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Beer Retailers



From Pigot's Directory of 1828.

COBB Edward & Co, Brewers.

HOOKER John, Brewers.

MILLIGAN James, Brewers.


Kentish Gazette, 6 February 1844.

Jan 29, at Sheerness, Mr. C. Walton, formerly a tavern keeper.


South Eastern Gazette, Tuesday 17 April 1849.


Frederick Joseph Edgcombe, licensed victualler, of Sheerness, was opposed by Mr. Sargood, for Sir Henry Meux and Co. The opposition was merely to obtain possession of the house and licences, which the insolvent refused to give, on the grounds that the rent was regularly paid, and whilst it continue to be paid he would not give up possession until he hade received a regular notice.

Mr. Morgan, the insolvent's solicitor, advised him to take a conditional charge on giving up the premises.

The insolvent said he would leave it altogether in the hands of his Honour.

His Honour said he could not advise him; he was there to adjudicate upon the case.

A long discussion then ensued, and ultimately the insolvent was ordered to be discharged, conditionally on filing the licenses in court, and giving up possession to the opposing creditors. If not done within three weeks Mr. Sargood to have permission to oppose at the next court date.


CENSUS 1851.

BAKER William, "Minster Garrison," age 55, Licensed Victualler.

BRISLEY Richard, age 58, Licensed Victualler.

CLARKESON George, High Street, Mile Town, age 49, Licensed Victualler.

FISHENDEN James, age 62, Licensed Victualler.

MILINER James, Victory Street, age 29, Licensed Victualler.

PENMAN Henry, High Street, age 31, Beer Retailer.

SANSUM George, Rose Street, Mile Town, Beer Retailer and Shoemaker.

SMITH Ben, High Street, age 38, Inn Keeper.

TUCKER John, High Street, age 31, Beer Retailer.


Kentish Gazette 23 November 1858.

SITTINGBOURNE PETTY SESSIONS. Monday, Nov. 15. (Before Dr. Poore.)


Charles Adsley and James Anstey, beershop-keepers, severally appeared on summons taken out by the chief constable of Sheerness, at the instance of one of the overseers of the parish, charged with "obtaining licenses to retail beer under false certificates." Mr. Large, supervisor, proved the granting of the licenses to each of the defendants, on the 23d of Oct. On that occasion they produced certificates to the effect that they were rated at about 11 10s., the sum required under the Acts 3 and 4 Vic. cap. 61, sec. 18, to render them eligible for licenses.

Mr. Burley, overseer, stated that under the act the certificates should be signed by six ratepayers as to the character of the applicants, and signed by one of the overseers, as to the rating. He produced his rate-book, and proved that the defendants were not rated at a sum sufficient to meet the requirements of the act, and that several of the persons whose names were attached to the certificates were not rated as required. The certificates were signed by the senior overseer, Amos Cheeseman.

Defendants said that what they were now rated at would have been sufficient, but that the last rate had not been signed by the magistrates.

The Bench had no option but to convict, and each were fined 18 and costs, 3 8s. 8d., and disqualified from again holding a license.


CENSUS 1861.

SAMSOM George, Rose Street, Mile Town, Beer Retailer.


From the Maidstone Telegraph, Rochester and Chatham Gazette, Saturday 4 May 1861.

Edward Stafford was charged with wilfully damaging two chairs and other articles, the property of John Priestley White, landlord of a public house at Marine Town, Sheerness, on Saturday afternoon.

Fined 7s. 6d. damages, and 13s. 4d. costs.


KELLY'S DIRECTORY 1930 Kelly's 1830

BOWDEN Alfred J, East Lane, Beer Retailer.

MILWAY Arthur C, 1 West Lane, Beer Retailer Next pub licensee had

Shepherd Neame Ltd, West Street, Brewers Stores.


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