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Earliest 1841-

Trafalgar Hotel

Closed 1972

48 Royal Road


Trafalgar Hotel

Above photo, date unknown.

Trafalgar Hotel 1960s

Above photo, 1960's, Kindly sent by Michael Mirams.

Trafalgar Hotel

Above photo taken by Paul Skelton 21 July 2012.

Trafalgar Hotel

Above photo taken by Paul Skelton 21 July 2012.


Michael Mirams informs me that the hotel closed around about 1972 and has been a private residence ever since.


Southeastern Gazette, 13 September 1853.

Nicholls v. Merryweather, proprietor of the "Royal Albion Hotel," for selling wines. The same witnesses proved the case. The defence in this case was that the party who was supplied with the wine went into a private room, and the waiter supplied the wine thinking they were guests of the occupants of the rooms.

Fined 15s. and 14s. costs.


At this stage of the proceedings Mr. Child suggested that as they did not press for penalties, they were willing to withdraw the informations upon the several defendants paying the costs incurred. The following persons were then mulcted in 5s. 6d. each:—

Wm. Hudson, "Bull and George Hotel;" James Corben, "Royal Oak;" Thomas Parnell, "Admiral Harvey;" Charles Brittain, the "Mitre;" Charles Page, the "Woodman;" George Holmes, "Trafalgar Hotel;" Henry Simmons, "Lord Nelson;" George Mussared, "Spread Eagle;" Richard Butler, "Cinque Ports Arms."


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette, Saturday 2 February 1895.

Petitions have been filed in the Canterbury Bankruptcy Court by Horace Edmond Brockman, 49, Lower Harbour Street, Ramsgate eating-house keeper; solicitor Mr. J. F. Whichord, Canterbury; and by William Henry Collins, "Trafalgar Hotel," Royal Road, Ramsgate hotel keeper; solicitor, Messrs. Taylor and Hardman, Deal.


Thanet Advertiser, Saturday 6 December 1919.

On the application of Mr. J. H. Robinson, solicitor the Bench approved plans for alterations at the "Trafalgar Hotel," Royal Road. It was stated that the effect of the alteration would be to readapt an apartment on the first floor of the hotel for the purposes of a dining and coffee room.




PERKINS George 1841+

HOLMES George 1847-53+ (age 49 in 1851Census)

WASTALL & Son 1858+

WASTALL Edward George 1862 (also wine merchant)

WILTON Edwin 1867+

HUGHES George 1874+

FAIR William B 1881-82+ (age 30 in 1881Census)

ROBINSON Alfred Selfe 1890-91+

COLLINS William Henry to Feb/1895

MONDAY William 1901+

WATT William 1903+

LEVI George 1907+

JEWELL Alfred James 1911-15+ (age 49 in 1911Census)

WOOD A F 1918+

GILL James W 1922+

MOSS Charles R 1929+

DABBS Frederick Thomas 1930-34+

SUTTON Harry R 1936+

BALCOMBE William Edward Frank 1938+

CUNNINGHAM Robert T 1939+

BALCOMBE William Edward Frank 1951-55+




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