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16-18 Queen Street


From the Dover Express, 6 March 2008.

Pub to bring jobs.

A NEW Smith & Jones pub is to be built in Deal with the promise of 35 new jobs for the area.

Planning permission has been granted for the former Jobcentre in Queen Street to be converted into one of the Barracuda Group’s up-market pub chains. It has previously stated the new business will employ 35 people.


From the Dover Express, Thursday, 21 April, 2011. 60p


Wetherspoon premises 2011

Above photo showing the recently closed Deal Job Centre (November 2011) where pub chain Wetherspoon is hoping to open their new pub.

A SCHEME to convert a property in Queen Street, Deal, to a public house has been resurrected.

Dover district councillors are to consider a renewal of planning consent, granted in 2007, to change the use of 18-20 Queen Street. The move involves the provision of a first floor manager's flat erection of a single-storey rear extension and a new shop front.

The warehouse at the back of the property is set to be demolished. The applicant is asking the planners to set aside a condition called for in an earlier decision, made last year.


Below, showing what it looks like 2009.

16-18 Queen Street Five Bells sign

Above shows their proposed sign.

From the East Kent Mercury, 27 October 2011.


Top Pub Chain WD Wetherspoon is aiming to move into Deal town centre, investing around 1 million and employing about 40 people.

Deal and Walmer Chamber of Trade has welcomed the move, although there are reservations from other pub businesses.

The Watford-based company has applied for the former Job centre building in Queen Street and the district council is inviting comments about the proposed opening times.

Press officer Eddie Gershon said: "Wetherspoon has enjoyed great success throughout Kent in the past 15 years and the company is keen to open in the town.

"We would love to be in Deal. We have shown our intent and are in negotiations with the owners.

"Wetherspoon usually spends in excess of 1 million on its pubs and employs about 40-50 people, in part-time and full-time jobs.

"We are very keen to open in Deal, subject to all the necessary permission."

Proposed opening times are shown on notices in the windows of the empty premises, formally occupied by a furniture store, which has now moved into the High Street.

Andy Stevens from the Deal and Walmer Chamber of Trade said the arrival of Wetherspoons should be applauded.

He added: "It is really good to see Deal bucking the trend when some other towns' streets are declining.

"It is great to see big names putting their faith in Deal and realising what a wonderful town this is. Long may this continue.

"Wetherspoon will provide a timely boost to the local economy and would be good for jobs too."


Paul Lynch, owner of the hotel, cafe and bar, "Hole in the Roof, said he was protesting to the district council about the Wetherspoon application.

He said: "I don't think Queen Street needs another pub. It will create noise and with a take-away pizza house opening nearby soon, there will be extra traffic. It is all about environmental issues." he added that his views were reflected by other pub businesses in town.


16-18 Queen Street 2009 16-18 Queen Street 2009

Above pictures of the proposed premises when Penny Bearman was commissioned to make the former closed premises more attractive in 2009.


From the Dover Express, Thursday, 3 November, 2011. 60p


DEAL is set for a double jobs boost after two major companies announced plans to launch their businesses in the town.

Beer and pizza could be featuring more on the menu as fast-food outlet. Domino's Pizza and pub chain JD Wetherspoon are both looking to move Into premises In Queen Street during the coming months.

Domino's Pizza is hoping to move into the old iDeal interiors shop, while JD Wetherspoon is bidding to take over the old Job centre site.

The moves by the companies are expected to pump at least 1 million into the Deal economy and also create up to 80 jobs between them.

Watford based Wetherspoon has 815 outlets across the country and Domino's boasts a portfolio of 9,000 stores worldwide.

The Deal and Walmer Chamber of Trade has welcomed the news and a spokesman said: "It is really good to see that Deal is bucking the trend when some other towns high streets are decimated.

"It is also great to see two major names putting their faith in Deal, realising what a wonderful town it is. Long may this continue."

A spokesman for Domino's Pizza said: "We have identified Deal as having great potential for pizza and have submitted a planning application for a new store on Queen Street, although it is too early to say when the premises will open.

"Opening a now store in Deal would generate around 25 to 35 new Jobs for local people. Domino's Pizza takes its role as a responsible neighbour very seriously and our franchisees work very hard to play an active role in the community, not only by delivering great-tasting pizza but also by supporting numerous local charities, groups and events."

A spokesman for JD Wetherspoon added: "We are very keen to open in Deal, subject to necessary permission. We normally spend in excess of 1 million on our pubs and employ 40-50 people in a part-time and full-time capacity."


From the Dover Mercury, 10 November, 2011. 70p


I HAVE seen many changes in the pub trade in my time in the business, but I do not like what is happening out there today!

I was shocked and very disappointed when I heard that the JD Wetherspoon pub chain is being allowed to move into Deal very shortly.

It's just another large nail in the coffin for the independent traditional public house. On average, there are 10 pubs closing per week in this country. Just recently the "Lord Nelson" on The Strand the "Hare and Hounds" at Northbourne closed, and there will be more.

The government and the local authorities are forever telling us publicans to stop encouraging the 'yob and binge drinking culture' but I believe letting this pub chain come into our town promoting their cheap beer and spirits will end up with us local publicans having to pick up the pieces and getting the blame for the damage done to the town.

