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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1840


Latest Oct 1921

12a (13) Bulwark Street



Above photo, date unknown. Kindly sent by Lisa Hudson. Pub shown with the bike outside. Further along is the old "Archliffe Fort."


It is thought to have been first licensed some forty years after its construction. It was always referred to as "Paine's Endeavour" and certainly a person of that name served in 1840 and 1847, although whether the same Pain is as yet unknown. Bulwark Street can be traced back to 1750.

Mark Frost kindly sent me the following:- I've been researching a book on Dover privateers 1739 - 1814 and found a little more - the Dover "Privateer" pub, like the "Old Endeavour" pub, was named after the 'Dover' privateer, which was a famous and successful privateer of the War of Austrian Succession 1739 - 1748. She was a Dover vessel captained by James Gravener, 150 tons, 120 crew, 14 carriage guns and 20 swivel guns. She made a fortune in prize money for her entire crew so I suspect that one of them invested his money in a pub named after his old ship.

Incidentally, regarding the Old Endeavour, another Dover privateer 1746-48 was the 'Endeavour', Captain Robert Crouscuall (Crascall). Again, I suspect one of the crew has invested his prize money in a pub after the War ended in 1748.

Was it indeed this "Endeavour" though, or indeed the "Fresh Endeavour" or the "Old Endeavour" at Buckland?

Further research has identified Sarah G Pain as the Inn Keeper from the census of 1851, and head of house at the tender age of 22, I do not know what had happened to her parents. She was at the house along with her younger brothers and sisters, named Ann T (20), John H (18 Chymist not practising), Henry P (13), George A (9), Elizabeth (7) and Emily Hopper (6 Cousin). The only two others listed in the house were described as visitors, Daniel Holliman (41) and James Clinch (27).

Further research suggests that John Pain was one of the unfortunate men who died from an explosion inside some caves (or indeed perhaps the "Shakespeare Head" in 1846). The death certificate confirms this to be true.

I have also seen the death certificate of Mary Pain whose death was registered on 28 November 1850 from "Burn of leg 25 years sloughing ulcers 2 years peutrified." She was 46 years of age.

The certificate is signed by Sarah Clothier who was present at her death. Looking on the 1851 census it appears she wasn't related but was a 60 year old nurse. It is possible that she spent a lot of time nursing Mary Pain.

It would seem that their children, especially the oldest daughter, Sarah, must have had a lot to do with running the Endeavour over a long time. Perhaps that is why it was known as Pain's Endeavour in the neighbourhood, and possibly some of the people in the area sometimes "lent a hand" by helping out when needed.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday, 13 September, 1845. Price 5d.


On Monday and inquest was held at the “Endeavour,” Bulwark Street, before G. T. Thompson, Esq., Coroner to the Borough, to enquire into the cause of death to John Hills, aged 24, a native of Exeter, and in the employ of the Railway Company, as an engine cleaner.

The Jury having appointed Mr. Thomas Grant, foreman, proceeded to view the body, when the following evidence was adduced:-

Henry Dawes, fireman of No. 25 engine, deposed: On Sunday morning, about seven o'clock, I was driving the engine from the cliff shed, for the purpose of turning it. Deceased was on the engine before I started it. I told him to get down, and he did so before it was in motion. I felt a motion as I left the shed, and on turning round saw deceased's head above the tender, and then he fell on a heap of ashes outside the shed. I immediately stopped the engine and went to deceased, who was in a dying state, bleeding for the mouth and nose. I was going at a very moderate speed when the accident occurred. The sweetchmen and porters often ride by the side of the engines when in motion, but it is contrary to the orders of the company. There was but 3 inches between the tender, and the doorway of the shed.

John Smithers, fire-fighter, deposed: Was on the opposite side of the shed when the accident occurred. The whistle was blown twice before the engine started. Dawes was the only person on the engine. Did not see deceased till I discovered him lying on a heap of ashes at the shed doorway. Do not know if it is dangerous practice to ride on engines upon such occasions.

Edward Marshall, sweetchman, deposed: I was standing about thirty yards from the shed when the accident occurred, and saw deceased pitched from the tender on a heap of ashes. The engine was going very slow. Deceased would have been required to assist in shifting the engine on the turn-table, and no doubt got on the tender to ride for that purpose.

Thomas Blackburn, engine-cleaner, deposed: I was with last witness, and saw deceased on the left-hand side of the engine, from which he was thrown on the ash-heap. Our orders are not to hang on the engines at any time. I know it is dangerous, but might, unthinkingly, have done so myself. The tender is wider than any of the others used by the company.

