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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton.

Earliest 1870


Latest 1887

(Name to)

155 Snargate Street



Provided this is the right number it must be on the site later occupied by the "Invicta". As that is not confirmed by the licensees you are invited to join in my commiseration. The "Warrior" can be traced to 1872 with Barron in charge but at the other end of the scale, James Altham is there in 1895. Other factors suggest that Paramour kept the "Invicta" in 1887.

Further evidence just found as shown below can date the "Warrior" back to 1870. This now makes the most pubs open in Dover at any one year to 228. (P Skelton Feb 2012).


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 22 July, 1870. Price 1d.


John Moret and George Trigg were charged with assaulting a police constable in the execution of his duty. Trigg was also charged with obstructing the policeman.

Police-constable Alfred Nash said: Last night I was on duty in Snargate Street, about half-past eleven o'clock. My attention was called to the prisoner Moret, who was lying on the footway. I went and picked him up, and asked him where he was staying. He told me at the "Warrior," and I asked him to let me take him there; but he refused, and struck me two blows in the chest. He was so violent that I had to throw him down and handcuff him. Police-constable Bowles and one of the military police helped me carry him to the police-station. He was very violent. When at the police-station he refused to give his name, and used very bad language. While I was taking Moret to the station-house, the prisoner Trigg came up and put his leg around mine and tried to throw me. I warned his to desist; but he would not; and I had to charge a civilian to assist me. With his help I took him to the station-house. Moret was very drunk. The other had been drinking.

Henry George Clements: I am one of the garrison military police. I was just off duty, and was in Snargate Street last night, when I saw the prisoner Moret lying down, with his head on the kerb, and his legs in the street, and the other standing against a lamp-post, looking at him. I saw the constable go to the prisoner, and heard him ask him to go to the "Warrior;" but he would not. The other prisoner knocked the constable's helmet off and knocked him down. Both prisoners were very violent.

The Magistrates fined both prisoners 10s. each, and costs 7s.; in default, seven days' imprisonment.

The money was paid.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 30 June, 1871. Price 1d.


Annie Hadlow, a woman of the town, was charged with assaulting Mary Ann Jones, a person of the same class, near the Five Post Lane, Snargate Street, on the previous Thursday night, between twelve and one o'clock.

The defendant admitted the assault; but said the complainant had provoked her.

The complainant, Mary Ann Jones, said: On Tuesday evening last I was in Snargate Street, when Annie Hadlow came running after me. When she caught me up she told me that she had owed me a grudge for a long time, as I had not paid her some money that I owed her. She then struck me twice on the face with a door key she had in her hand. I said nothing to her then; but I afterwards told her that I should summons her. She then began using obscene language.

The defendant said she had asked the complainant for some money that was owing to her, when she began using obscene language. She afterwards saw the complainant thrashing another woman, and on going up to her assistance the complainant struck her. She (defendant) returned the blow in self-defence; that was all.
Amelia Bennett said that on the previous Thursday night, between twelve and one, she was with Mary Ann Jones near Five Post Lane, when Hadlow came up and struck Jones.

By the Bench: Jones was walking with me when this took place.

The defendant then called Jane Ford, who said: I was in Snargate Street between twelve and one, on the 23rd inst. I was just below the “Warrior” public-house, when I heard Hadlow ask Jones for some money she owed her; and Jones began using obscene language. The complainant said she would stand up and fight at any time that Mrs. Hadlow was willing to do so. Sarah Ann Jones then slapped Mrs. Hadlow's face, and Mrs. Hadlow returned the blow.

Dr. Astley enquired, then, whether there were not two “squabbles.” He was of this opinion, as from the evidence, one took place at Five Post Lane, and the other in the middle of Snargate Street.

The defendant replied that she only remembered one.

The Bench considered the assault proved, and fined defendant one shilling and the costs, which she paid.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 6 September, 1874. Price 1d.


Dr. Astley informed Ashby, the landlord, that the Superintendent had before cautioned him of the class of persons who congregated about his doors. If Mr. Saunders had to complain again some further steps would be taken.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 26 November, 1875.


John Davidson, mariner, was charged with being drunk and disorderly, and with using obscene language in Snargate Street.

Police-constable Walker said: Last evening at nine o'clock, I saw prisoner in Snargate Street, my attention having been called to him by two gentlemen. He was very drunk, and was using very obscene language to the landlord of the "Warrior Inn." A crown collected, and I took prisoner into custody.

The bench fined prisoner 1s., and the costs, 6s.; in default, seven days.




Unknown to Nov/1871 Dover Express

HEARN Thomas Nov/1871+ Dover Express


ASHBY John Alexander Nov/1873-78 end Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1874

HOLMWOOD/HOLINWOOD Spencer John July/1878+ Dover Express

PRITCHARD Henry James to Nov/1879 Dover Express

MURRIELL/MANSELL Mrs Julie Nov/1879+ Dover Express

Last pub licensee had BIRCH Joseph or John Charles Jul/1880 Next pub licensee had Dover ExpressF

SALMON Nathaniel (Matthew) Jul/1880-81+ Dover Express (also farmer age 29 in 1881Census)

ALTHAM James 1882-95? Post Office Directory 1882


Post Office Directory 1874From the Post Office Directory 1874

Post Office Directory 1882From the Post Office Directory 1882

Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express



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