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Earliest 1690

Royal Oak Shades

Latest ????

(Name to)

64a Harbour Parade (Hotel)

62 Harbour Parade (Tap)


Royal Oak Hotel 1930s

Above photo 1930s, kindly sent by Michael Mirams.

Royal Oak Hotel

Above photo, circa 1920s, kindly sent by Gerry Bigland.

Ramsgate Harnour map 1849

Above map, 1849, kindly sent by Bob Lee.

Ramsgate Harbour map 1872

Above map,1872, kindly supplied and annotated by Bob Lee.

Former Royal Oak Shades

Above photo, date unknown by Darkstar.


The pub dates from c.1690, and was quaintly styled Oak At The Waterside in the rate book of 1717. The tavern stood right at the water's edge before the construction of the Royal Harbour. It was greatly enlarged in the 1820s when it had stables, coach house and office, knife house and herring hang.

I have reference in 1779 after the auction of the buildings and land belonging to recently deceased brewer John Hooper that the house had recently changed name to the "Ship and Pilot." It must have changed back though or never actually changed name officially.


From the Kentish Gazette, 24 July 1779.


At the "Red Lion" in Ramsgate on Friday the twentieth Day of August next, about five o'clock in the Afternoon (if not sold before by private Contract, of which public Notice will be given) the under mentioned Freehold Estates, in the following Lots, viz.

LOT 7. All that commodious and modern built Messuage or Tenement, late heretofore known by the Sign of the "Royal Oak," and now by the Sign of the "Ship and Pilot," with all the Appurtenances thereof, situate at the Pier or Harbour in Ramsgate, being very fit, both as to Structure and Situation, for a good public or private House.


Kentish Gazette, 5 September 1820.


August 31, at Ramsgate, after a long protracted illness, which bore with great fortitude and resignation, Mr. John Cramp, of the "Royal Oak Inn," aged 51 years.


Kentish Chronicle, 21 April, 1829.

A coroner's inquest was held on Monday se'nnight at the "Royal Oak," Ramsgate, before Valentile Hotel, esq., Coroner of Sandwich, on the body of John Flaxman, one of the blockade seamen of Pegwell Battery station, who, on the night of Saturday, deliberately shot himself through the heart. It appeared by the evidence of Mr. E. Oldy, that on the night in question he went to relieve the deceased, then on duty in their Jacob's Ladder; that immediately after leaving witness to return to the station, he heard the report of a pistol, and, on turning round saw deceased fall. Flaxman had lately been discharged as an Officers servant, on a charge of drunkenness, and sent on duty at the station; and on the night he committed the fatal act was again intoxicated; and it is supposed dreading punishment was the cause of his depriving himself of assistance.

The Coroner, after a minute investigation, returned the verdict of - Temporary Derangement.


From the Kentish Gazette, 25 April 1843.

On Thursday week the Commissioners of Salvage sat at the "Royal Oak," Ramsgate, to adjudicate claims on the "Admiral Van Heenshirt," which has been on the Margate sands, and they agreed to award 1,500 to the Margate boatmen. Also on the "Grace Darling," laden with stone, from Goole, she having lost her mainmast; when the Commissioners awarded 50 to the boatmen who assisted her into harbour.


Southeastern Gazette, 13 September 1853.

Nicholls v. Merryweather, proprietor of the "Royal Albion Hotel," for selling wines. The same witnesses proved the case. The defence in this case was that the party who was supplied with the wine went into a private room, and the waiter supplied the wine thinking they were guests of the occupants of the rooms.

Fined 15s. and 14s. costs.


At this stage of the proceedings Mr. Child suggested that as they did not press for penalties, they were willing to withdraw the informations upon the several defendants paying the costs incurred. The following persons were then mulcted in 5s. 6d. each:—

Wm. Hudson, "Bull and George Hotel;" James Corben, "Royal Oak;" Thomas Parnell, "Admiral Harvey;" Charles Brittain, the "Mitre;" Charles Page, the "Woodman;" George Holmes, "Trafalgar Hotel;" Henry Simmons, "Lord Nelson;" George Mussared, "Spread Eagle;" Richard Butler, "Cinque Ports Arms."


Kentish Gazette 6 December 1853.

South Eastern Gazette Gazette, 6 December 1853.


Nov. 29, Mr. James Corbin, landlord of the "Royal Oak Tavern," Royal Harbour, Ramsgate, aged 34 years.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 6 April, 1861.


The Churchwardens' dinner took place on Tuesday, at Mrs. Corbin’s, the “Royal Oak Inn.” It was well attended, and the dinner, which comprised every delicacy of the season, was served up in a style which reflected the highest credit on the establishment of the worthy hostess, and excited the warm commendation of the guests.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 2 June, 1964.

Oswald Charles, Champion of the trade.

Oswald Charles 1964

Mr. Oswald Charles, of the "Royal Oak Hotel," on Ramsgate seafront, is in his second year as president of the Isle of Thanet Licensed Victuallers' Association and was previously vice president for 2 years and secretary for 3 years. He is also social secretary and this year has been honoured by becoming president of the Woman's Auxiliary League. He is a committee member of the Licensed Trade Convalescent Home as well.

Mr. Charles has been at the "Royal Oak" since July 1958, and was previously at the "Dug Out," Margate, for 6 years. For two years he had both houses before selling the "Dug Out" in 1960.

Mr. Charles served in the army from 1939 to 1947, in the Royal Engineers, was commissioned in the port branch of the regiment, ending in service as a staff captain.

From 1947 to 1949 he was stationed in Germany with the foreigner office, and during the war had charge of the battalion messing. When a war-time dock strike was on in London he was in charge of catering for troops who were brought in.

Seafaring family.

"I have been connected with shipping most of my life, coming from a seafaring family from Liverpool," said Mr. Charles, who moved to Margate in 1952. He has been a keen sportsman, playing for the Army at football, for Liverpool at badminton, and he ran twice in a Manchester to Blackpool relay race.

"All licences should be members of their Trade Association and, if possible, take an active part," he says. "The licensed trade as a wonderful life which he and his wife do all they can to enhance, and at present he is putting all his spare time into trade and charity affairs.



Later, the "Royal Oak" was the only Watney's tied house in Thanet, I believe the premises must have reverted back to the "Royal Oak" again, later in life, I do know it re-opened as the "Royal Oak and Shades Hotel" in 1982.



CRAMP John to 31/Aug/1820 dec'd

CRAMP Ann 1823-39+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

CORBIN James 1839-Dec/53 dec'd

CORBIN Charlotte Mrs 1855-81+ (widow age 58 in 1881Census) Kentish Chronicle

CORBIN Henry Edward 1890-1903 (manager age 25 in 1871Census)

CARDEN Joseph John 1903+ Kelly's 1903

STROUD William Henry 1907-18+

WINKLE Alfred 1930+

BURROW Bernard B 1934+

HAMES Robert 1936-38+

Last pub licensee had CHARLES Oswald July/1958-64+


Royal Oak Tap.

STOCKLEY/STACKLEY Simon 1841+ (age 47 in 1841Census)

SMITH John 1867-71+ (also shipwright age 46 in 1871Census)

HUGHES Robert 1881+ (age 47 in 1881Census Royal Oak Tap)

DANTON James M 1890-91+

CARDEN Joseph 1901+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Kentish ChronicleKentish Chronicle



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