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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1871-

(Name from)

Rose and Crown

Latest 1984

60 (12 1881Census) London Road (Buckland Street 1861)


Rose and Crown circa 1987

 Above Rose and Crown 1976 (Photo by Paul Skelton)

Rose and Crown

Above and below Rose and Crown photos by Barry Smith circa 1980.

Rose and Crown
Rose and Crown date unknown

Above, date unknown.

Rose and Crown

Above photo of Rose and Crown circa 1990


Earliest reference found so far is in the Wingham Division Ale Licence list, which shows the "Rose and Crown," Buckland, to be re-licensed for the sum of 8 shillings in 1740 indicating that the pub was present before 1740.

Barry Smith originally wrote:- "I know that it flourished before 1878 and it has the look of being rebuilt at some time but my searches revealed little.

Just found at the local library (Paul Skelton) the following article in the Dover Observer of 1896. However, I still have no idea why it had to be rebuilt.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 11 July, 1890.


These gentleman, who probably are the descendants of the famous Pickwick Club, and who hail from the “Rose and Crown,” London Road, Buckland, had their annual outing on Saturday, paying a visit to Ramsgate. In spite of the weather, we understand they were very happy, - in fact, it is understood that their happy constitution enables them to be jolly, whether or no.


From the Dover Observer. 26 January 1896.

On Tuesday the Managing Committee approved the plans submitted by Messrs. Stenning and Jennings for re-building the Rose and Crown Inn, London Road.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 3 August, 1900.


John Grilli, an Italian ice cream vendor, was summoned for allowing an ice cream barrow to stand in the roadway.

Police Constable Fox said that on July 20th he was in London Road. He saw the defendant about 6.10 in the evening standing opposite the “Rose and Crown” with his ice cream barrow. As soon as the defendant saw witness coming he moved on up the road. Witness passed on down as far as Beaconsfield Road. The defendant then pushed his barrow as far as Alexandra Road, and stopped there for half an hour. Witness took his name and address. He said he had been standing there, but had been selling ice cream. Witness spoke to him the previous Friday, and told him that he was not allowed to stand in the road.

The Magistrates asked how long the men were allowed to stop and sell ice cream.

The Superintendent said that they were not allowed to stop at all.

A fine of 5s. was paid.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 13 April, 1923. Price 1d.


Mr. Ben Holman, of the "Rose and Crown," London Road, applied for a music, singing and dancing licence for wireless concerts.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, 29 September 1939.

Francis Albert Martin, "Rose and Crown," 60, London Road, was fined 10s. for allowing light to show from a window at 10.15 p.m. on 11th September.

P.C. Robinson proved the case.



It was a Whitbread outlet latterly and Mrs Doris Kettle served drinks at this bar for something like thirty four years. With her departure in 1984 came the end. The following year it sold clothes to teenagers.

It is now (2010) a toy shop called "Toys Around Again".


Former Rose and Crown 2010

Above photo by Paul Skelton, 9 April 2010.

From an email received 24 September 2010.

I came across your website and was very interested in the photos and history of the "Rose and Crown" Pub in Buckland Kent. My name is Julie Smith and I live in Australia. I am doing my family history research and I have found this information.

In 1871 William Johnson (43) Victualler Licensee and his wife Sarah Ann Johnson (59) were living at the “Rose and Crown” on London Road in Buckland Kent. Mary Ann Verrier was working there as a parlour-maid at the time.

I do have the death record of William Johnson. He died of Tuberculosis on 27 February 1879 aged 51.

I think William Johnson owned the pub from 1871 to 1879.

William Johnson died at the "Rose and Crown" Pub, Buckland Dover.


Julie Smith.

(The above I have reference to them as licensees of the other "Rose and Crown" in Clarence Place, so I hope the above naming of Buckland is correct. But it does give credibility as to how this was named around that time. Paul Skelton.)


Kindly supplied by Julie Smith.



