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Blazing Donkey

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Hay Hill


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Blazing Donkey 1971

Above photo, 1971 showing landlady Babs Clow. Kindly taken and sent by Gunnar Schrøder.

Blazing Donkey, Ham 2010 Blazing Donkey, Ham 2010

Above photos taken from Google 2010.

Blazing Donkey, Eastry

Above photograph taken from their web site 2010.

Blazing Donkey sign 1978

Above sign, February 1978, by Roger Marples.

Blazing Donkey sign 1986Blazing Donkey sign 1991

Blazing Donkey sign left July 1986, sign right August 1991.

Blazing Donkey 1991

Blazing Donkey August 1991.

Above with thanks from Brian Curtis

Blazing Donkey beermat

Above beermat, date unknown, kindly sent by Mike L.


The original building can be traced back to 1763 and was built as a farmhouse. I am not sure when it started selling beer but was probably a sideline for one of the original occupants.

Today, it has recently been renovated by Richard and Sherry Martin, who also own the "Dog" in Wingham.

The hotel, as it now is has accommodation in the recently converted stable, boasting en-suit, digital flat-screen television and WiFi access in all rooms.

A brand new restaurant called "Samphire" was opened by TV chef Aldo Villi in February 2008 and the premises, like the "Dog" can cater for weddings and corporate functions.


From the Dover Express, 17 July, 1970.

Blazing Donkey penny push

A "Copper" pushes over some coppers. Strange? Not when the "Copper" is television actor Jack Warner, better known as B.B.C.'s Dixon of Dock Green pushing over a pile of pennies built up by customers at the "Blazing Donkey" pub in Eastry. Looking on while Jack pushes the pennies and pound notes worth over £50, in aid of spastics, is landlady Mrs. Babs Clow.

From the Dover Express, 10 September, 1971.


Mr and Mrs Clow

In the 20 years Mr. and Mrs. George Clow (pictured above) have been mine hosts at the "Blazing Donkey," Eastry, they have dedicated themselves to raising money for spastics.

They have collected well over £300 through raffles they run every week and letters of thanks from the charity organisations are dotted around the walls of their cosy pub.

Mrs. Clow, "Babs" to her customers, is especially proud of a clock she has on the wall which was presented to her after raising £275.

The pile of old pennies pushed over last week by Mrs Eve Parsons, Commandant of the Sandwich Red Cross, and area collector Mr. W. Danes, of Archers Court, Whitfield. It totalled over £40, bring the amount collected at the "Blazing Donkey" this year to £103.

Now a new pile of pennies has been started, I'll have collected £50 within the next six months," vows Mrs. Chow.

Mr. and Mrs. Chow have a personal friend who has come down to push over piles of pennies during the last six years - Jack Warner, televisions' "Dixon of Dock Green."


Blazing Donkey Advert

Advert from the Dover Express 11 January 2007.


Apparently this was the first pub that Princess Ann ever went in, but I have not had that story substantiated as yet.

Have been informed that the same premises was also the "Jolly Gardener". It changed name some time between 1960 and 1970, not sure when exactly.

When it was the "Jolly Gardner" there used to be a donkey depicted over the sign, which is probably how it gained its new name. I'd be interested to hear if any locals know the full story.


According to Michael David Mirams book "Kent Inns and Inn Signs" Ham's "Blazing Donkey" belonged to a gypsy and lived in a barn near the pub. A terrible fire struck the barn one night, and the poor beast fled from the inferno in flames. Unhappily, he had to be destroyed.


According to their advertisement in the Dover Express on 11 January 2007, the advert above says The Blazing Donkey Country Hotel is family owned and run and is circa 1750 and offers wedding/civil ceremonies. It boasts 22 en-suite guest rooms, located in a stable courtyard.


From the 10 June 2009. BY NICK AMES


THE cast of TV medical drama Holby City are set to descend on The Blazing Donkey in the village of Ham for a wedding.

Rebecca Grant

(Photo left) BRIDE-TO-BE: Rebecca Grant, who plays nurse Daisha Anderson in Holby City, heads for Kent.


One of the show's stars, Rebecca Grant, alias nurse Daisha Anderson, is set to marry actor Ivan Pierson, whose family live in Whitstable.

Most of the cast - including former Jesus of Nazareth star Robert Powell - are likely to be at the venue, which is one of the most popular in Kent for weddings.


The marriage ceremony and festivities are set to take place on Sunday, June 28, following the couple's year-long engagement.

"We can confirm the date is booked,” said a source at the country pub and restaurant. "We expect everyone to have a great day and we are certainly looking forward to it.”

Rebecca, who once dated Hollywood star Christian Slater, says she identifies with her on-screen character.

"I'm half similar to Daisha as my mum is a Filipina,” she said. "I adore tropical food, fruit and weather - and karaoke is, of course, a must.”

The actress has a background in theatre, with appearances in Bombay Dreams and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

Her family has homes in France, Nottingham and the Phillipines, but the couple decided on a Kentish wedding as they liked the area so much.

Rebecca first appeared in the show in the 2008 episode episode Twelve Hour Nightmare.

Daisha was presented first as a staff nurse, then ward sister, whose character in the show is described by the BBC as "forthright and assertive, with a highly-tuned sense of right and wrong.

"She doesn't understand hierarchy or tact but is straightforward and honest and has a natural antenna when it comes to flirting.”

Rebecca has also been on screen in the film The Other Boleyn Girl, which was filmed in part at Dover Castle.


From an email received 24 November 2018.

Dear Sirs or Mrs.,

I have just come across your article of The Blazing Donkey near Ham in Kent.

Interesting article and for your information I may add the following:- I first visited the pub way back in August 1967 with two Norwegian friends. We spent a few days in Deal as I had a girlfriend there whom I met two years earlier in Morpeth, Northumberland.

I do remember very well the Pianola they had inside to the left of the door. A charming landlady from whom I ordered four pints of bitter.

The next round I asked again: "Same again please" with a Georgie accent. She asked me to say it again please as the accent aroused her interest. She took me for being an Irish! What a nice compliment to have for a Norwegian.

Anyway, when my wife and I called in at the same pub in 1971, August again, I saw no change inside and the same lovely and friendly lady behind the bar. Luckily we talked her into having a picture of her outside the premises and this is attached to this mail.

Same pianola inside and I wonder what happened to it?


Gunnar Schrøder.



CLOW Mrs Babs 1951-71+

CLOW Ernest C 1974+ Library archives 1974 Gardner & Co

MURPHY Mike & Pat Next pub licensee had 1981-84

MARTIN Richard & Sherry 2007+


Library archives 1974Library archives 1974


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