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Earliest 1774-

Two Brewers Inn

Closed 1965

Quay Lane


Two Brewers

Above photos by Paul Skelton, 1 September 2012.

Two Brewers

Abvove photo, date unknown by Andy Johnson.


Although the premises can be traced back to 1774 the present building was rebuilt around the 1900s and continued till about 1965 when it was closed and then operated as a private house.


From the Kentish Gazette, 25 June 1839.


June 15, at Faversham, aged 24, Mr. W. Punyer, landlord of the "Two Brewers," leaving a young widow with a blind infant.


Kentish Gazette, 18 June 1844.


June 7, at Faversham, Rebecca, widow of Mr. John Gibbs, many years landlord of the "Two Brewers, aged 90.


Kentish Gazette, 6 April 1852.

About three o'clock in the morning of Monday last, the inmates of the "Two Brewers" public-house were alarmed by the discovery of fire, which had not fortunately got much hold, and was, therefore, soon subdued. The policeman on duty went to call up one of the lodgers by appointment, and fancying his summons was not duly attended to, lingered near the spot, when his attention was excited to a crackling noise that fortunately led to an early discovery. The number of lodgers sleeping over head had a narrow escape from imminent peril, as they might have been suffocated.


From the Kentish Chronicle 24, December 1859.


On Sunday morning, about three o’clock, a fire occurred at the "Two Brewers" public-house. It was discovered by Mrs. Richard, the landlady, who on opening the door of her bedchamber, observed the house filled with smoke. About the same time police-constable Coe discovered it and roused up the neighbours. It was found to proceed from a bed-room occupied by three lodgers—two of them working at the cement mills—and all three of them in bed at the time. By the exertions of the police and the people of the house, the fire was put out after some damage to the beds and furniture in the rooms.




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