Newsletter September 1991


In 1836 Dover's first Museum was opened in the Guildhall in the Market Square but in 1848 was moved to the first floor of a new Market and Museum built on the south side of the Market Square. The Museum was badly damaged by enemy action in the 1940s and much of the collection was destroyed. Its interesting frontage is now restored and incorporated in the complex of the Museum and White Cliffs Experience.



161 Committee
162 Editorial
164 Official Opening of the White Cliffs Experience - Jack Woolford
166 The Last Words on Lousyberry - Pamela Taylor
167 Market Square Shop Window Display - John Owen
168 Reviews Philomena Kennedy; Leo Wright; Gavin Wright
172 Green Forum: The Dover Society, The River Dour and Sewage Disposal - Leo Wright
175 Re-Cycling
176 Local Issues Update, Adrian Galley; Phyllis Dobbins; John Gerrard
181 Memories of Old Dover
185 Calais Accueil
186 Concert - The Kent Concert Orchestra
188 Lydden Pond Project
190 A Paper Conservator Writes About Her Work - Deborah Colam
192 Village Children’s Views of Dover
193 Conviviality & Conundrums
194 The Tram Shelter at Elms Vale Road
195 Visit to Finchcocks
196 The Environment and The National Curriculum
199 The Four Leopards’ Faces
200 Crossword No. 3
201 Membership News
202 Crossword Result - No. 2
204 The Golden Triangle
211 Application Form
212 Objectives of Dover Society
213 Programme

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