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Earliest 1552

George and Dragon

Open 2022+

24 Fisher Street


01304 614194

George and Dragon George and Dragon George and Dragon sign 2012George and Dragon sign 2012

Above photos by Paul Skelton 14 January 2012.

George and Dragon in Sandwich

Above photo shows the George and Dragon in Sandwich. Photo taken from circa 2008.


I have reference to a "Green Dragon" also in Fisher Street, which may have been an error in the Post Office directory of 1878 when John Burchett was serving behind the bar. I am assuming that this is the same pub.

This inn was built in 1446, the 24th year of the 1st reign of Henry VI and was part of the estate of Peter Taychell, who possessed many mortgages in Sandwich, Ash and Wingham.

In 1552, Thomas Webb lived here, he was originally a sail-maker who took advantage of the newly formed Licensing Registration act of 1549 and applied for a licence to sell ales from his premises. At this time the house bore no title of registration and was recorded as a “typpling house in Fisher Stete” and Webb it's “typplere” a situation that was passed down for a further 60 years. (A Typpling or Tippling house being one in which liquors are sold in drams or small quantities, and where men are accustomed to spend their time and money in excessive drinking. Paul Skelton.)

In the 1570 ale was brewed here under licence for one Stephen Back.

In 1615 one Francis Scoones came to the house in that year he registered the house under the name of “George and Dragon”. It is said that since the opening year, the pub has only been closed once due to wars or change of breweries etc.

It appears to have been tied to a brewery owned by the prominent Sandwich family, the Wyborns to 1822. In 1764 William Wyborn, brewer, died and his business was left to his daughter Mary, who had married John Bradley. Their son, William Wyborn Bradley was born in 1752 William being described as "common brewer of Sandwich." William was elected Mayor Sandwich in 1785 and died in 1788. The Sandwich brewery and its tied estate of 27 pubs was eventually put up for "sale by private contract" by William's son (also called William Wyborn Bradley, born 1779) as advertised in the Kentish Gazette on 10th May 1822. However, the name given was simply the "George."


Kentish Gazette, 18 June 1850.


PUBLIC HOUSE, with immediate Possession, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS. DAVIS AND CHAMBERS, AT the "King’s Arms Inn," SANDWICH, on THURSDAY, June 27th, 1850, at Three o’clock p.m., all that FREEHOLD PUBLIC HOUSE, called the "George and Dragon," situate in Fisher Street, SANDWICH, in the occupation of Mr. James Facey.

Immediate possession can be had, and the license transferred.

For further particulars apply to Messrs. Furleys and Mercer, solicitors, or to the Auctioneers’, Canterbury.



In May 2008 the George and Dragon was taken over by brothers, Mark and Matthew Philpott, born and bred in the town. Mark is the chef who studied catering at Thanet College for 3 years. He then moved onto London, and spent 11 years working in a number of kitchens. These include the Georgian kitchen at Harrods, Leith's and Adam Street.

Matthew, the other brother, worked in London a few years, then moved to Surrey where becoming manager of the Brickmakers Pub in Windlesham for 3 years.

Very recently, The George and Dragon were honoured with the award of becoming a Cask Marque accredited pub.


From the East Kent Mercury, 26 June, 1997

George and Dragon bar area 1997

THE "George and Dragon" may be tucked away in a pretty back street of Sandwich, but its fame for excellent food is spreading fast throughout East Kent.

Liz Tillings is now the landlady and has joined forces with John Radford, now the landlord to provide a bright future for the Fisher Street pub.

Under Liz and John's guidance, there has been a pleasing transformation in the ancient building in less than a year.

A bright and spacious restaurant has been created at the back of the pub, with many seats at the pine tables providing an opportunity to see the chef at work in his kitchen.

There is also a pretty garden, which is a sun trap, and later in the summer an opera duo will be performing at a special Italian evening.

The pub is also visited by the Deal-based theatre group the Crew of Patches during its Bite of Sandwich tours.

"We took over the "George and Dragon" with a vision to have more than just a pub and more than just a restaurant. There has been an amalgamation of the two," said Liz, who describes the new look business as a little jewel of a back-street pub.

"I still consider it to be a pub. We sell real ale, have guest bitters and are very busy with people who are just drinking.

Liz and John and now discussing changing the menu which is altered every four months. There are always impressive meat and fish specialities, always duck and chicken dishes, and all the vegetables are fresh.

A wood-burning oven was brought to Sandwich in pieces from Italy to be reconstructed at the "George and Dragon" and the range of 11 pizzas presents a first class choice.

Starters and sweets are also tempting the range of salads has wonderful dressings and at lunchtimes the char grilled baguettes offer a quick lunchtime snack with a difference.

About 35 people can be seated in the restaurant and Liz is keen to promote its "woman friendly" atmosphere. The revamped pub also has a cellar room for private parties or business lunches.

Sunday lunchtime provides a speciality at the "George and Dragon," when apart from the usual full al a carte menu there is also a chance to try the carvery, complete with roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings. On Sunday evenings only pizza, salads and desserts are served.

The pub also has a range of coffees to suit every taste.

The "George and Dragon" is a two minute walk away from free parking at The Quay and is closed in the afternoons.


From the Dover Express, 27 July 2017. By Lauren MacDougall.

Restaurateur suggests critic may have been ‘too full’ to appreciate his dinner.

THE George and Dragon in Sandwich has garnered a great reputation in both the town and wider Kent over the years.

The Dover district pub prides itself on serving some seriously tasty grub, offering a traditional menu packed full of British and world cuisine.

