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Earliest 1777-


Closed 2020+

17 High Street

St. Lawrence

01843 588088

Wheatsheaf 1860

End of the road shows the old "Wheatsheaf" to the left is the "Rose Inn" circa 1860.

Above postcard, date unknown. The pub on the left is the "Rose Inn."

Origian Wheatsheaf

Above photo showing the original "Wheatsheaf" date unknown.


Above postcard, date unknown, kindly sent by Philip Page.


Above photo showing the new build "Wheatsheaf" date unknown.


Above photo taken with permission from Saunders family web.

Wheatsheaf 2015

Above Google image, July 2015.


Kentish Gazette, Saturday 12 April 1777.

To Upholsterers, and Cabinet and Coachmakers.

New and Co. Glass grinders, at the "Wheatsheaf," St Lawrence, Near Ramsgate.

Beg leave to inform their friends and the public in general, that they will serve them with the best looking and coach glasses as cheap as in London, and on the shortest notice.

Old glasses, new-polished, silvered, and framed in the newest taste.


Kentish Gazette 02 September 1791.


The present Friday the 2nd September, About six o'clock in the afternoon, at the "Wheatsheaf," in the parish of St. Laurence in the Isle of Thanet.

Two Dwelling Houses, and other buildings, with the garden, orchard and land thereunto belonging, together adjoining, and containing about one acre, very pleasantly and conveniently situated in the said parish of St. Laurence, within a small distance from the Church and from the Town of Ramsgate, and now in the occupations of Mr. Roger Hoper and others.

For further particulars enquire of Messrs. Fagg, Sawkins and Austen, at their offices in Ramsgate and Margate.


From South Eastern Gazette 19 September 1854:

The annual licensing meeting for the Wingham division was held on the 7th inst.

The licence for the parish of St Laurence were renewed with the exception of those of George Moyne, "Wheatsheaf," and Thomas Buddel, of the "Honeysuckle," Hereson.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 8 January 1870.


At the Police Court, on Thursday. before Major Wilkie, the Rev. G. W. Sicklemore, Gen. Williams, Sir W. M. Coghlan. K.C.B.. and B. Sicklemore, Esq., Henry Williams, of the "Wheat Sheaf," St. Lawrence, was charged with "threatening to knock off the head and to smash out the brains" of Charles Ofield, at St. Lawrence, on the 1st inst.

Mr. Bowling appeared for the complainant but as Mr. Towne, who was retained for the defence, was unable to be present, the case was at his clerk's request, adjourned till Saturday.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 1 September, 1964.

St. Lawrence people are a friendly lot.

John Hawkins and wife 1964

Mr. John Hawkins, licensee of the "Wheatsheaf" at High Street, St Lawrence, is a Londoner who likes Ramsgate.

After 17 years in the public house business, he said:- "We would not leave St. Lawrence. The people here are friendly and sociable and we have made many friends."

He and his wife, who comes from Hereford, spent the first 5 years at St. Lawrence in a pub which has since disappeared. "We had the "Old White Horse" and when that was pulled down we came to the "Wheatsheaf," said Mr. Hawkins.

The "White Horse," which was afterwards replaced, was their first public house.

The "Wheatsheaf" has a lively social club with a darts team and it is also the home of a champion tug-of-war team. Mr. Hawkins, who served in the Army during the war and was a sergeant instructor for the Army Physical Training Corps., is there tug-of-war coach.

Former committee member for the Isle of Thanet Licensed Victuallers' Association - Mrs. Hawkins was at one time secretary of the Ladies' Auxiliary. - Mr. Hawkins gives much of his spare time to the affairs of the 900 year old parish church which stands opposite his bars.

He is chairman of the Churchill committee and when he gets the opportunity he likes recording events like the big parish summer fayre with his cine camera.


From the By Kathy Bailes, 28 July, 2022.

HOMENEWSPlan to convert Wheatsheaf pub into flat and two HMOs rejected by Thanet council.

Plan to convert Wheatsheaf pub into flat and two HMOs rejected by Thanet council.

Wheatsheaf 2022

The Wheatsheaf in St Lawrence.

An application to convert The Wheatsheaf pub in St Lawrence into one flat, a 4-bed house of multiple occupation (HMO) and a 5 bed HMO have been refused by Thanet council.

The High Street pub, which has been closed for more than two years, had previously been put up for sale but no buyer was found. It already has accommodation on the upper floor.

Applicant Estia Property Solutions Ltd wanted to convert the property to two Houses of Multiple Occupation and a one-bedroom flat.

