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Earliest 1851-


Open 2020+

15 Garden Street


01634 841006

Cannon 1920

Above photo date unknown, from by Ben Levick. Showing Thomas Pilcher and family in the picture, 1920.

Cannon troops WW1

Above photo circa WW1, showing licensee Thomas Pilcher (civilian in back row), his son Bernard T. Pilcher (civilian in front row, with dog) and a group of Royal Engineers.

Cannon troops 2009

Above photo showing the troops circa 2009. The landlady is second left, back row.

Cannon sign 1986Cannon sign 2010

Above sign left, July 1986. Sign right, 2010 by Ben Levick

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Cannon sign 1978Cannon sign 2001

Above sign left 1978 by Ben Levick, sign right 2001.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Cannon 2010

Above photo 5 June 2010, from by Ben Levick.

Information taken from by lassow.vamp.

Cannon 1958

Beyond the "King George V" you can see The "Cannon" and the entrance to the (then derelict) Holy Trinity Church. Between the church entrance and the "Cannon" Pub a small Drill Hall was built for the local Volunteer Artillery hence the pub name. The red-brick buildings on the corner of Garden Street and Mansion Row were the quarters for the unit permanent staff.

Canon 2010

Above photo December 2010, from by Ben Levick.

Cannon 2016

Above Google image, July 2016.


The "Cannon" pub was located almost next door to the Artillery Drill Hall in Garden Street. It is said that many an artilleryman was pleased to head towards the hall to get in extra “cannon practice”!


From the Rochester and Chatham Journal and Mid-Kent Advertiser, Saturday, September 2, 1876.


The magistrates hear adjourned for some time to take of luncheon. On business being resumed the following persons, who had been convicted of various offences during the year, and his cases had been deferred in consequence, apply for the renewal of their licences. vis. John Shrubb, "Cannon," Old Brompton....

The other licences were renewed after the holders had been cautioned.




SHRUBB John 1851-76+ (age 44 in 1871Census)

SHRUBB George 1881+ (nephew of above) (age 26 in 1881Census)

SHRUB William 1890s (brother of above)

PILCHER William 1891+

PILCHER Thomas 1901-22+ (brother of above)

WHITTAKER George 1930+

MARRIOTT D 1988-90+

MARRIOTT Pauline to 2022+




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