But despite an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on the tourism website TripAdvisor (based on more than 600 reviews), making it the top eatery in Sandwich and one of the best rated dining establishments in the whole county, the restaurant is not without the occasional online critic.

While many restaurateurs choose to ignore the bad reviews, one of the pub’s owners, Matthew Philpott, took issue with a couple, writing some epic and sassy comebacks to the moaning diners.

One critic with username “Dean C” left a review in May this year, giving the restaurant just two stars.


He complained: “Had heard good things but found both starters and mains very uninspiring and at best average.

“If the food wasn’t bad enough the service was ambivalent at best.” (sic)


Matthew replied: “Dean, not sure what to say about your review as it does not really tell us much about your experience or why you were so disappointed.

“If you look through our reviews you will notice your opinions are not in sync with the majority of people who use our pub.”

After taking a snoop on Dean’s TripAdvisor profile - and discovering that he had also left a (positive) review for another Sandwich restaurant, Luigi’s, on the very same day, Matthew ramped up the sass.

He wrote: “After looking at your other review I would not recommend eating at two restaurants in one day. Some may call it a bit greedy, and maybe being so full affected your judgement.”

This is not the only time the pub owner has taken to the keyboard to defend his business.

Another user left a scathing two star review in March, titled “Don’t get it”.

Matthew replied: “I do not get why people are so very happy to go on social websites like TripAdvisor to post their negative views rather than speak to us at the time.

“If you were able to speak to us we could of attempted to correct any mistake or disappointment you may have with your service or meal.

“People worry about the young generation having poor communication skills, I think they probably learnt it off the current generation.”

In 2008 the George and Dragon was taken over by Matthew and his brother Mark, when they returned back to the town in which they were brought up.

Mark, the chef began his career by studying catering at Thanet College for three years.

He then moved to London, where he spent 11 years gaining valuable experience working in a number of kitchens, including the Georgian kitchen at Harrods, Leith’s and Adam Street.

And Matthew, after working in London for a few years, moved to Surrey where he became the manager of the Brickmakers Pub in Windlesham for three years.

Both brothers hope they can use the skills they have gained, to give every customer an enjoyable and friendly experience at the George and Dragon.


I am informed that the pub is currently closed. (6 Jan 2019.) But reopened again in July 2019.


From the By Lauren MacDougall, 6 November 2019.

Kent’s cosiest pubs with gorgeous log fires that will shield you from the cold.

These stunning pubs come with crackling fires, beautiful interiors and tasty food.

Is there anything better than curling up next a toasty log fire, pint in hand?

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Some of them even have more than one wood burner, so you won't be fighting for the coveted space in front of the flickering flames.

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out our list below.

The George and Dragon.

George and Dragon 2019

The George and Dragon in Sandwich.

Where : 24 Fisher St, Sandwich CT13 9EJ.

What : This historic pub in Sandwich was has been open almost 600 years.

It's a big hit with those seeking shelter from the cold winter weather with its beautiful atmosphere, cosy fire, seasonal menu and unique ales.



WEBB Thomas 1552+

BACK Stephen 1574+

SEARLES Joshua 1591+

SEARLES Widow 1608+

SCOONES Francis 1615+

SCOONES Thomas 1628+

CULLEY Thomas 1635+

CULLEY Martha 1663+

WARNETT Elias 1671+

JACKS Thomas 1687+

JACKS Matilda 1696+

BENNING Mrs Jane 1710+

BENNING William 1746+

TOODS Johnathan 1753+

SPENCER Nysall 1760+

WADE John 1771+

MARTYN Thomas 1784+

GOOSE Francis 1789+

GOOSE Emma 1798+

BROOKES Thomas 1804+

BROOKES William 1823-29+ Pigot's Directory 1823Pigot's Directory 1828-29

BROOKES Clementine 1833+

SPICER William 1832-41 (age 50 in 1841Census) Pigot's Directory 1832-34Pigot's Directory 1839Pigot's Directory 1840

STOKES William 1845-47+ Bagshaw's Directory 1847

ARNOLD William 1851+ (also carpenter age 62 in 1851Census)

EPPSLEY Thomas 1853+

ARNOLD William 1858+ Melville's 1858

JEZZARD Thomas 1865+

FARLEY William C 1861+ (age 33 in 1861Census)

HARVEY James 1871+ (also sawyer age 39 in 1871Census)

HENLEY George 1874+ Kelly's 1874Post Office Directory 1874

BURCHETT John 1876-78+ Post Office Directory 1878

PAY James Norris 1881-82 (also baker age 22 in 1881Census) Post Office Directory 1882

WADHAM William 1890-91+ (age 70 in 1891Census)

JONES William 1898-Jan/1900 Kelly's 1899Deal Mercury

FRAPWELL Herbert Jan/1900-03+ (age 26 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903Deal Mercury

LEE John Charles 1905+

ADAMS Albert 1908-13 (age 34 in 1911Census) Post Office Directory 1913

SEAR Roger 1914-22+ Post Office Directory 1918Post Office Directory 1922

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FELLOWS Thomas E 1937-39+ (age 41 in 1939) Post Office Directory 1938

LAKE Arthur W 1947+

JUDD Leslie J G 1959-74+ Library archives 1974 Fremlins

MARTIN Roger 1976+

BOENKE David Alen 1985

Discovery Inns 1990+

St George Inns 1996+

Last pub licensee had TILLINGS Randolph & Elizabeth 1997-May/2008 (converted to restaurant)

PHILPOTT Mark & Matthew May/2008+

Last pub licensee had BETTS Eddie & Maureen to 2009+

PHILPOTT Matthew 2017+

MILLER Tom July 2019+


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