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Earliest 1866-

Woodland Tavern

Latest 1990s

(Name to)

99 Canterbury Street

New Brompton


Woodland Tavern

Above postcard, date unknown, kindly sent by Ruth Kerry.

Woodlands Tavern 1970

Above photo circa 1970, kindly sent by Paul Geoghegan.

Woodland Tavern sign 1985Woodland Tavern sign 1996

Above sign left, June 1985, sign right, March 1996.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Woodland Tavern Whitbread cardWoodland Tavern Whitbread card

Above card issued April 1955. Sign series 5 number 46.


The "Woodland Tavern" and Woodland Terrace were both named for John Lock's home, Woodlands House, in Woodlands Lane (now Woodlands Road), although at this time (early 1860s) there was still a wide swathe of wooded copse covering the bank along Paget Street.

In 1866, the licensee G. Sawyer advertised London porter and fine ales from his own Woodlands Brewery, but the next year Charles Baker obtained a court order against him and forced the sale of his brewing equipment which included "brewing plant, tuns, vats, underbacks, boiling and liquor vats, barrels, hogsheads, kildekins, firkins and pins. The new proprietor sold the inn, with its brewery and plant to the brewer Frederick Leney of Wateringbury for 200.

In the 1970s and 80s the "Woodlands Tavern" was the meeting place for the local Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. In the 1990s it was sold and the name changed to the "Canterbury Tales."


South Eastern Gazette 25 October 1864.


Two appeals against the refusal of the county justices of the Rochester division to grant spirit licenses, at the last annual licensing meeting, were heard; one being brought by Mr. Wilson, of the "Spread Eagle" beer-shop, Chatham, and the other by Mr. George Sayer, of the "Woodland Tavern, Canterbury-road, Gillingham. The counsel in both cases were the same, Mr. Russell appearing on behalf of the applicants, and Mr, Barrow for the respondents. Both appeals were dismissed.

A similar application to that noticed in our report of the East Kent Sessions, relative to the Sun-Pier, Chatham, was made by Mr. Russell; and the court granted the request.


Emily DaveyJames Davey

Above photos showing licensees in 1901, Emily and James Davey. Kindly sent by Ruth Kerry.

Chatham News, Friday 19 May 1939.

Woodlands Tavern darts 1939

The "Woodlands Tavern" Gillingham dart team with a Whitbread's League and knock-out competition trophies, which were presented to them at the "World's End," Chatham, on Wednesday. The presentation was made by Mr. H. F. Whyman, who is also seen in the picture.

Chatham News, Friday 21 April 1939.

Alterations to licensed premises.

The Chatham Bench, on Monday, approved of alterations to the "Woodland Tavern," Gillingham.


Chatham News, Friday 19 May 1939.


Woodlands Team Receive Whitbread Championship Shield.

This year, for the fourth time in succession, "Woodlands Tavern" (Gillingham), won the championship shield of the Whitbread Darts League, and completed a “double” by carrying off the knock-out shield.

On Wednesday evening the team received their trophies at the prize distribution which was held at the "World’s End," Chatham.

Mr. G. Cook presided, supported by Mr. C Howting (secretary), and Mr. Ralph and Mr. Dial, representing the brewers. The presentation was made by Mr. H. F. Whyman.

After congratulating the teams who were successful, Mr. Whyman paid a tribute to the work of Mr. Howting in running the league so successfully during the season.

During the evening the "Sportsman," Strood, runners-up in the League, demonstrated their prowess by defeating a team from the rest of the league in two straight legs. S. Paternoster finished the first leg on double 1, and R. Law won the second and the same by going out on 11 (three and double four).

In the league competition, "Woodlands" scored 48 points against the "Sportsman's" 44, and for this each member received a small silver cup. For beating the "Jolly Caulkers" (Chatham) in the knock-out each member got a medal, as did the members of the "Caulkers."

Those who received trophies were as follows: "Woodlands":—J. Cockerill (capt.), F. Crouch, A. Biilingham, J. Philpott, J. Sutton, G. Skinner, R. Day, F. Whiley and E. Sutton. "Sportsman":— R. Law (capt.), A. Pope, W. Chappell. C. Thompson, M. Richardson, W. Reavil, W. Wells, S. Paternoster and E. Young. "Jolly Caulkers":—H. Greener. J. Gardiner, snr., J, Gardiner, jnr., J, Brodie. G. Butcher, W. Stone, A. Carwadine, T. Thomason and A. Ewles.

The team of the Rest, which met the "Sportsman." consisted of J. Greener, J. Robertson. E. Hunt, J. Bromley, N. Clark. R. Chapman, J. Gardiner, snr., and P. Hare. For this team J. Gardiner scored 114.

Music during the evening was supplied by Mrs. M. Graham (piano) and Mr. Thompson (violin).



Last pub licensee had MUTTON Richard 1864-71+

MUTTON Mary Ann (Widow) 1881-91+ (age 42 in 1881Census)

DAVEY James 1901-03+ (age 52 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

PENFOLD Harry 1913+

PENFOLD /Henry Edgar 1918-22+

COCKRILL James George 1938+ Next pub licensee had



Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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