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Earliest 1827-

Shipwright's Arms

Latest ????

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1 Ebeneza Place (1871) / 1 High Street (1881)

Mile Town


Shipwright's Arms 1890

Above photo circa 1890, kindly sent by Samantha Edwards.


From the Maidstone Gazette and West Kent Courier, 23 October 1827.


On Thursday se'nnight, an inquest was held at the "Shipwrights Arms," Mile Town, Sheerness, before R. Hinde, Esq., on the body of a seaman, who fell from the masthead of a ship in the Downs, and who died on its arrival at the Nore.

Verdict. Accidental death.


Morning Advertiser, Monday 6th June 1842.

Free public house at Sheerness.

Eligible investment. By Mr. J. D. Attwater, at the "Shipwrights Arms Inn," Mile Town, Sheerness, on Thursday, June 9th, at 7 in the evening, (unless in the meantime disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given,) in one lot. and subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced.

A freehold substantial timber built messuage or tenement, situated at the entrance of Mile Town, Sheerness, next the dockyard, and known by the name of the "Shipwrights Arms," containing 12 rooms, and an extensive room suitable for public meetings or large assemblies, with requisite outbuildings and conveniences, now in the occupation of Mrs. Mary Atkinson, at the low yearly rent of 36s. Also, a substantial freehold timber built messuage or tenement, adjoining the above, comprising 10 rooms, with outbuildings and conveniences, and now in the occupation of Mr. Sutherland, at the low weekly rent of 7s. 6d. The above premises are eligible situated for trade, and being extensive afford a favourable opportunity for the investment of a small capital. For further particulars apply to Mr. Edmedes, Solicitor, Sheerness; or to the Auctioneer, at his Upholstery Warehouse, 4 High Street, Mile Town; or to Messrs. Bradley and Co., Accountants, St. Swithin's Lane, London.


From the West Kent Guardian, 1847.


On Monday an inquest was held at the "Shipwrights arms," before J. Hinde, Esq., on the body of James Lean, aged 45, a private in the Royal Marines, who fell into one of the new trenches on the previous night whilst intoxicated, and was drowned.

Verdict, accidental death.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 12 January, 1867. Price 1d.


Present:- E. Twopeny, Esq., and Rev. G. B. Moore.

William Phillips, secretary to the Court Britannia, No. 2965, of the Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society, held at the “Shipwrights Arms,” Sheerness, was charged with embezzlement.

George Fawkes stated:- I am engine keeper in H.M. Dockyard at Sheernees. The prisoner was secretary to that society, and received payment of 1s. per annum per member for his services. It was part of his duty to keep a clear and correct account of all receipts and expenditure of the society. John Bennett is a member of the society. I, on behalf of John Bennett, paid to the prisoner on the 30th June last the sum of 1s. 4d., which prisoner entered in the book marked A, produced, and signed his initial as having received the same. On the 11th August I paid another sum of 1s. 4d. to the prisoner, on the part of the same Mr. Bennett, which the prisoner entered in the same book and initialled in the same way. I have audited the accounts of the society which are contained in the book marked B, now produced. Neither of the sums of 1s. 4d., and 1s. 4d. which I paid the prisoner on Mr. Bennett's account, have been accounted for by the prisoner.

John Hewitt, an assistant boiler maker in H.M. Dockyard, stated that he paid prisoner 8s. 4d. on 22nd September last. He saw him enter the payment in the book C, and initial it.

William Lee, an assistant copper smith in H.M. Dockyard, deposed to a payment to prisoner of 1s. 6d., on 2nd June last.

Frederic Spencer, boiler maker in H.M. Dockyard, stated - I have acted as secretary to the Court Britannia Ancient Order of Foresters since October. I produce the minute book, contribution book, and the certified rules of the society. I examined the books and find that neither of the sums deposed to as having been paid by the witnesses Fawkes, Hewitt, and Lee, have been accounted for. The minute book contains the appointment of the prisoner as secretary on 8th April last.

Prisoner, who stated that he thought it a very cruel case, and that the prosecution was got up out of spite and malice, was committed for trial.


Faversham Times and Mercury and North-East Kent Journal, Saturday 20 September 1879.

Sittingbourne Petty Sessions.

The Bench then proceeded to the consideration of the licence in the cases in which there were complaints about the manner in which the houses were conducted, or in which the holders of the licences had been convicted during the last 12 months of offence against the Licensing Act.

These were John Hughes, "Cricketers Arms," Sheerness (convicted for permitting gambling on February 28th); Peter Newton Barlow "Shipwrights Arms," Sheerness, (convicted of a similar offence); John Bircham, "Highlanders Arms," Minster; Samuel Jarrett, "Cricketers," Rainham; Thomas Grewcock, "Green Lion," Rainham; Elizabeth Sayer, "White Horse," Rainham; Richard Charles Wallace, "Three King's," Sittingbourne; James Millington, beer house keeper, Borden, William Kitchenham, "Rose," Rainham; John Jordan, "Billet beer house", Milton.

The publicans having been cautioned, the Bench renewed each licence, with the exception of those of Bircham and Jarrett, Superintendent Mayne objected to the renewal of the licence to Bircham because of the manner in which it was conducted, owing to the drunkenness, &c., of his wife and frequent quarrels between them. Jarrett's house had also been conducted in a very unsatisfactory way. The bench refused to renew the licence to Bircham and Jarrett, but adjourned the question of renewal until September 29th, notice of which will be given to the owners of the houses.




In the 1881 census, the address is the "Magdala Tavern," 1 High Street.



BRENCHLEY John 1824-28+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29

WEST John 1832-39+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34

ATKINSON Mary 1840-47+

THOMPSON Joseph 1855-62+ (age 39 in 1861Census)

Last pub licensee had JUDE Thomas 1871+ (Widower age 65 1871Census)

BARLOW Peter Newton 1874-79+

FRENCH George 1881+ (age 51 in 1881Census)

SHILLING Edwin 1881+ (beer retailer age 28 in 1881Census)

WATSON John Henry 1882+

PYKE Elizabeth Mrs 1891+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34


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