26 April. The Will of William Johnson late of the "Rose and Crown" Inn, Buckland in Dover in the County of Kent, Licensed Victualler who died 27 February 1879 at the "Rose and Crown" was proved at Canterbury by Sarah Ann Johnson of the "Rose and Crown" Widow and Relict to sole executrix.


In 1881 Census, Sarah Ann Johnson, William's wife, was a lodger at 7 Durham Hill, Dover Kent. She was an independent, aged 70. In 1885 she died (Quarter July August September) in Dover, Kent, aged 75 years, Vol 2a, page 519.

Sarah didn't own the pub after 1881.

Julie Smith.


From the above information from Julie Smith, I now believe that the pub identified as the "Rose and Crown" in Buckland, not to be the same one mentioned here. I'm not certain when the houses were actually built yet, but would say after 1740.

Furthermore, it appears that Sarah Ann Johnson had been married before, and to Thomas Cheney as mentioned in the 1851 census. He died in the winter of 1861. Thomas Cheney was the licensee of the "Rose and Crown" at Clarence Place at that time and Sarah Ann took over and stayed there till 1871.

In 1870 she remarried William Johnson, and apparently moved to Buckland where he was licensee of another public house also called the "Rose and Crown."

I believe they were the first licensees of this establishment and obviously called the pub the "Rose and Crown" after the one Sarah Ann had just left.

Just to confuse matters slightly, I have just found the following passage in the Dover Express of January 1873:- So perhaps my assumption above is incorrect. Time will tell.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 10 January, 1873. Price 1d.


The license of the "Rose and Crown" beer-house, Charlton, was transferred from Mr. J. Prebble, who held it as the executor of the late Mr. J. Friend, the former landlord, to the former landlord's son.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 19 April, 1878. Price 1d.


An application for permission to draw at the "Rose and Crown"  was made by Mr. Coleman on behalf of W. Johnson, the new tenant. It was granted.



Having just found out the address of the "Mechanics Arms" as being 107 Buckland Road (or Street) it appears to be just a few doors away from the "Britannia" with the address of 104 Buckland Road in 1861. Thus it is possible that this "Rose and Crown" could well have been called the "Mechanics Arms" prior to 1873, the earliest I have it traced under the name of "Rose and Crown" so far. The "Mechanics" seeming to disappear after 1867.



BROWNING Thomas 1740+ Wingham Ale Licences 1740


PREBBLE J Mr to Jan 1873

PREBBLE Mr (son) Jan 1873+

PLUMMER Mrs 1874

ANDERSON Thomas D L May/1878 Dover Express

Last pub licensee had JOHNSON William Apr/1878-Feb/79 Post Office Directory 1874Kelly's 1874 (Last pub licensee had wife ne CHENEY Sarah Ann)

JOHNSON Sarah Ann to Jan/1880 Dover Express

Last pub licensee had JOYCE James B Jan/1880-82+ (1889?) Next pub licensee had (age 47 in 1881Census) Post Office Directory 1882

WRAIGHT George 1891+ (age 33 in 1891Census)

JAMES Mrs Elizabeth 1895-Nov/1900 Pikes 1895Kelly's Directory 1899Dover Express

STANLEY Edward Gregory Nov/1900-07 end Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1903Post Office Directory 1903Kelly's 1903

HOLMANS Benjamin 1905-32+ (age 35 in 1911Census) Dover ExpressPikes 1909Post Office Directory 1913Post Office Directory 1922Pikes 1924Post Office Directory 1930Pikes 1932-33

MARTIN Francis Albert 1934-39+ Post Office Directory 1938Pikes 1938-39

DALE William C 1946-51 Next pub licensee had Pikes 48-49Kelly's Directory 1950

KETTLE Thomas John 1951-60 dec 'd Kelly's Directory 1953Kelly's Directory 1956

KETTLE Mrs Doris F M 1960-84 end (See photo of the Plough) Library archives 1974 Whitbread Fremlins


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CensusCensus 1881


If anyone should have any further information, or indeed any pictures or photographs of the above licensed premises, please email:-