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Dec 1931

Racing Greyhound

Open 2019+

227 Hereson Road


01843 593011

Racing Grehound 2015

Above photo 2015 by Chris Whippet Creative Commons Licence.

Racing Greyhound October 1991Racing Greyhound 1991

Sign left October 1991 and sign right December 1991, with thanks from Brian Curtis

Above sign 2015.


From the Thanet Advertiser, Friday 11 December, 1931.


The new premises erected at Dumpton by Messrs. Tomson and Wotton have been named the "Racing Greyhound," and they will be opened on Monday next.

Mr. J. H. Robinson's application to the Ramsgate Licensing Justices on Monday for a final order of removal of the licence of the "Royal Harbour Inn," Addington-street, to the "Racing Greyhound" was granted.

Mr. Robinson explained that it was not desired to open the premises until Monday although the "Royal Harbour Inn" had been closed that morning.

The tenant of the "Racing Greyhound" is Mr. C. E. Gentry, the former licensee of the "Honeysuckle Inn."


From the Thanet Advertiser, Friday 10 February 1939.

BARS BANNED. Greater facilities at Ramsgate hotels.

The bench also dealt with a number of minor applications.

Mr. T. Hoppit made application on behalf of the "George and Dragon," "York Tavern," "Crown Inn" and "King's Arms" for music licences to enable radio receivers to be operated.

These four granted together with similar applications made by Mr. J. H. Robinson in respect of the "Racing Greyhound," "Windmill," and "Duke of Kent."


From the Thanet Advertiser, Tuesday, 21 February 1939.

Horse Gymkhana licence application.

Owing to the fact that they had received no previous information, Ramsgate magistrates, on Monday, decline to consider an application made by Mr. C. E. Gentry, of the "Racing Greyhound," for an extension of the permitted hours from 2 to 6 p.m. on Friday at Dumpton Greyhound Racing Track on the occasion of the horse Gymkhana.

In reply to the Magistrates' clerk (Mr. J. Thorne Drury), Mr. Gentry said he had only been asked to make application that morning and he had not had time to give information of his intention. He had not yet obtained the permission of Mr. J. H. Iles to sell liquor at the track.

The chairman (Col. E. E. Ogier) said the could not consider the application as they had not received information, but they were prepared to make a special sitting on Friday to consider the application.


From the Thanet Advertiser, Friday 4 June 1948.

Bus shelters.

Ramsgate is to have pavement shelters for bus passengers.

Negotiations have taken place with the London firm who will erect and maintain the shelters at their own expense, and be allowed to display advertisements on the interiors. Cost of levelling the sites for the shelters will be borne by the Council.

In the first place five shelters will be erected in the following order of priority - Harbour Parade (outside East Kent Road Car companies office). Harbour Parade (opposite East Kent Office), south side of Station Approach Road near junction with Wilfrid Road, cast side of Hereson Road outside "Racing Greyhound," and north side of Station Approach Road near junction with Margate Road.

Further shelters may be erected in the future in positions to be approved by the Council.

The firm are not repaired to erect the shelter at Manston village and the provision of one by the Council is therefore being considered by the Watch Committee.

When the Council approve the scheme on Thursday, Alderman A. E. Petley, chairman of the Watch Committee, thanked Mr. H. S. Hole, the Assistant Borough Engineer, who was mainly responsible for the negotiations with the firm.


From a Facebook page, 7 June 2019.

We are happy to announce that as of 22nd July, we will be running a sister pub, the "Bell Inn," Minster.

We have been here for 12 years and built the pub into a wonderful local family pub, who supports local charities, and have decided that we want another pub and area to have the same experience.

We are not leaving the Racing Greyhound, we will simply be using our staff, and experience to bring another pub back to life.

Keith & Debbie



Last pub licensee had GENTRY Charles Ernest 1934-57+ (age 45 in 1939)

???? Keith & Debbie 2007-19+


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