Street, will be demolished in the near future.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 29 September, 1950.

Clarendon Hotel demolition 1950


Demolition work has begun on property on the seaward side of Snargate Street in preparation for the closing of Northampton Street to make quay space and the provision of a widened Snargate Street. At the corner of Northampton Street stood the Sailors Bethel, and adjoining is the Clarendon Hotel in process of disappearance.




STONE James Squire 1862-70+ Dover Express

Last pub licensee had BROWNING Charles Grist Nov/1871-Nov/1879 Post Office Directory 1874Dover Express

BROWNING Ewell Nov/1879+ Dover Express

Last pub licensee had BIRCH Joseph or John Charles Oct/1880 Next pub licensee had Dover Express

POPE John Oct/1880-July/83 (age 45 in 1881Census) Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1882

CLARKSON Henry George July/1883-85 (late of "Swan Inn" Walton on Thames) Dover Express

TORR Miss Sarah 1889-91+ Pikes 1889Post Office Directory 1891

TORR James Sampson 1895 Pikes 1895

HUGGETT Rowland 1901-Mar/02 dec'd Dover Express

HUGGETT Martha (widow) Mar/1902-03+ Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1903Kelly's 1903

CADOGAN Mrs M 1907-19 end Post Office Directory 1913

PAMPLIN Sidney R 1919-Aug/22 Post Office Directory 1922Dover Express

HERBERT Mr C W Aug/1922+ Dover Express (Of Folkestone Road)

HERBERT S 1923-24+ Pikes 1923Pikes 1924

TWIDLE Benjamin W 1925-June/26 Dover Express

FITZGERALD Arthur Horace June/1926-Dec/31 Post Office Directory 1930Dover Express (Electrical engineer of Wimbledon)

MOON Alexander Meckliff Dec/1931-Apr/33 Dover Express (Of Littlehampton, Sussex)

TURNER Ernest Apr/1933+ Dover Express (Late of the "Earl of Devonshire," Bow.)

TURNER Frances J S 1936-50 end Post Office Directory 1938Pikes 1938-39Pikes 48-49

HOPPER Archibald Henry 1950 end


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