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Earliest May 2017

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Little Black Dog

Closed 2021

The Street

Great Chart

Little Black Dog 2017

Above photo has had a computer painting effect done on it, by Mick Judd. 2 August 2017.


Traced back to at least 1871 when it was known as the "Black Dog," the premises changed name to the "Hooden Horse" for some reason and was operating under that name in 2008. Again, I am not yet sure when but it is now called, closely to it's original name as the "Little Black Dog." Whether it's shrunk in size I haven't a clue.

What's more strange is that the other pub in the village that used to be called the "Swan" was renamed the "Swan and Dog" about September 2014 to pay tribute to this building when it was indeed called the "Black Dog.".


From By Kristina Curtis, 02 June 2017.

Hoodener's Horse pub in Great Chart becomes The Little Black Dog.

The Hoodener's Horse pub in Great Chart has officially been reverted back to its former name, although there is a slight twist.

The popular village pub was originally opened as the "Black Dog" and new owner Helene Smith, 25, has played on that title, now calling the pub the "Little Black Dog."

“It’s a bit of a coincidence really,” she said “I have a little black dog and the pub’s not the largest and was called the "Black Dog" so it seemed fitting.”

Helen Smith and Peg

Great Chart landlady Helene Smith with Peg, her own Little Black Dog, outside the renamed pub.

Helene, along with her other little black dog Peg, was the manager at the pub for a year and a half before she took over the lease in February and it’s not just the name she’s changed.

“We’ve had a bit of a paint,” said Helene “I’ve had the kitchen redecorated and sorted so with any luck we will be doing food, not proper sit down meals but we will be doing bar snacks.

“We’ve also had the garden terrace outside the back tided up a little bit so there’s a place outside to sit down and have ploughman’s or something once we get the food running.”

The "Little Black Dog" had its re-naming ceremony at the end of May which was a huge success, with humans and dogs alike, and raised nearly 300 for charity.


From the By Rhys Griffiths, 16 August 2021.

Plans to convert The Little Black Dog pub in Great Chart, near Ashford, into three-bedroom house.

A village pub which shut earlier this year could be turned into a three-bedroom semi-detached house.

An application to convert the The Little Black Dog in The Street, Great Chart, near Ashford, has been submitted to the borough council following the venue's closure.

Little Black Dog

The Little Black Dog pub in The Street in Great Chart near Ashford. Picture: Google Street View.

The red brick building is not listed but it is in the Great Chart conservation area.

Previously known as the "Hoodener's Horse," developers say the pub could be easily converted into a family home without affecting the look of the street.

"The application submitted is for the change of use of the existing building from a former public house to a single residential dwelling house," the planning statement in support of the proposal says.

"The existing layout provides a perfect layout for conversion requiring minimal works. The proposed dwelling will be a three-bedroom semi-detached family home."

If the plans are approved then the existing single-glazed windows will be replaced with double-glazing in the same style, to ensure the appearance of the building remains unchanged.

Little Black Dog

The Little Black Dog pub in The Street in Great Chart near Ashford. Picture: Google Street View.

"The application seeks to offer village centre residential accommodation by converting the vacant building," the planning statement concludes.

"There is no adverse effect on the existing building in terms of appearance and the proposed works to facilitate the conversion are very minimal."



SMITH Helene May/2017+


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