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Earliest 1929

Windmill Inn

Open 2020+

45 Newington Road/Whitehall Road

St Lawrence


01843 589105

Windmill Inn 1929

Above photo 1929. Kindly supplied by Jason Symmons.

Windmill 2011

Above photo by David Anstiss, 2011  Creative Commons Licence.

Windmill sign 1986Windmill Inn sign 2009

Above sign, left, October 1986, sign right 2009.

Windmill Inn

Photo by David Anstiss and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


From the Thanet Advertiser, Friday 10 February 1939.

BARS BANNED. Greater facilities at Ramsgate hotels.

The bench also dealt with a number of minor applications.

Mr. T. Hoppit made application on behalf of the "George and Dragon," "York Tavern," "Crown Inn" and "King's Arms" for music licences to enable radio receivers to be operated.

These four granted together with similar applications made by Mr. J. H. Robinson in respect of the "Racing Greyhound," "Windmill," and "Duke of Kent."


Thanet Advertiser, Tuesday 1 June 1948.

Trialed by Police Car. Case against Thanet Farmer Dismissed.

The magistrates at Ramsgate district court last week heard the story of how a police patrol car followed a local farmer who travelled from St. Nicholas to Ramsgate in his car on a Sunday evening.

The police car covered a distance of over 18 miles, and during the time the farmer's car was under observation, it was stated, he visited two licensed houses at Ramsgate and Westwood.

Before the car court was Patrick Wilson Smith, age 33, of Hanbury Court Farm, St. Nicholas-at-Wade and he pleaded not guilty to a summons alleging the misuse of petrol.

The five members of the Bench adjourned twice before the chairman, Lieutenant-colonel. E. E. Ogier, announced that the case would be dismissed, Smith being given the benefit of the doubt.

"Find Out."

Mr. E. R. G. Weale, outlining the case, said Smith had made application for petrol in connection with his farming business, and at 8 p.m. on 25th of April. P.C. Luck, on motor patrol duty, followed defendant from St. Nicholas to Ramsgate. He had a young lady passenger, and stopped at the "Windmill Inn," Newington Road, at 8:20 p.m.

At 8:45 p.m. defendant drove along Newington Road to Margate Road and stopped at the "Star Inn," Westwood, from 8:50 till 10:05 p.m. During the time the car was on police observation it covered a distance of just over 18 miles.

When questioned by the police officer defendant a first replied "Find out," and later said he had been on business. He did not say where he had been or on what business he had been engaged.

"This is an unpleasant duty, and not one which the police like to perform," commented Mr. Weale. Defendant later said that he was trying to work up a business in Margate.

Delivering Brockley.

Evidence was given by P.C. Luck, and Mr. W. E. Handford, Ministry of Fuel and Power enforcement officer, Tunbridge Wells.

In the Witness box, Smith said he was delivering broccoli to the two houses where he stopped. He was paid and gave receipts. In both cases is he delivered about 14 pounds of broccoli. He knew the police car was behind him at the "Windmill" and that he was afterwards followed. When spoken to afterwards by P.C. Luck, he said, there's no need for me to tell you where I have been, after the officer said he had been following him during the evening.

Smith was asked whether he wished to call any witnesses on make application for an adjournment, and the chairman reminded him that the maximum punishment for the offence was a fine of 500, and/or three months imprisonment.

The bench then retired for a few moments, after defendant said he wished them to conclude the case.

Officer recalled.

The magistrates returned and recalled P.C. Luck, who stated that he stopped his car about 200 yards behind that of Smith and was certain that he did not carry anything into the two places where he stopped. In answer to defendant. P.C. Luck said he did not ascertain whether the deliveries had been made. Mr. We'll pointed out that the officer did not know until that morning that broccoli have been delivered.

The magistrates then withdrew to their retiring room for another short period, after which the chairman announced. "You have not been very helpful in this case, but has the bench feel that there is some doubt in the matter, you must be given the benefit of it. Therefore you are discharged."


Thanet Times, Tuesday 9 February, 1965.

He's been in the business in Thanet since the 1930s.

Mr & Mrs Bill Head 1965

Bill Head, who has a warm welcome for customers at his Ramsgate hostelry, has been in the public house business in Thanet since the years before the last war.

In those days he was in Margate, and he moved to the "Windmill Inn" at Newington Road, Ramsgate a decade ago.

"At one time in the 1930s I was licensee at the "Six Bells Inn" Margate High Street, he recalled in the saloon bar at the "Windmill."

"I was also manager of the "Hippodrome Bar" for several years.

He has family associations with another house in the Margate area, for his wife's parents were at one time at the "Star Inn," Westwood, on the road between Margate and Ramsgate.

After war service, which took him with the Army into North Africa and Italy, he returned to Thanet and worked as bars manager at the "St. George's Hotel," Margate.

Mr. Head recalled how, a few days before war broke out, he was in a Margate cinema watching a film, when an official Army announcement was flashed on the screen telling Territorial Army soldiers in the town to report to the unit headquarters.

"It was almost a year later when I was called up to join the Army," he said.


From an email received 22 May 2013.


My Great Grandfather Albert Symmons was the original licensee of this pub in 1929 I believe. I have an old picture of the pub and a picture of him stood behind the bar. If these are of any interest I could try and get you copies.

I might have to post them as they are small photos.


Jason Symmons

Albert Symmons 1929

Above photo showing Albert Symmons behind the bar in 1929.



SYMMONS Albert 1929-30

CLIFTON William 1934-39+

EATON James Arthur 1953-57+

Last pub licensee had BAMFORD Stephen & Nikki Feb/2017+


If anyone should have any further information, or indeed any pictures or photographs of the above licensed premises, please email:-