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Earliest 1812-

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King's Arms

Open 2020+

63 Strand Street


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Kings Arms 1870

Above photo circa 1870, kindly sent by Gary Thatcher.

Kings Arms

Above photo, circa 1870 and persons in shot unknown, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. Showing blow up of photo above.

King's Arms 1897

Above photo, 1897, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. Probably showing licensee Sarah Wareham.

King's Arms 1904

 Above, The King's Arms 1904.

King's Arms 1909

Above postcard, 1909. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

King's Arms 1956

Above postcard, 1956, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

King's Arms 2012 King's Arms 2012

Above photos shows the King's Arms in Sandwich. Photo taken by Paul Skelton 14 January 2012.

King's Arms plaqueKing's Arms sign
King's Arms card 1953King's Arms card 1953

Above card issued March 1953. Sign series 4 number 19.

King's Arms 1930s

Above shows a watercolour circa 1930.

King's Arms date unknown

Above photo date unknown. By kind permission of the "King's Arms."

Kings Arms Plaque 1987

King's Arms plaque 1987.


Formally the Queen's Arms and dates from 1592. The name the "King's Arms" has been traced back to 1812.


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal. Tuesday 01 September 1812.

To be sold by auction, by white and Sons, on Monday next, 7th of September, 1812, at the "Kings Arms," Sandwich, at 12 at noon, a Dutch school, three barges, to pleasure boats, &c. &c. in the following lots.


In the 16th century, The King's Arms was formerly The "Queen's Arms." It was named as a compliment to Queen Elizabeth I, who had stayed and been entertained nearby.

The pub is still a traditional English Inn with 6 rooms.

Kings Arms carving

Was a tied house for The East Kent Brewery at the turn of the century but now the Hotel is privately owned.

David G. Collier writes:- The "King's Arms" is rightly famed for its carvings, and an article I found in a back issue of The Mercury says of it: "In unexpected parts of the town, one comes across woodwork worthy of attention. The massive corner post of an old inn has its top wrought into a grotesque devil  crouched upon its haunches; the treatment of its hair is weird in appearance resembling tongues of flame, and no doubt the carver hoped to convey to passers-by a constant reminder of their possible fate in another world." Photo left kindly supplied by Patricia Streater who says "the carving has the numbers 15 (shown) and 92 on the other side, out of view. Front view by Paul Skelton.


The above picture was kindly sent to me by Pete Hawkes, who says the above rare etching is titled; "Bracket Carved in Oak, at the Queen's Arms, Sandwich. Etched by H. W. Rolfe." Published in 1853 in a publication of "The Antiquarian Etching Club."


King's Arms fireplace

Above photo showing the fireplace.

From the Kentish Gazette, 18 February 1840.


(The following was in response to Queen Victoria's recent marriage to Prince Albert on 10 February 1840. Paul Skelton.)

At daylight the bells sent forth a merry peal, and continued at intervals throughout the day. Flags were hoisted on all the churches, and on the ships lying in the river. In the evening a band paraded the town. A ball and card assembly was held at the "Bell Inn," and a large party met at the "King's Arms," to celebrate the occasion.


South Eastern Gazette 05 October 1841.


Sept. 25, after a protracted illness, Elizabeth, the wife of Mr. Thomas Pearson, landlord of the King's Arms, Sandwich.


Kentish Gazette, Tuesday 12 July 1842.

Thomas Pearson, Sandwich.

In relinquishing the business of the "Kings Arms Inn," begs to return his grateful thanks to the Gentry, Agriculturalists, and his Friends generally, for the extensive patronage and support he received during the 29 years that he occupied the premises, and respectfully informs them that he has disposed of the same to Mr. Hart, for whom he solicits the continuance of their favours.

John Hart, "Kings Arms Commercial Inn," Sandwich.

Begs to acquaint his friends and the public generally, that he has taken and entered upon the above old established Inn, where he hopes by assiduity and perseverance to secure a continuance of that support so liberally bestowed upon his predecessor.

Well Aired Beds, Genuine Wines, good stall Stables, lock-up Coachhouses, &c. &c.


From the Kentish Gazette, 6 June 1843.


JOHN PEARSON begs to return his grateful thanks for the Patronage and Support he has received from his Friends and the Public generally, during the short period he has conducted the "Cinque Ports’ Arms;" and at the same time respectfully informs them, and the Gentry and Agriculturists of the Neighbourhood, that he has entered upon the Old Established Business of the "KING’S ARMS INN," for many years carried on by his Uncle, where he hopes from the increased means of accommodation he will be enabled to offer, and by perseverance and strict attention to business, combined with moderate charges, to merit and secure the approbation of those who may honour him with their support.

