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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest May 1878

(Name from)


Latest 1970s

3 Folkestone Road Pikes 1932-33Kelly's Directory 1950Kelly's Directory 1956

2 Folkestone Road Kelly's Directory 1899Post Office Directory 1903


Griffin pre 1939

Above photo kindly sent by Keith Daniels who says the following:- "Please find attached a copy of a picture of my late father (on the white horse) taken, I suspect, just before the Second World War. I would be interested to confirm exactly where this was taken, could it be Dover? Could the pub sign “Griffin Inn- Kent's Best” identify the location? I would be grateful for any help."

Keith Daniels.


Griffin Inn 1923

Above photo, date unknown showing licensees Bert and Florence Bean and 3 customers circa 1923.

Griffin 1941

Picture above show the "Griffin", just on the left of the picture. The extreme right shows the "Alma." Picture taken 1941.

Griffin 1970

Above photo circa 1970. Showing the "Griffin" just under the Esso sign.

Griffin 1971

Above photo, circa 1971.


Above photo just showing the top of the pub, date unknown.

Fremlins delivery outside the Griffin

Above showing the No. 9023 Fremlins AKR 958, was the second of a pair of S4's brought together with matching trailers, in March 1934 by Harry Sargeant & Sons Ltd of Church Hougham. The pair were sold to Wingham Engineering Co Ltd at an auction (probably post war) as No 9022 was scrapped in 1951. No 9023 was hired out to Fremlins brewery, before being sold to Pegden Brother's of Elham. It was sold again in 1961 to George Chapman of Hockley, Essex for preservation who sold it to Richard Sadler of Ware, Hereford in 1984 who still owns it (2018).


The above picture is The Griffin just before demolition in 1971.

From the Dover Express, 22 October 1927.


Once the "Upholsterer's Arms", the sign changed in 1878. A beerhouse which was built soon after 1844 and permitted to open at five a.m. from 1878. That concession continued after 1900.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 11 July, 1890. Price 1d.


Mr. Greenstreet of the “Griffin” was given permission to draw on Trade's Holiday at the Forester Fête at Maxton, from noon till 9 o'clock.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 1 January, 1904. Price 1d.


Private Henry Bates, 2nd Battalion Buffs, was charged with wilfully breaking one pane of glass, value 7/-, at the “Griffin” public house, Folkestone Road.

Samuel J. Vassey, landlord of the “Griffin” public house, Folkestone Road said: Last evening about ten minutes past eight I was in the bar, and heard a smash at the window. I rushed outside with the other customers, and saw the prisoner in company with a civilian and another soldier going towards the “Red Cow.” The window of my house was broken, and we went after them and stopped them. I asked which one of them did it, and the prisoner said, I did it, and will pay for it.” I went for the Police, and they brought him back inside. I told him the window cost 7/6, but he had only half a penny. He must have broken the window with his stick. The prisoner had not been to my house. He did not appear drunk, but silly. I do not wish to press the charge if the damage is paid.

John Pittock, 22, Devonshire Road, Tower Hamlets, a carter, said that he was standing outside Dr. Kent's. He saw the prisoner come along with two companions past the “Griffin.” The prisoner appeared to wish to go in, but his companions prevented him. He then broke the window with his stick, and they walked on till Mr. Vassey ran out and stopped them.

A Lieutenant of the Buffs gave prisoner a good character.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 2 January, 1914. Price 1d.


The members of this club met at the Club Room on Friday, December 19th, to receive their annual share-out. Although £10 was paid out in sick benefits, each old member received £1, and new members received 18/- each, and half-yearly members 9/6. This club is self-supporting, having no hon. members, therefore the result of last year is encouraging, and they have to hope the same results in December 1914. A present of the value of 10s. was granted to Mr. A. G. Cackett for introducing the largest number of new members. The club will re-open on Monday next at 8 p.m.



George Beer bought it in 1929 for £2,500 and enlarged the living accommodation in the rear. He may even have added upper storeys, he certainly had plans to do so that year.


War damage was made good in April 1950, but later, a widening of the road proved necessary and it was taken down consequently in the early 1970's.



Last pub licensee had HART William Gilbert May/1878-Sept/85 Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1882

Last pub licensee had BUSHELL George Sept/1885+ Dover Express

GREENSTREET Stephen July/1890-1895+ (age 41 in 1891Census) Post Office Directory 1891

VASSEY Nathaniel James 1895-June/1910 Pikes 1895Kelly's Directory 1899Post Office Directory 1903Kelly's 1903Dover Express

Last pub licensee had NORRIS Herbert Henry June/1910-Aug/23 (age 47 in 1911Census) Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1903Post Office Directory 1913Post Office Directory 1922

BEAN Herbert "Bert" Aug/1923-67 end Pikes 1924Post Office Directory 1930Pikes 1932-33Post Office Directory 1938Pikes 1938-39Pikes 48-49Kelly's Directory 1950Kelly's Directory 1953Kelly's Directory 1956

HOELTSCHI Charles 1967-69


Post Office Directory 1882From the Post Office Directory 1882

Post Office Directory 1891From the Post Office Directory 1891

Pikes 1895From Pikes Dover Blue Book 1895

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Post Office Directory 1903From the Post Office Directory 1903

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Post Office Directory 1913From the Post Office Directory 1913

Post Office Directory 1922From the Post Office Directory 1922

Pikes 1924From Pikes Dover Blue Book 1924

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Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express


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