The Jury expressed their opinion that deceased had incautiously, and contrary to the regulations of the company, hung on the side of the tender, by which he was jammed against the doorway of the shed. After a short consultation they returned a verdict of Accidental Death, with a deodand of 1s. on the tender.

The Jury also recommended that the doorway of the shed should be widened, which Mr. Adcock promised should be done.


South Eastern Gazette 26 November 1850.


Nov. 22, in Bulwark-street, Dover, Mary, widow of the late Mr. John Pain, builder, aged 46 years.


It would have been on your left moving from Limekiln Street and like the "Exeter", the brewer was anxious to have his claim settled in 1921. Negotiations for its sale had commenced in 1913 but hostilities had delayed any decision.


The doors closed finally in October 1921 although Mrs. Stanley continued in residence until that side of the street disappeared in 1927.


For the property Dover Corporation paid 124.19s. in 1922.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 24 May, 1872. Price 1d.


Samuel Morgan, a bandsman belonging to the 2nd Battalion of the 3rd Buffs, was charged with stealing from a till in the bar of the "Endeavour" public-house, in Bulwark Street, sundry money amounting in the whole to 4s. 1d. It appeared that during the temporary absence of the landlord from the bar, the prisoner placed himself in a position which enable him to get access to the till, which was not locked.

The Magistrates sent him to prison for a month with hard labour.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 11 February, 1881. 1d.

Messrs. Worsfold and Hayward, at their auction sale last week, sold the “Prince Louis,” Chapel Street, a part of the late Mrs. Paul's estate, for 1,540. At the same sale the “Fox” at Ewell was sold for 550, and a forty year lease of the “Endeavour,” Bulwark Street for 380.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 15 November, 1889. Price 1d.


On Monday, Mr. Spain applied on behalf of Mr. Stevens for permission to draw at the “Endeavour.” It was refused.


From a local paper.


MEADOWS James Pope of the "Endeavour Inn" Bulwark Street, Dover, licensed vistualler died 12 July 1894 at 110 Clarendon Street, Hougham, Dover. Administration Canterbury, 17 August to Maria Elizabeth Meadows, widow, effects 79.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 7 October, 1904. Price 1d.


The licence of the "Endeavour," Buklwark Street, was transferred from W. Langley to E. D. W. Stanley.

Mr. Mowll pointed out that whilst the actual transfer was less than nine months, permission to draw was given previously, and there was more than nine months actually.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 20 November, 1914. Price 1d.


The funeral took place on Tuesday at St. Mary's Cemetery, the Rev. A. L. Collins officiating, (the first part of the service being taken in Holy trinity Church), of Eric Reginald Stanley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, of the "Endeavour," Bulwark Street, who died on November 11th, aged 4 years.


From an email received 30 April, 2017.

My great grandmother was the landlady of the Endeavour. Got the pub clock on the wall at my mum's.

Julie Stanley.

Endeavour clock



PAIN John 1840-Feb/46 dec'd (also bricklayer) Pigot's Directory 1840

PAIN Mary Feb/1846-Nov/50 dec'd age 46 Bagshaw's Directory 1847

PAIN Sarah G Nov/1850-51+ (age 22 in 1851Census)

SHARP Paul 1861+ (age 49 in 1861Census)

OLDS Samuel to Jan/1867 Dover Express

HUBBARD Edward Jan/1867-71+ (age 27 in 1871Census) Dover Express

DOWNS G 1872

WEST Edward Nov/1873-Jan/74 Dover Express

HOGBEN Thomas Aug/1874 Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1874Kelly's 1874

HICKS William 1881+ (age 49 in 1881Census)

THOMPSON Chas Edmund 1882+ Post Office Directory 1882

Last pub licensee had ATTAWAY T to Nov/1889

JOHNSON Richard James 1889 end

STEPHENS William Nov/1889-91+ Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1891 (A diver)

Last pub licensee had MEADOWS James Pope to July/1894

MEADOWS Mrs July/1894-95+ Pikes 1895

SMITH Charles 1897-Nov/1900 Kelly's Directory 1899Dover Express

COULSON W Nov/1900+ Dover Express

MARK R 1901

COULSON W & SAYERS H 1901 Post Office Directory 1903

COULSON Barbara E 1901-Dec/02 (widow age 70 in 1901Census) Post Office Directory 1903Kelly's 1903

DAVIS Arthur James Dec/1902-Dec/1903 Dover Express

LANGLEY William Sept/1903-Sept/04 Dover Express

WILSON 1904 ?

STANLEY Edward D H Sept/1904-20 dec'd Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1922 (Former engineer on one of the harbour tugs age 39 in 1911Census)

STANLEY Emily Bessie Mrs 1920-22 (age 38 in 1911Census)


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