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Earliest 1805-

Guilford Arms/Tavern

Latest 1851+

Woolcombers Lane and Trevanion Street



Barry Smith found reference to a "Guilford Tavern" known in the 1830's and perhaps goes back to 1805 with a Thomas Ladd, but unfortunately he never found an address. A probable spelling error in several of the Post Office Directories, naming the above as the "Guildford Inn" adds to the confusion, but I believe the mistake to be the addition of an extra "d" and that probably referred to the "Guilford Hotel."


This is a new one to me but I am going to assume that it is indeed the same as the one found by Barry. I have found reference from two sources, both held at the Dover museum. The first account I have found from a document listing the public houses of 1851, and secondly from a map that positions the public house on the corner of Woolcombers Lane and Trevanion Street.


This is not to be confused for the "Guilford Hotel" listed at 36 Liverpool Street, which Trevanion Street leads onto, but in 1851 that was called the "Four Porters" so I am pretty confident that that is not the same building.


Kentish Gazette of 25th August 1807.

T. LADD. Most respectfully informs his Friends, and the Public in general that he has opened an INN in Bench Street, Dover, called the "Guildford Arms," where he has laid in a stock of genuine Wines and Spirits of the first quality, and the best London Porter, Ales etc., T. L. flatters himself that the quality of his Liquors and the best accommodations, will entitle him to the patronage and support of the Public at large. Travellers accommodated with beds etc., A good Ordinary every day a half past one.



LADD Thomas 1805-07+

FOORD William 1830-38 (Guilford Tavern)


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