Planning documents say: “The client wishes to put into use a building that was deemed unviable to continue as a public house for the minimum of the past two years and was put to sale since with no success of being purchased to the moment.

“The aim is to provide more accommodation in the area with professionals and key-workers as the target audience.”

The proposal was for no alterations to be made to the exterior due to the property being a non designated heritage asset. The 4-bedroom HMO) would be split between ground floor and basement with the communal area and 4 single bedrooms at ground floor and the basement to be used for kitchen, utility room, shower rooms and storage.

The 5-bedroom HMO would be split between ground floor and first floor with the communal area, one shower room and 2 single bedrooms to first floor and 3 single bedrooms, kitchen, dining and one shower room to ground floor.

The one-bedroom flat was planned for the first floor with private access from the ground floor.

Ten objections were received with concerns such as the pub only being marketed during the pandemic and overdevelopment.

Ramsgate Town Council objected saying: “It is considered as overdevelopment of the site; it is considered an inappropriate location for the development; the loss of a public amenity and no clear evidence of the non-viability of the public house.”

In a report from Thanet council the planning officer says that although the loss of the public house would not conflict with policy in this case there were concerns over the standard of the accommodation.

The report says: “It is considered that the accommodation offered by the one bed flat is good and it would provide a good standard of accommodation for its future occupiers. Concerns are, however, raised about the living conditions for the future occupiers of the 2 proposed HMOs.

“The 4 bed HMO would have its kitchen located within the basement with limited light and ventilation with a large utility room and other non habitable rooms. The other communal areas for this unit (assumed to be the lounge and dining area) would be accessed directly from the street and appear more as a corridor through to the bedrooms and staircase, again with limited light and ventilation than an area where residents would wish to utilise. This would significantly reduce the amount of usable space in the main habitable area of the property, to serve 4 individuals.

“Concerns are raised about the fact that residents would have to take meals/drinks prepared in the kitchen up to the next floor to be either the communal area or their rooms and this may instead lead residents to utilise the basement as a dining area given its size and privacy (when compared against the ground floor communal area proposed to serve this HMO), despite the limited light and ventilation. Given this, it is considered that the communal areas of this unit are poor and do not provide a high standard of accommodation to serve future residents.

“Concerns are also raised about the standard of accommodation offered by bedroom 1 of this HMO given its ground floor location adjoining the accesses to other HMO and the flat unit as well as the yard containing bin and bike storage.

“Similar concerns are raised in relation to 5 bedroom HMO. There would be limited natural light and ventilation particularly to its kitchen and dining area, but also its lounge although that does have some light via a door to a small outdoor terrace area. The window to the dining area would also be at least partially blocked by the bike rack located in front of it again minimising light and ventilation and also outlook for future occupiers of the HMO.

“The occupier of bedroom 3 of this HMO also has the potential to suffer from overlooking from people using the communal areas for bin, bike storage and access.”

Despite some amendments by the applicant, planning officers say they are “disappointed” that suggested measures were not taken.

The report concludes: “It is considered that the unacceptable future living conditions of the HMO are considered to significantly outweigh the modest economic and social benefits provided by a flat and 2 HMOs.”



KELSEY Bartholomew 1828-32+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29Pigot's Directory 1832-34

PERKINS George 1839-41

HOLMES George 1841+

FOXE Thomas 1847-51+ (also farmer age 36 in 1851Census)

MOYNE Joseph George 1851-54+ (age 35 in 1851Census)

OFIELD Charles 1867+

WILLIAMS Henry (Harry) 1870-71+ Whitstable Times

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SHERSBY John H 1881+ (age 50 in 1881Census)

MAY Edwin 1890+

SILLS Edwin 1891+ (age 42 in 1891Census)

CLAYDEN Mr to May/1900 Thanet Advertiser

STRAUGHAN Bernard R May/1900-02 Next pub licensee had Kelly's 1903Thanet Advertiser

WOODWARD James 1907+

AUSTEN Edwin 1911+ (age 54 in 1911Census)

CROUCH Harry 1913-15+

CROUCH Hannah Elizabeth Mrs 1918-30+

BURTON William Joseph 1934+

WOOD Joseph Henry 1936+

LILLEY Frederick William Fairman 1938+

LILLEY Violet E Mrs 1939+

BURTON G E Mrs 1951+

Last pub licensee had HAWKINS John 1952-64+

KNIGHT Raymond late 1970s-early 80s

GOODMAN Bill late 1980s+


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