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Built 1951

Hope and Anchor

Latest 1983

(Name to)

162 Ramsgate Road


Hope and Anchor card 1973

Above Whitbread card, 1973.


This hospitable community pub was built in 1951 and was first called the 'Hope and Anchor', after the other "Hope and Anchor" in Margate High Street was demolished.

In 1983 the interior was restyled on the open lounge model, which resulted in the removal of the Off Licence section. The pub was also renamed to the "Thomas Telford," to commemorate the famous Scottish civil engineer who had worked on a drainage scheme in Ramsgate in the 18th century.

The pub was further renamed in the 80s, when it became part of the Thorley empire, and was again renamed "Lesters" after the jockey, Lester Piggett.


Thanet Times, Wednesday 21 April, 1965.

He had never even heard of Margate.

Mr & Mrs George Burgin 1965

Completing 10 years' service next month at the public house which he took on when it was built, is Mr. George Burgin, licensee of the "Hope and Anchor," Ramsgate Road, Margate.

This is his first position as landlord of a licensed house, although he has had connections with the trade for some time.

Born in London, he left school to become a motor mechanic in the City. In 1936 he branched out into the catering trade, where, with a London catering firm, he got his first taste of the licensed trade.

In 1947 Mr. Burgin became manager of the "Royal Albion Hotel" at Walton-on-Mayes, Essex, and enjoyed running his bar so much that he decided 8 years later to become landlord of a public house.

"I heard of a vacancy at the pub, which had then just been built, and I decided to move to Margate, a town which I had never even heard of before," said Mr. Burgin.

Since getting over a few initial pangs of homesickness for the city life, Mr. Burgin has enjoyed his 10 years at Margate.

"I miss my fellow Londoners a bit, but I definitely wouldn't go back there now as I am settled here," he said.

The pub, which has three bars, also has a games room, equipped with a billiards table, and a spacious children's room.

In the saloon bar there is a collection of vintage model cars on one of the shelves.

"It started when a customer brought me a model of a steamroller to display in the bar," said Mr. Burgin. "Other customers saw it and now I have 17 models."

Mr. Burgin and his wife, Alice, have twin sons, Christopher and Michael, aged 25.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 14 June 1977.

Angry pub landlords in talks on beer shortage.

AS beer supplies in Thanet dry up in the strike by Whitbread-Fremlln's draymen, the tenants of 330 public houses in east Kent are to hold a mass meeting at the "Granville Hotel," Ramsgate, this (Tuesday) afternoon.

Mr. Pat Cross, of the "Hope and Anchor," Margate, who is vice-president of Thanet Licensed Victuallers Association, said that today's mass meeting of tenants was being called to seek compensation from the brewers for loss of trade.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 1 July 1980.

Thanet Woman's Auxiliary of the licensed trade held its annual summer fete at the "Hope and Anchor," Margate, last week.

More than 150 people attended the function in aid of the L.V.A. and local charities.

And they saw the amazing power of palmist Madame Brenda Clarke of the "Shakespeare," public house, Ramsgate, and were able to take part in a raffle and visit the side stalls.

Hope and Anchor fete 1980

Chairman of Thanet Woman's Auxiliary, Mrs. Zella Lawrence, is pictured with palmist extraordinary Brenda Clarke and members.




BURGIN George May/1955-65+

CROSS Pat 1977+


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