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Earliest 1870-


Open 2020+

29 (1 in 1881Census) Broad Walk / High Dewar Road


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Rose Inn 2009

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Traced back as early as 1870. One time a Mason's tied house, but the brewery was bought out by Shepherd Neame in 1956 and the brewery was subsequently closed and demolished.


 At different times at least two other beerhouses existed in this area, the "Walnut Tree" near Stratford Lane and the "Pear Tree" near the top of Otterham Quay Lane. These small alehouses acted as local community centres, where the men could escape from their often crowded cottages for relaxation over a drink with friends.

The Rose stands at the comer of the road whose name has taken various forms over the years. Currently ‘High Dewar Road’ it was listed as ‘Hydorc Lane’ (also called Drury lane) in Kelly’s Directory of 1908 and other spellings include ‘Dory’, ‘Idore’ and ‘Hi Dore’.

This premises operated its own Slate Club in which participants would save for a special occasion, such as Christmas.


Kentish Gazette,11January 1876.


Two men named John Flynn and John Sullivan were indicted for robbing Henry Hales, with violence, and stealing from his person 17s. 6d., at Rainham, on the 12th December.

Mr. Kingsford prosecuted, and having stated the facts of the case to the Jury, called Henry Hales, who deposed that he was an engine-driver, and lived at Gillingham. On Sunday, the 12th December, he met the prisoners at the "Star" public house, Chatham Hill. Flinn said he was a policemen, and wanted to know the road to Elmley Ferry, where he was going to apprehend a man. Witness was going part of the wagon that road, and offered to show them. They had some beer on the road. As they were on the road near Rainham Sullivan stopped, and said he wanted the bag he (witness) had in his pocket, and at the same time Flinn seized him by the throat and brandishing a knife said to the other prisoner "Shall I give it to him?" Sullivan answered "No; I have got the bag." The bag was taken from his pocket by Sullivan. He had 17s. silver in his purse, and among the coins was a new shilling.

By the Court:- Witness was quite sober.

William Kitchingham said he kept the "Rose" beerhouse at Rainham. On the day in question the prosecutors and prisoners were in his house, and they left together between four and five o'clock.

A witness named Howlett Mitchell, an innkeeper at Sittingbourne, proved that the prisoners came to his house, and they left together between four and five o'clock.

A witness named Howlert Mitchell, an innkeeper at Sittingbourne, proved that the prisoners came to his house and had some refreshment, for which Sullivan paid with a new shilling.

Police constable Packman proved apprehending Flinn, who denied being at Rainham. Sullivan cautioned his "chum" not to say anything.

The prisoners, who totally denied the charge, were however found "guilty," and each sentenced to six months' imprisonment with hard labour.


Faversham Times and Mercury and North-East Kent Journal, Saturday 8 January 1876.


... in silver in his purse, and among the coins was a new shilling. By the Court—Witness was quite sober. William Kitchingham said he kept the "Rose" beerhouse at Rainham. On the day in question the prosecutor and prisoners were in his house, and they left together ...


Faversham Times and Mercury and North-East Kent Journal, Saturday 20 September 1879.

Sittingbourne Petty Sessions.

The Bench then proceeded to the consideration of the licence in the cases in which there were complaints about the manner in which the houses were conducted, or in which the holders of the licences had been convicted during the last 12 months of offence against the Licensing Act.

These were John Hughes, "Cricketers Arms," Sheerness (convicted for permitting gambling on February 28th); Peter Newton Barlow "Shipwrights Arms," Sheerness, (convicted of a similar offence); John Bircham, "Highlanders Arms," Minster; Samuel Jarrett, "Cricketers," Rainham; Thomas Grewcock, "Green Lion," Rainham; Elizabeth Sayer, "White Horse," Rainham; Richard Charles Wallace, "Three King's," Sittingbourne; James Millington, beer house keeper, Borden, William Kitchenham, "Rose," Rainham; John Jordan, "Billet beer house", Milton.

The publicans having been cautioned, the Bench renewed each licence, with the exception of those of Bircham and Jarrett, Superintendent Mayne objected to the renewal of the licence to Bircham because of the manner in which it was conducted, owing to the drunkenness, &c., of his wife and frequent quarrels between them. Jarrett's house had also been conducted in a very unsatisfactory way. The bench refused to renew the licence to Bircham and Jarrett, but adjourned the question of renewal until September 29th, notice of which will be given to the owners of the houses.


Faversham Times and Mercury and North-East Kent Journal, Saturday 20 September 1879.

Sittingbourne Petty Sessions.

William Kitchingham, landlord of the "Rose" Beerhouse, Rainham, was fined 40s. and 12s, for opening his house for the sale of beer at an illegal hour on Sunday, August 24. Mr. Shakespeare, of Chatham, appeared for the defendant.

Richard Green, the man who was found in the house, at the illegal time stated, was fine 20s, including costs.


From the  

The grim reasons why these 9 Medway eateries were awarded 0-2 food hygiene ratings.

These reports highlight why it is important to do your research before ordering a takeaway.

Most people are happy to place their trust in the hands of the staff who prepare takeaways or meals in a cafe or pub.

But you can never be completely sure about what happens in the kitchens of these eateries.

The Food Standards Agency, in conjunction with local councils such as Medway District Council, undertakes regular inspections of all businesses which serve food to ensure they meet legal hygiene and food storage requirements.

2 - improvements are necessary

1 - major improvements are necessary

0 - urgent improvement is necessary

Kent Live has acquired the food hygiene reports of the 14 eateries in the Medway area which achieved a rating of two or below in 2017 through a Freedom of Information request.

We can exclusively reveal the grim details that gave these eateries their ratings.

All ratings are based on the food hygiene inspection and rating scheme reports by Medway Council and are correct as of January 3, 2017.

Rose Inn, High Street, Rainham.

Rose Inn 2017

The Rose Inn is due to be re-inspected "in the next couple of weeks."

The Rose Inn was given a rating of 1 when it was inspected on August 29, 2017.

The inspector found that "a thorough deep clean" and reorganisation of the kitchen, storage area and basement was required. They also suggested that food stock should be reorganised into "an area which is kept clean" which can protect food from contamination.

The ice machine was also highlighted as a piece of equipment which required "thorough" cleaning.

The inspector said: "Food storage in the walk-in chiller needs to be improved, with all opened foods being covered e.g. sauce bottles, chicken, desserts etc. to protect them from contamination."

Staff at the Rose Inn were also advised to replace their fly screen and worn chopping boards.

Plus, all food handlers were advised to have refresher food hygiene training "as training was over four years ago and certification is no longer held".

A spokesperson for the Rose Inn said that they are due to be reinspected in the "next couple of weeks". They declined to give any further comment on why the pub was rated a 1 at their previous inspection.


During the Covid 19 crisis of 2020, this pub was able to offer a take away service in June, possibly earlier.



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