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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1886

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Latest 1981

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161 Snargate Street


The Avenue

The picture above, date circa 1900.

Avenue 1976

Photos date 1976 from by John Law.

Avenue sign 1976

The above sign was there in 1976.

Avenue and Invicta 1960

Above photo circa 1960. The "Avenue" is shown just at the back of the van and the "Invicta" is shown a few doors up to the left. Picture kindly supplied by Terry Wheeler of the Ramsgate History Society.

The Avenue circa 1980

The picture above is by Barry Smith circa 1980.

From the Dover Express, Friday 18 March 1904.

A public house scene.

John King was charged with being drunk and disorderly and causing to be broken a glass panel value 14s. the property of Charles Edward Wraith, the landlord of the "Avenue Inn," Snargate Street.

Beatrice Knight said: I am barmaid at the "Avenue Inn," Snargate Street. The prisoner came in yesterday afternoon about 3:45. He was alone, and was the worst for drink. He called for some ale, and I refused to serve him. I asked him to go away, but he stood there and did not go. He went into the next compartment and assaulted one of the customers, and struck him in the face. I then went in to the parlour for some water, and while away I heard a crash of glass. When I came back I saw him kick another customer's dog. The man that the prisoner struck had hit the prisoner back again, and a fight ensued. Mr. Wraith came downstairs, and the prisoner asked him for a drop of ale, which he refused, and went to fetch a Constable. He asked for a drop of ginger beer, which I gave him. The prisoner had gone before Mr. Wraith got back. On several occasions he has been a nuisance in the bar.

Prisoner:- Didn't I have a glass of ale in the bar?

Witness:- No, all you had was a glass of ginger beer, which you refused to drink.

Police Constable Fox said:- Yesterday afternoon about 5:30 while on duty I was called by Mr. Wraith to the "Avenue." I went there, and was shown the glass panel which was broken, and from what I was told I went across to the "Grand Sultan," where I found the prisoner. He had just been supplied with a glass of soda water. He was the worst for drink. Mr. Wraith gave him into custody for creating a disturbance in the house. 7 11s. 1d. in money was found on him when searched at the Police Station.

In reply to the Chairman, witness said the prisoner was a marine stoker.

The prisoner said:- I went into the house about 3:45. I called for a glass of ale, which barmaid gave me. I sat down near the glass panel. A soldier came directly in and spoke to one of his chums. He walked into the next compartment, came and looked at me, and said, "What are you doing here?" I said, "Nothing. I haven't done anything to you." He then struck me, and my head struck the panel and broke it. The soldier then went into the other compartment. The barmaid went out, and he walked straight out and across the road.

The landlord, Mr. C. E. Wraith, gave evidence in corroboration of the barmaid.

The Magistrates fined the prisoner 23s. including costs, or in default 14 days. He went to prison.


The Dover Tribunal 18th October 1916.

Mr. E. A. Dane, aged 37, landlord of the "Golden Cross", having been granted leave to appeal, applied for further time on the grounds of serious hardship owing to the illness of his wife. He admitted he had not been to the brewers since the last appeal. The Tribunal decided to deal with the cases of two other licensed victuallers before coming to a decision.

Mr. E. J. Le Gros, aged 36, married, landlord of the "Avenue", Snargate Street, also applied for further time. He said, in reply to the Military Representative, that he had not gone to the brewers to see what they would do. He had tried to get his father to try and keep on the business.

The Military Representative said that these men did not seem to have "crossed the road" to get rid of their houses. They seemed to be playing with the Tribunal.

Mr. A. E. Elms, aged 28, married, landlord of the "Grapes" also applied for further time. He stated that he spoke to the traveller the previous day and they were very loth to lose him. They were leaving the matter until they found out what time he got.

The Tribunal decided to refuse each of the three cases.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 9 February, 1917.


The annual meeting of Justices for the purpose of issuing licenses for the ensuing year was held at the Town Hall on Monday before Mr. W. J. Barnes (in the chair), Messrs. Edward Chitty, W. J. Palmer, W. D. Atkins, F. W. Prescott and A. Clark.


In the case of the “Avenue Inn,” Snargate Street, Mr. E. le Gros having joined up, the license was transferred to Mrs. Le Gros. It was stated that the house had been in the family for many years. The Bench warned Mrs. Le Gros to be very careful.


In the case of the “Avenue Inn,” Snargate Street, notice had been given to present plans of alterations. Mr. Mowll appeared, and showed that the corner of the partition where the barrel was in the recent case should be taken off, so that there should be no corner.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 2 March, 1917.


In regard to the alteration at the “Avenue,” it was stated that it had now been carried out, and was quite satisfactory.



