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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1873

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Latest Mar 1990

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237-238 London Road


Fountain Inn

Above photo by kind permission of Dover Library ILL/1330. Date circa 1910.

Fountain trip circa 1910

A trip for regulars at The Fountain 1910.

Fountain Inn circa 1960

Above photo circa 1960, kindly supplied by Terry Wheeler of the Ramsgate History Society.

The Fountain circa 1987

The Fountain 1976 (Photo by Paul Skelton)


On the corner with Erith Place, it was built on the former site of a farmhouse and that in its turn had stood on part of the grounds of William Kingsford's brewery.  I never discovered the origin but it is known that Edmund Ashdown made a successful application for a spirit licence in 1863. By 1910 it was serving Gardner's Ales.

It was previously known as the "Prince of Wales" and with another house of like name in the immediate vicinity at Shooters Hill some confusion existed. The sign was therefore changed to "The Fountain" in 1873. We already had the "Fountain" at the Market Place and an "Old Fountain" at Stembrook so the logic escapes me. It survived just the same and served Gardner for many years before passing to Whitbread.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 24 August, 1881. 1d.


The surveyor reported in favour of the proposed alterations of cant windows, etc., at the “Fountain Inn,” Buckland, by Mr. Ashdown, which were in accordance with the bye laws.

The report was adopted, and the alterations allowed subject to there being no objections by the neighbours.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 19 February, 1886.

A sad case of death occurred at Buckland last Sunday morning. A youth named William Ashdown, son of Mr. E. Ashdown, of the “Fountain Inn,” Buckland, went to his work on Saturday as usual to the Packet Yard, but whilst there he was taken in a fit, and was obliged to return home. On Sunday morning, as he did not seem to be much better, Dr. Duke was sent for, but before the doctor arrived he expired. Deceased had, it seems, been for some time under the care of Dr. E. F. Astley, suffering from bronchitis and a weak heart.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 9 July, 1886. Price 1d.


On the application of the landlord of the “Fountain Inn,” Buckland, the Magistrates granted an early license for the place to open at 5 a.m.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 11 November, 1887. Price 1d.


Alfred Davis, and Thomas Hills, were charged with assaulting Henry Hogg, on the 31st of October, at Buckland.

Henry Hogg said: I live at Prospect Place, Buckland, and last Monday night between 10 and 11, when I was in the “Fountain” public house, Buckland, the two defendants came in and began to abuse me, and when I was leaving about ten minutes to 11, the defendant Hills, came out after me and caught hold of me and wanted me to go back into the house.

I went back and asked them what they wanted, and as I was coming away, they pushed me against the window and tore my coat. The defendant Hills interfered with me on Jubilee day.

Henry Hush stated that he was in the “Fountain Inn,” Buckland, on Monday last about 10.30. The complainant Hogg was there and also the two defendants. Witness saw the defendant Hills push Hogg, when he got outside the house.

Charles George Pettitt, living at Herbert Cottage, Buckland, gave corroborative evidence.

The Bench dismissed the case.



During the second world war, a barrage balloon used to be moored just outside, and I am informed by Phil Eyden that his next-door neighbour, who has lived in the area since 1942, can remember it being shot down on at least one occasion.

A short close in the 1980's but reopened by Stephen Benn in July 1986. Trading ceased again in March 1990 and it was on offer for 70,000. It reopened on 18 May 1991 as a free house, re-titled "The Sportsman". Michael Phillips.


From the Dover Express, 26 May,1944.

At the Dover Police Court on Monday, George Victor Lovell of the “Fountain” Inn, 238 London Road was fined 1 for allowing light to show from the premises.

Defendant wrote pleading guilty.

Supt Saddleton said that at 10.5 p.m. on 5th May, P. W. R. Sladden saw a bright light showing from the unscreened public bar window of the “Fountain” Inn. He was unable to make the occupier hear by knocking on the door, so he climbed over the gate and turned out defendant, who said that the public house had been closed all day as he had been in London.


Dover Express 18th August 1944.


At the Dover Police Court on Friday before Messrs. G. Golding, W. G. Jeffery, C. Byford and J. H. Brazier and Mrs. Binge.

George Victor Lovell, “Fountain” Inn, London Road, was summoned for allowing light to show from the premises at 11.10 p.m. on 17th July.

PWR Finn said that the light was showing through the public bar door. He got no reply to his knocking, so, with PC Steggles, he entered the rear of the premises and put out the light. The black-out curtain was on the floor. Defendant suggested that someone must have broken in.

Insp. Drury said that the defendant was fined 1 for a similar offence on 22nd May.

Fined 3.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 15 May, 1953.


Spent Night in Police Cells

Trying to force their way into the "Fountain Inn" on Thursday last week, just on closing time, two soldiers were told by a policeman to get back to barracks. They continued trying to get into the bar and were taken to the Police Station.

This was told to Dover Magistrates on Friday when Fusiliers Joseph Adlington and Anthony Daniels, both aged 23, of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in London Road. They had spent the previous night in custody and were both conditionally discharged.

Inspector Piddock told the court that P.C. Blunden saw the men pushed out of the Inn, then trying to get back inside. The Inspector said he understood that there had been a little trouble in the bar and "time" had been called when the soldiers wanted more drink.

From defendants' unit an officer pointed out that both men were pipers in the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. The Secretary of State was visiting the Regiment later that day and the band was going to beat "Retreat."

Announcing the conditional discharge, the Chairman of the Magistrates (Mr. G. Golding) told the soldiers that he hoped the troops would enjoy themselves in the town but that kind of conduct was undesirable.

"You belong to a well-known and respected regiment - and you are letting that regiment down. Enjoy yourself but don't lower the tone of the town or the regiment.

"Now go away and I hope the Secretary of State will hear the pipes in full-strength," he said.




Last pub licensee had ASHDOWN Edmund 1873-84 (also carpenter age 44 in 1881Census) Post Office Directory 1874Post Office Directory 1882

Last pub licensee had BIRCH Joseph or John Charles 1882 Next pub licensee had

Last pub licensee had BURDEN James Apr/1886-1905 end Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1891Kelly's Directory 1899Post Office Directory 1903Post Office Directory 1903Kelly's 1903

Last pub licensee had CASPELL John Frank Apr/1905-17 Next pub licensee had Dover ExpressPikes 1909Post Office Directory 1913

PANTER Robert 1917-32+ Post Office Directory 1922Pikes 1923Pikes 1924Post Office Directory 1930Pikes 1932-33

KINGSNORTH Herbert senior 1933-39 end Post Office Directory 1938Pikes 1938-39

HOLLAND Charles Horace Lawrence 1939-Oct/42 end Dover Express

O'CONNELL Thomas 2 Oct 1942-Aug/43 Dover Express

LOVELL Mr G V Aug/1943-46 end Dover Express

GILMORE Mrs Frances H 1946

GILMORE James 1948-50 (Pikes 48-49 GILMAN F G)Kelly's Directory 1950

PALLET William T 1953-55 end Kelly's Directory 1953

ADAMS Frank R 1955-56+ Kelly's Directory 1956

Last pub licensee had COOPER William Frederick H 1969-72 Next pub licensee had

YOUNG William R G N 1974-81 Library archives 1974 Gardner & Co

BENN Stephen Howard Kenneth 1987


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