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Earliest 1837

(Name from)

Queens Head Hotel

Latest 1914

(Name to)

37 The Strand

Lower Walmer

Queens Head Hotel 1914

Above photo, circa 1914, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.

Former Queen's Head Hotel

Above picture taken from Google maps 2010.


This building is now home to the "Royal Marines Association Club" which serves real ale and is open for CAMRA members.

Previous to 1804 it was documented as being called the "King's Head" and changed name to the "Queen's Head" in 1837.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 16 June, 1900. 1d.


A bullock, on its way through Walmer, had a somewhat exciting adventure on Monday last. It seems that, in company with a companion, the animal was passing along the Strand, on the way to its doom, when, fatigued by the extreme heat of the day, the two became somewhat obstreperous. One ran at the drover in a savage manner, and whilst it was being corrected for its folly, its companion, probably observing the sign of "The Queen's head" over the porch of the house bearing that name, and thinking the heat of the evening and the circumstances warranted "a drunk," rushed in and turned into the bar. Fortunately there was only one customer in at the moment, and his presence of mind, on seeing the animal approaching, led him to scale the counter and free himself from what would have been a most perilous position. Attempts were made to get the terrified animal out of the building, but without success, till at last, after half an hour had elapsed, a bundle of hay and a bucket of water induced it to approach the door. It was then secured with ropes and had to be dragged bodily out, and as soon as it could be again released, was driven to the slaughter-house. fortunately no damage was done by the unwelcome visitor.



The pub finally closed as the "Queen's Head" on 31 December 1914 while being supplied by Thompson's brewery after they offered no resistance  from the Compensation Committee.

By 1921 the premises had reopened as the "Old Comrades Club," and by 1938 became known as the "Royal Marines Association Club" as we see it today.



Last pub licensee had DAWES Mary Ann 1824-37-47+ Bagshaw's Directory 1847

DAWES Edward 1852-62+ (age 45 in 1861Census) Melville's 1858Kelly's 1862

ELLIOTT Edward 1866+ The Old Pubs of Deal and Walmer by Glover and Rogers

HILLS Horace 1867+

PEARSON Samuel senior 1871-82+ (age 65 in 1881Census) Kelly's 1874Post Office Directory 1874Post Office Directory 1882

HOPPER Walter J 1883+91 (age 38 in 1891Census) The Old Pubs of Deal and Walmer by Glover and Rogers

BAND George 1898-99+ Kelly's 1899

JONES Samuel 1903-04+ Kelly's 1903The Old Pubs of Deal and Walmer by Glover and Rogers

HOLLAND F W 1910+ The Old Pubs of Deal and Walmer by Glover and Rogers

SAVAGE Harry W 1913+ Post Office Directory 1913

RUSSELL William 1914+ Deal library 1914

Closed on 31 December 1914.


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The Old Pubs of Deal and Walmer by Glover and RogersThe Old Pubs of Deal and Walmer by Glover and Rogers


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