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Rainham Road (Star Road) Watling Street


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Above photo, by Chris Whippet Creative Commons Licence.


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Star sign 1827

Above sign from the Mary Evans Picture Library, 1827.

Star sign 1995

Above sign, July 1995.

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I have reference to two different "Star's" that I believe some of the information gets confused with each other. Rochester and Gillingham only being about 2 miles apart. The first being this one and the other being the "Star" at Rochester. Local knowledge required to separate these required I think.


The 1861 census addresses this pub in London Road, Gillingham and in 1903 as being in Rainham Road, Gillingham. Listed as in Chatham in the 1891 census and by 1930 as being in Watling Street. Also addressed as Star Road, Gillingham. Not being local to the area, I don't know if the streets and boundaries have changed over time or whether there have been several buildings with the same name. Local knowledge required here.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser 31 May 1831.


A few days ago, Mr. Rummings, landlord of the "Star Inn," on the Rainham and Chatham road.


Kentish Gazette, Tuesday 05 November 1833.

Monday se'nnight a walking match between Mr. John skillett and Mr. Hodgskin, of Brompton, took place on the London Road; the distance was 10 miles - they started from the "Star," on Chatham Hill, and walked to Newington, and back again to the "Star." Mr. Skillett accomplished his task in 1 hour 53 minutes and a half, and Mr. Hodgskin came in about 2 minutes and a half afterwards.


From the Kentish Gazette, 21 November 1843.

Walking Match for Ten Sovereigns.

On Saturday a match exciting considerable interest came off an the London-road leading to Canterbury. The spot selected was from the "Star Inn" on the Rainham Road to the mile-stone at Newington and back, being a distance of ten miles. The walk was undertaken by Mr. Friday, jun. of Gillingham, 28 years of age, who was backed by E. Carter, Esq. Two to one was freely taken against him. The feat however was nobly accomplished by Mr. Friday coming into the "Star," as fresh as a lark, six minutes and a half within the given time of two hours. Two persons undertook to walk with Mr. Friday to see all right, and on their return one of them named George Castle, dropped down in so exhausted a state, that it was some time before he could be brought to a state of sensibility. After the match about twenty sporting gentlemen sat down to an excellent supper provided by Mr. Foster the landlord of the "Star," and after regaling themselves separated at a late hour happy and comfortable.


Kentish Gazette,11January 1876.


Two men named John Flynn and John Sullivan were indicted for robbing Henry Hales, with violence, and stealing from his person 17s. 6d., at Rainham, on the 12th December.

Mr. Kingsford prosecuted, and having stated the facts of the case to the Jury, called Henry Hales, who deposed that he was an engine-driver, and lived at Gillingham. On Sunday, the 12th December, he met the prisoners at the "Star" public house, Chatham Hill. Flinn said he was a policemen, and wanted to know the road to Elmley Ferry, where he was going to apprehend a man. Witness was going part of the wagon that road, and offered to show them. They had some beer on the road. As they were on the road near Rainham Sullivan stopped, and said he wanted the bag he (witness) had in his pocket, and at the same time Flinn seized him by the throat and brandishing a knife said to the other prisoner "Shall I give it to him?" Sullivan answered "No; I have got the bag." The bag was taken from his pocket by Sullivan. He had 17s. silver in his purse, and among the coins was a new shilling.

By the Court:- Witness was quite sober.

William Kitchingham said he kept the "Rose" beerhouse at Rainham. On the day in question the prosecutors and prisoners were in his house, and they left together between four and five o'clock.

A witness named Howlett Mitchell, an innkeeper at Sittingbourne, proved that the prisoners came to his house, and they left together between four and five o'clock.

A witness named Howlert Mitchell, an innkeeper at Sittingbourne, proved that the prisoners came to his house and had some refreshment, for which Sullivan paid with a new shilling.

Police constable Packman proved apprehending Flinn, who denied being at Rainham. Sullivan cautioned his "chum" not to say anything.

The prisoners, who totally denied the charge, were however found "guilty," and each sentenced to six months' imprisonment with hard labour.


Chatham News, Friday 21 April 1939.

Alterations to licensed premises.

The Chatham Bench, on Monday, approved of alterations to the "Star Hotel, Gillingham.


From the By Ben Ashton, 22 March 2020.

Kent coronavirus: Footballer was at Gillingham pub when he found out he had COVID-19.

Sean Raggett has warned others after he was at The Star Hungry Horse and says he is 'mortified' about the diagnosis.

Star 2020

Sean Raggett was at The Star Hungry Horse in Gillingham when he found out he had coronavirus (Image: Google).

A footballer who has tested positive for coronavirus found out he had the infection while he was eating at a pub in Gillingham.

Sean Raggett was enjoying a meal with two friends at The Star, a Hungry Horse restaurant in Watling Street, on Friday evening (March 20) when he was told the outcome of his test.

The 26-year-old Portsmouth defender had travelled back from the south coast to his hometown in Kent for Mother's Day, reports The Sun.

But he was called by the club physio to confirm he was one of four players in the team to have tested positive for COVID-19.

He has admitted he is "mortified" to have been diagnosed with the infection and says he was unaware at the time of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's instructions to close all pubs and restaurant to help stop it spreading.

Sean Reggett

Sean Raggett says he hasn't had any symptoms. (Image: Chris Vaughan - CameraSport via Getty Images)

After receiving the news, Sean immediately left the pub and returned home with his girlfriend to self-isolate but is now appealing to anyone who was in the pub or in contact with him to do the same.

The former Dover Athletic player, who is on loan at Pompey from Premier League side Norwich City, told The Sun: “We all got tested on Tuesday at the training ground and I couldn’t believe I had come up positive because I haven’t had any symptoms whatsoever.

“My first concern was not to infect anyone I was with or any of the public in the vicinity because there were at least 25 people in there at the time. So I left straight away.

“I am seriously mortified by the thought of passing this on to anyone.

"I was sitting with just two friends and I didn’t really get into close contact with anyone else.

“But as a precaution if anyone was in there that evening, they should self-isolate.

“If I had any idea I had the infection then of course I would never have gone in there in the first place."

He continued: “It’s really scary stuff because I’m completely fine. We both are [he and his girlfriend].

“I haven’t had a high temperature, I’ve not been coughing or sneezing, nothing. I’ve no flu-like symptoms at all.

"It’s really weird. But it illustrates how dangerous this disease is if people have it but don’t know because obviously that increases the chances of more people being infected.

“We don’t know too much about this disease but clearly there must be lots of people out there like me who have no idea they’ve got it who could be passing it on.”



NEWNHAM Richard 1807-12+

RUMMINGS Mr to May/1831 dec'd

RUMMERS John 1838+ Wright's Topography 1838

FOSTER Mr 1843+

WEBB Joseph William 1851+ (age 31 in 1851Census)

JARRETT Edward 1858-61+ Next pub licensee had (age 53 in 1861Census)

CULVERHOUSE William 1874+

GREEN William 1881-82+ (age 68 in 1881Census)

LAWS Ellen Mrs 1891+

WICKHAM William Henry 1903-38+ Kelly's 1903

Last pub licensee had ROBERTS Jack & Joan ????


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


Wright's Topography 1838Wright's Topography 1838


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