Genuine Wines and Spirits. Bottled Ales and Porter. Well Aired Beds. Good Stall Stabling and Lock-up Coach Houses. An Ordinary on Stock Market Days.


Kentish Gazette, 9 January 1844.


Dec, 29, at Sandwich, Mr. John Pearson, landlord of the "King's Arms Inn," aged 32.


Kentish Gazette, 9 January 1844.


ALL Persons to whom Mr. JOHN PEARSON, late of the "King’s Arms Inn," SANDWICH, deceased, was indebted at the time of his death, are requested to send an account of such demands to me without delay.

W. LEE, Solicitor to the Estate. Sandwich, 8th January, 1844.


Kentish Gazette, 9 April 1844.

SANDWICH. TO BE SOLD OR LET, With Immediate Possension.

The, "KING’S ARMS INN" and Free Public House, replete with Coach-house, Stabling, and every other convenience, and to which a well-frequented Bowling-Green is attached.

For particulars, and to treat for the purchase or hire, apply to the Proprietor, Mr. Thomas Pearson, on the premises; or at the Office of Mr. W. Lee, Solicitor, Sandwich.


From the Kentish Gazette, 5 December 1848.


C. L. GIBBS, BEGS to inform his friends, that the CHRISTMAS CATTLE SHOW being fixed for MONDAY next, the 11th Inst., the ANNUAL MARKET DINNER will take place at the above Inn.

Dinner on table at half-past One o'clock.

Tickets, 3s each.

W. Elgar, Esq., in the Chair.


Kentish Gazette, 4 February 1851.

Worth Hunt.

The friends of the above Hunt having invited the Master, Mr. Michael Sethersole, to a dinner at the "Kings Arms Inn," Sandwich, on Friday, 14th of February instant, the company of any gentleman will be esteemed a favour.

Dinner on table at 4 o'clock. Tickets to be had at the bar.

Sandwich, Feb. 3, 1851.


From the Dover Express, 28 August 2003.

Judges' job at the bar.

THE winner of the district's best pub award this year is the King's Arms at Sandwich, with the "Smugglers" at St Margaret's and the Park Inn at Dover highly commended.

The results of the annual competition, organised by the White Cliffs Country Tourism Association, were announced at the association's general meeting at Goodnestone Park last week.

The team of judges visited more than 20 public houses, nominated by customers, throughout Dover, Deal, Sandwich and many villages.

The results were announced by district councillor and former guest house owner Roger Walkden, a member of the association, who was leader of the judges.

The judging criteria was which pubs were best for tourists.

Gary Virtue, owner of the "Park Inn," was delighted. He said: "I do a lot behind the scenes now, working closely with my manager and chef to keep standards up.

"I was delighted when I found out how well we'd done. I think about 20 other pubs were nominated, so it's not bad at all."

Manager of the "Park Inn," Tina Holley said: "I'm absolutely delighted with receiving the certificate."


From the Dover Express, 28 August 2008.


Duncan Woodruff

PLAYING a First World 1 War soldier who travels through time to the 1980s would be an interesting role for any young actor.

But for Duncan Woodruff it is even more alluring as it combines his enthusiasm for history with his passion for performing.

Duncan, who recently graduated from the University of Kent with a history degree, is looking forward to repeating the role of Jasper Everly in Trench Kiss for Platform Theatre Company next month.

And it is not only the part he is playing that is appealing, the location will be pretty interesting too.

It will be the first time the company has brought pub theatre to Sandwich, at The "King's Arms Hotel."

The former Sir Roger Manwood's student won't have far to go to work, as he lives just down the road in Ash.

“I first played this role last April and I found it quite thought-provoking,” said Duncan.

“Although it is billed as a comedy there is a real poignancy to it.

“My character discovers that the world he fought to protect for future generations isn't without its problems and flaws.

“I think he is quite sad at how it has turned out.”

Duncan is using his year after graduation to prepare himself for formal training as an actor. He has set his sights on drama school and hopes to gain a place next year.

“I suppose the plays I have been doing with Platform Theatre Company have been like work experience and should help me with my applications for drama college,” he said.

“You need to show a commitment to theatre and hopefully the work I have been doing will prove this.”

Duncan discovered an interest in performing when he went for vocal training and got involved in public speaking as a teenager. He decided to take a history degree as back-up.

“I realised when I left school that I wanted to pursue acting but knew it would make sense to have a degree behind me,' he said.


Trench Kiss is being staged at The "King's Arms Hotel" in Sandwich from Monday, September 1, to Wednesday, September 3, at 8pm. Tickets cost 10 and 8 concessions available by phoning 01843 601312 or 07930 545222.



In May 2018 the owners changed from Punch Taverns to Patron Capital.



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