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Earliest 1851-

Black Dog

Latest 1974+

(Name to)

The Street

Great Chart

Black Dog

Above postcard, date unknown.

Black Dog 1910

Above postcard, circa 1910, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Black Dog

Above photo kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Black Dog sign 1935

Above sign, 1935.

Black Dog sign 1974

Above sign 1974.

With thanks from from Roger Pester

Black Dog matchbox

Above matchbox, 1980s, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.


Local knowledge tells me that the pub was built by local builder Thomas Wood - who died before 1841 - his son George Wood became Retailer of Beer and is resident at the pub on the 1871 Census. At present, I am unaware of date that the pub was built.

The pub changed name to the "Hoodener's Horse" date unknown.

The census of 1911 indicates that the building although still called the "Black Dog" was operating as a China Shop.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 26 May 1860.


We stated in our last, that a labouring man, named James Swaffer, had fallen a victim to his intemperate habits, and that an inquest would be holden on the body by the county coroner, T. T. Delasaux, Esq. The jury accordingly accordingly assembled at the "Black Dog," in this village, when they at once returned the following verdict, “That the deceased was accidentally suffocated by falling into a ditch, while in a state of intoxication."


South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 6 September 1864.

Application for Licenses.

Mr. Tassell, solicitor of Faversham, applied for spirit licenses for the following beer houses on behalf of Messrs. Shepperd and Mares, Brewers.

The "Black Dog," Great Chart, kept by George Wood.......

The Bench refused the application.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 6 March 1920.

Ashford Invalid Objections to Licences.

At the adjourned licensing sessions, Ashford on Tuesday, objection was raised on the grounds of redundancy to the licences of the "Eight Bells" and "Smiths Arms," Ashford and the "Black Dog," Great Chart.

Mr. B. B. C. Drake contended that the objection was invalid on the ground that no written notice has been served on the licence holders as the Act required.

This was upheld by the Bench, and all three licences were renewed.



WOOD George 1851-71+ (age 40 in 1851Census)

SINDEN Henry 1881+ (age 39 in 1881Census)

SINDEN Sarah 1891-1901+ (widow age 48 in 1891Census)

FINN William 1939+ (age 76 in 1939)

MARTIN Eddie & Dolly ????




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