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Earliest 1740

White Horse

Latest 1940+

(Name to)

16 High Street 

St Lawrence

White Horse 1905

Above photo, circa 1905, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Rose Inn circa 1940

"Rose Inn" is shown on the left, circa 1940. The "White Horse" can be seen on the right.


Only reference found so far is in the Wingham Division Ale Licence list, which shows the "White Horse," St Lawrence, to be re-licensed for the sum of 8 shillings in 1740 indicating that the pub was present before 1740.


Kentish Gazette 3 December 1802.

Tuesday afternoon last, whilst some persons were grappling for a bucket, which had falling into a well belong to Mr. Gifford, at the "White Horse," St. Lawrence, Thanet, they found the body of a man of the name of Thomas Simmons, who had been a lodger at the house, which he was supposed to have left about 2 months past, as the remains were in a state of putrefaction.


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal 11 July 1817.


On Monday last, Mr Robert Fagg, landlord of the "White Horse, St. Lawrence, Thanet, put a period to his existence by precipitating himself down a well belonging to a neighbouring house, of the depth of 27 fathoms, where he was discovered a short time after, by a woman attempting to draw a bucket of water; on the alarm being giving, he was drawn up, but the vital spark was extinct - the body presented a shocking spectacle, both legs, one thigh, and one arm being broken, his skull fractured, and was otherwise much bruised. An Inquest was held on the body, and a verdict of Lunacy returned.


From the Kentish Gazette, 14 February 1837.


On Thursday se’nnight, at the parish of St. Lawrence, in the Isle of Thanet, on the body of William Butcher. It appeared from the evidence of Richard West, a blacksmith, that the deceased, on the previous Monday, went into the tap-room of the "White Horse" public-house, and sat down in a chair, and almost instantly expired. Verdict, "Died by the Visitation of God.


From Kentish Gazette 20 March 1838.


A fatal accident occurred between the village of Pegwell and Cliff's End yesterday afternoon. Mr. Gibbs, saddler, and Landlord of the "White Horse Inn," at St. Lawrence, was with a party of friends, in perfect health, taking a walk along the edge of the cliff between the above mentioned places, about three o'clock in the afternoon, when unfortunate to relate, while in the act of turning round to call to one of his friends, and it is supposed taking unconsciously two or three steps backwards, he was in a second precipitated to the bottom of the cliff, a height of about 50 feet. Assistance was rendered as speedily as possible, but alas! the injuries received caused death in about three minutes after his friends reached him. Medical assistance was promptly procured, but it was to no avail. The unfortunate man has left a wife and family to deplore his melancholy fate.


Kentish Gazette 03 April 1838.


A Man fully competent to conduct the Business of Harness Making and Saddlery. All country or heavy work must be thoroughly understood.

Apply (if by letter, post-paid,) to Mrs. Gibbs, "White Horse," St. Laurence, near Ramsgate.

An undeniable character will be required.


From Kentish Gazette 22 October 1844.

A grand apple show took place at Mrs. Gibbs', "White Horse Inn, St. Lawrence, Ramsgate, on Wednesday, being an annual show. A most splendid display of apples was exhibited, both as to flavour and size. The chair was most ably filled by Mr. Ladd, and the company was very numerous and most respectable. The evening was spent with utmost hilarity; indeed their was but one "great fact," that tended to mar the pleasure of the exhibitors of the fruit, which was the production of a large apple, suspected to have been shown before at Mr. Hall's, the "Rose and Crown, Ramsgate, on the previous week; which if proved, would have been against the articles of the club. By the decision of one of the umpires, Mr. Cann, and the sanction of the chairman, it was allowed to be shown, and carried off the prize. The successful candidates were as follows:- Mr. E. Lawrence, 1st prize for size (the apple in dispute); ditto, 2nd prize for flavour; Mr. H. Gibbs, 3d ditto; Mrs. Gibbs 4th ditto; Mr. G. Smith 5th ditto; Mr. G. Keep, 6th ditto.


From the Kentish Gazette, 17 November 1846.


The St. Lawrence annual oyster feast took place on the 2nd inst. at the "White Horse Inn," and was well attended by the influential inhabitants of the parish. Mr. T. Hooper, of Chilton, filled the chair, and Mr. Gilbert Bedford, of Newlands, the vice chair. Some excellent songs were sung, and harmony was the order of the evening.


Kentish Gazette, 2 January 1849.


Gibbs:— Dec 28, at St. Lawrence, Mrs. Gibbs, of the "White Horse," much respected.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 14 January, 1871. 1d.


A very serious affair has taken place in this village during the last few days, and has, we regret to say, terminated fatally. It appears that some kind of altercation took place on Monday evening last, at the "White Horse" public-house, and after the parties had left some person was heard rebuking one of the men for having used very bad language. Nothing more transpired, until a short time afterwards a man named Jarvist Pointer, fly proprietor, residing in St. Lawrence, was found in a state of great pain, having evidently been seriously injured. He was taken home and received prompt medical attention, but on Wednesday afternoon he expired, death having resulted from the serious internal injuries which he had received. From information that came to the knowledge of Sergeant Claddish, that officer at once proceeded to Canterbury and apprehended George Stead, a bavin dealer, residing at Sturry on suspicion of his having been concerned in the assault upon the unfortunate man Pointer.



George Frederick Marvell of the "White Horse Inn," St Lawrence, Ramsgate died 18 April 1918.

Administration (with will) London 16 May to Ellen Marvell spinster.

Effects 297 17s 6d.


Thanet Advertiser, Saturday 15 October 1927.

50 years ago cuttings from our columns.

A Merry Time.

On Thursday last the annual audit dinner to the tenants of J. A. Warre, Esq., of West Cliff, Ramsgate, took place at the "White Horse Inn," St. Lawrence, when about 30 of his tenants and employees partook of a very sumptuous spread of the good old English style by the worthy host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Darby. After the cloth was cleared, song and toast was the order of the evening.

["Squier" Warre and his tenants were always on good terms.]



RIGDEN James 1740+ Wingham Ale Licences 1740

GIFFORD Mr 1802+

FAGG Robert to July/1817

GIBBS William 1826-Mar/38 dec'd Pigot's Directory 1828-29

GIBBS Sarah Martin Mrs Mar/1838-28/Dec/48 dec'd (also harness maker)

GIBBS Henry 1851+ (age 29 in 1851Census)

CROW James 1871+

DARBY William 1874-81+ Post Office Directory 1874

DARBY Elizabeth 1890+

DARBY Henry 1891+ (also cab driver)

SIMMONS Charles Henry 1901+

AMBROSE Charles Henry 1903+ Kelly's 1903

JOHNSON Arthur 1907+

MARVELL George Frederick 1913-18/Apr/18 dec'd

HUGHES Ellen Mrs to Dec/1919 Thanet Advertiser

HUGHES Benedict Joseph Dec/1919-30+ Thanet Advertiser

HUGHES Ellen Mrs 1934-39+

HAWKINS John 1947-52 Next pub licensee had

HORNE Charles Edward 1953-57+


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