Formerly the "Perseverance", the sign changed between 1885 and 1890. It closed for the duration of world war two, on 4 October 1940 but was reactivated by Fred Hendy in 1945.

1926, Alfred Leney sold out to the Fremlin Brothers brewery of Maidstone.

On the 4th October 1940 the Avenue closed and remained so for the duration of World War II, this was due to its close proximity to the Docks and the danger of being shelled.

In 1945, Fremlins re-opened the house and it remained in their hands until 1967 when the brewery merged with Whitbread Brewery to form Whitbread Fremlins.

Whitbread sold it after the death of Fred Dunster in 1980. He had a model of all world war two RAF planes hanging from the ceiling. Following alterations and renovation it reopened as a free house in October 1981 as the "Arlington".


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 14 October, 1938.

Plans for alterations to the sanitary and licensee's accommodation at the "Avenue," Snargate Street, were approved.


Dover Express 25th August 1944.


At the Dover Police Court on Friday last, before Messrs. G. Golding and C. Byford and Mrs. Binge.

Frederick William Hendy of the “Avenue” Inn, 161 Snargate Street, was summoned for selling whisky which had 7 per cent added water, on 13th July.

Mr. Rutley Mowll appeared for defendant, who pleaded guilty, Mr. Mowll stating that he would explain the circumstances.

Mr. S. R. H. Loxton (Town Clerk), prosecuting, said that on 13th July at 6.45 p.m. Mr. Cuckney, Sanitary Inspector, went into the “Avenue” Inn and asked for two double whiskies, and, after paying for them, said that they were for samples and asked for a third double. These three whiskies were poured into a glass, mixed, and divided into three measures, one of which Mr. Cuckney handed to the Public Analyist. A certificate was issued which showed that the whisky had 7 per cent added water. The whisky was sold by Mrs. Jenkins, manageress of the house, but defendant had not given notice, as he was entitled to, of blaming her.

Mr. Mowll said that defendant was not at the “Avenue”, but the bar was in the charge of a competent manageress. Mrs. Jenkins had had 10 years experience in public house work. It was very customary for the young lady behind the bar to be asked to have a drink with the customer and Mrs. Jenkins kept a bottle of diluted whisky for her own use in such circumstances. By an accident which occurred when the bar was being cleaned at midday her bottle was placed in the position normally occupied by the customers’ whisky. It was not until she was cleaning up in the evening, after Mr. Cuckney had called, that she discovered that she had been serving out of her own bottle, which was marked. Mr. Mowll added that the defendant had been a licensed victualler for 18 years and there was nothing against him previously.

The Chairman said that the Magistrates appreciated what Mr. Mowll had said, but the customers must be safeguarded. That sort of thing was going on in other parts of the country and they did not wish it to occur in Dover. Defendant would be fined 10 and the Magistrates hoped that it would be a warning to others to be careful.



MILLS William B 1886

REEVES Mrs Amelia (Daughter of William Mills) 1889-1890 end

DANE Alfred Thomas 1890-1901 (age 21 in 1891Census) Post Office Directory 1891Pikes 1895Post Office Directory 1903

DANE William D 1901-Dec/03 (age 28 in 1901Census) Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1903Kelly's 1903

WRAITH Charles Edward Dec/1903-Dec/04 Dover Express

NORRINGTON William John Dec/1904-Feb/07 Dover Express (Late of Hythe)

LEGROIS Edward senior Feb/1907-Jan/14 Dover ExpressPikes 1908Kelly's 1913Post Office Directory 1913 (Late of Rochester) (age 63 in 1911Census)

LEGROIS Edwin Charles junior Jan/1914-17 Dover Express (Son of above)

LEGROIS Mrs Anne Edith 1917-23 end Post Office Directory 1918Post Office Directory 1922Pikes 1923

PARTRIDGE Henry Frederick 1923-Jan/38 Pikes 1924Post Office Directory 1930Pikes 1932-33Dover Express

Last pub licensee had DOLBEAR William James Jan/1938+  Post Office Directory 1938Pikes 1938-39Dover Express

HILL W B 1940 end

Last pub licensee had HENDY Fred William 1944-45 end

KENT Arthur 1945-13/Oct/1950+ Pikes 48-49Kelly's Directory 1950Dover Express

BRADY William M 13/Oct/1950-Dec/53 Kelly's Directory 1953Dover Express

BRIGHTWELL Charles S Dec/1953-54 Next pub licensee had Dover Express

BRUCE Thomas W A 1954-56

DUNSTAR Frederick E or C 1968-80 dec'd Library archives 1974 Fremlins


According to the Dover Express, James Dolbear came from "Cressy," Ringwould, late a licensed victualler.


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