I would also like to point out that Wetherspoons may be going to employ 40-something local people, but Deal publicans have been employing many, many more than 40 local people over the time we have been trading in the town!

So I would like to say 'thanks' to our wonderful government and local councils for letting this pub chain into Deal and helping the local pubs to close quicker than 10 a week.

So let JD Wetherspoon come to our town and ruin the High Street; because they will. Goodbye the traditional British pub in Deal.

Graham Stiles, publican, the "King's Head," Beach Street, Deal.


From the Dover Mercury, 24 November, 2011. 70p


How depressing to think that the licensing authority would even contemplate letting Wetherspoon into a town that already has problems with drinkers.

Setting aside the deplorable effect it would have on the independent licensees in the area, what possible benefits can it bring to a place once renowned for the historical interest and quirky individuality of its shops and buildings? Jobs, of course, but what sort of jobs? Presumably the best it will offer is a stream of low-paid, uninspiring "traineeships".

What exactly will the employees be left with at the end of their apprenticeships? Presumably the know-how to open a pub of their own, the only snag being that there won't be any. Just dreary, soulless barns with piped music.

The Deal Society has long been dedicated to fostering interest in the many intriguing and unique features of the town.

It is tempting to wonder if another organisation, possibly more covert, is currently engaged in draining the place of every vestige of originality and character and propelling it at speed to a point where it may be invited to twin itself with a deserted industrial estate or motorway service station.

Sarah Grazebrook, Cherry Lane, Deal.


■ IT ALL sounds great that the national pub chain Wetherspoon wants to open in Deal, doesn't it? But what will the true cost actually be?

Yes the business will employ about 40 people and offer cut-price drinks. In theory it sounds great, but don't fall for it.

What Wetherspoon will bring with it is cut-price drinks that will have a profound affect on the local pub trade.

I have seen lots of pubs being boarded up around the country as they simply cannot afford to compete with the likes of Wetherspoon.

Please don't think that it will be just the pubs that suffer as a result of this brand coming to town. The restaurants will also suffer as Wetherspoon also offers cut-price meals.

Deal has a pub and restaurant scene that can rival any of the best seaside towns in the country.

There are other sides to a pub chain offering cut-price drinks. Will there be an increase in unsociable behaviour in Deal? Will there be drunken antics that cheap booze brings with it?

I hope that common sense sees through and this application is turned down. Frank Macklin, Harold Road


■ I FIND it hard to believe the district council have approved the opening of a Wetherspoon pub in a town most often described by others as “quaint”.

Deal has a reputation for the best live music in the county, music provided by the local pubs for free. On a typical Sunday afternoon/evening as many as seven pubs in the town engage a wide variety of live bands and singers attracting many visitors to the town.

Do we really want to swap these live music fans for the “pound a pint” crowd you see congregating outside a certain pub in Dover High Street?

The opening of a pub of this kind will be a disaster for the town forcing the closure of many long established “proper” pubs. How ironic that the so-called party of the family are approving this at the same time as they are closing our youth clubs. Perhaps our young people, now unable to learn guitar at youth centres, will instead be out drinking the cheap alcohol at this new venue and we as a town may suffer the anti-social behaviour this could bring.

Eddie Wells, Park Avenue, Deal


From the East Kent Mercury, 29 November, 2012.


A CAMPAIGN group has been started on Facebook against JD Wetherspoon's choice of name for its new pub in Deal.

The "Five Bells," as the Queen Street pub will be called, has been dubbed “bland” and a “bad start” by one of those who have joined the group.

And future users of the pub and restaurant have continued suggesting possible names for the venue.

The Norman Wisdom, The Basil Kidd, The Charles Hawtrey are some of the suggestions posted by some of the people who have joined the campaign.

Eddie Gershon, spokesman for the pub chain, said: “We appreciate that people are interested in our new pub in Deal and the name chosen and acknowledge the Facebook campaign which has been set up.

“We have chosen the name for our pub and are happy with it, however we will ensure that the company's senior management are made aware of the feelings of the Facebook group.”

Managers at JD Wetherspoon delved into Deal's history when short-listing potential names.

They settled on the "Five Bells" because during Stewart times, there was an inn called The "Five Bells" which stood at the site of the "Hole in the Roof" cafe bar.

Queen Street was then named Five Bells Lane until 1740 because of the association.

The "Five Bells" was renamed the "Swan Hotel," and the pub was rebuilt in 1938 to become the "Swan."

JD Wetherspoon will open in March 2013. Work is under way inside the building.


The campaign group can be found at by searching the name Rethink the name of Wetherspoon's “The Five Bells.”

Tony Johnson, who started the group said: “We need the town to get behind this campaign.

“Invite your friends to “like” this page. If J.D.Wetherspoon wants to be a success in the town, then it needs a new name now.

One of its members Andy Stevens said: “The Norman Wisdom, The Basil Kidd, The Charles Hawtrey - Wetherspoon's bland choice of The "Five Bells" is a rubbish start in the town.

“They must have a rethink. The Mercury' should petition them too.”



Looks like the public changed the minds of the Wetherspoon's management. They have consented to renaming the pub the "Sir Norman Wisdom."

Is this another Wetherspoon's ploy to get free advertising? They appear to have done the same with the "Ten Bells" in Dover.




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