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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1875

(Name from)

Sir Garnet Wolseley

Latest 1885+

(Name to)

75 Snargate Street



Originally titled the "Bricklayers Arms" but changed name sometime when J Birch had he premises but soon moved on to the "Warrior". However, it does seem that a William Lane occupied the pub in 1879to 85 at least


A request was made in 1875 for the licence of the "Prince of Hesse" at 113 Snargate Street, to be transferred here. The motive is not apparent. Perhaps a reopening was necessary or maybe it was a fuller licence. It met with rebuff anyway but this house was certainly operational in 1878. Wolseley commanded the troops in Egypt at the time and he landed at Dover in November 1882 on his return. He had also landed here on his return from the Ashanti war in 1874.


The 61 year lease here had commenced in April 1871. It stood opposite the Grand Shaft stairway and Flint purchased it from Satchell for 500 in 1881. Lane must have officiated when the sign changed to "Lord Wolseley" after 1885. It was not for long. It soon changed again to "Lord Roberts".


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 21 November, 1879. Price 1d.


William Lane was charged with allowing gambling in the "Sir Garnet Wolesley" public-house, he being the landlord.

Police-constable Hemmings said: On Monday, the 10th instant, about 10 minutes to eight, I and another constable visited the "Sir Garnet Wolseley" public-house, Snargate Street. We went into the tap-room and saw from ten to twelve young men aged between 14 and 20 playing at cards on a table. There was some money on the table, which I picked up. I called the landlady's attention to it. She said they came in for some beer and she could not help them playing. I then left the house and again visited it at nine o'clock, when I saw nine young men playing at cards, but I saw no money on the table. I again called the landlady's attention to it. She said she had turned the others out before.

By the Bench: I don't think it is a very respectable house. I saw several prostitutes in the house both times, and I also cautioned the landlady about that.

The defendant stated he was at work at the time or it would not have occurred, and that he did not know it was taken any notice of in Dover. he was told they were playing for beer and not for money. He also said he had tried to keep his house respectable, and had been as little trouble to the police as possible.

The Bench stated it was just as wrong to gamble for beer as for money, and they cautioned all other publicans against committing the same offence, and therefore fined the defendant 20s. and 9s. 6d. costs and the license to be endorsed. They also stated that the defendant was liable to a fine of 10.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 2 September, 1881. 1d.


The “Sir Garnet Wolseley,” Snargate Street, Dover, opposite to the Grand Shaft, and Commercial Quay held on lease from the Dover Harbour Board for a term of 61 years, from the 6th April, 1871, at the annual rent of 11 10s. 0d., was knocked down to Mr. Flint, for 500.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 19 June, 1885.


Richard Bligh was charged with being drunk and disorderly on the Commercial Quay; and also with breaking a pane of glass, at the “Sir Garnet Wollesly” value 6s. 6d.

Hannah Lane, wife of the landlord of the “Sir Garnet Wollesly” public-house, said: She saw prisoner coming towards the house; she shut the door because he was very drunk. He said he would break the window if not allowed to go in. He was refused entrance, and then put his fist through one of the panes. The damage done was 6s. 6d.

Police-constable Hughes said that he was on duty in Snargate Street on Saturday evening, when his attention was called by the last witness. He went to the public house and saw the window broken. He then went in search of the prisoner, and found him drunk and disorderly on the Commercial Quay. Prisoner was then taken to the Police station.

The bench fined prisoner 2s. 6d.; 6s. 6d. for damages and costs.





BIRCH Joseph or John CHARLES 1875 end Next pub licensee had

LANE William Thomas 1879-85+


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