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Earliest 1914

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King George V

Closed 31 Dec 2022

1 Prospect Road


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King George V 1958

Above photo 1958, from by Ben Levick.

King George V 1900

Above photo, 1990.

King George V

Above photo, date unknown.

Above photo 1978, from by Ben Levick.

King George V sign 2011

Above sign 2011, from by Ben Levick.

King George V sign 2011

Above sign 2011, from by Ben Levick.

King George V 2010

Above photo December 2010, from by Ben Levick.

King George V 2022

Above photo 2022.

Leon Simmonds 2015

Leon Simmonds, licensee 2015.


Until 1914 the King George V pub was known as the "King of Prussia". At the outbreak of the First World War this very German name led to it having its windows smashed. The name was swiftly changed to the more patriotic one it bears today.

George Frederick Ernest Albert became King George V on 6th May 1910 and died on the 15th January, 1936.


From the By Medway Messenger, 13 November 2014.

Landlord John Brice calls last orders at the King George V in Brompton, but Medway Beer Festival still going strong.

The organiser of the Medway Beer Festival, which opens on Thursday, is retiring from running his own pub.

John Brice and his wife Diane have left the "King George V" in Brompton, which they have run for the last 10 years.

However, he insists the annual three-day festival at the Stanley Ballroom in Gundulph Road, Chatham, is safe for the foreseeable future.

John Brice 2014

John Brice looks along the line of Kent ales at the Medway Beer Festival 2013

He said: “After running pubs in Medway for almost 15 years, the time has come to put up my feet and sit on the other side of the bar.”

The King George V – known locally as the KGV – has been taken over by Leon and Emma Simmonds, who run their own beer business, called Kentish Ales.

John had a long career as a broadcaster and journalist with the BBC before helping to build the "Tap n Tin" in Railway Street, Chatham.

He went on to buy the "Frog and Toad" in Gillingham and won CAMRA’s pub of the year title for three consecutive years.

It was there that he started running frequent ale festivals, before taking over the King George V.

He said: “All that experience gave me the background to run the Medway Beer Festival.”

This week he and his team have been building the structures and bars which make up the annual event, John’s 11th.

They have racked up 50 tubs of real ale and set up 10 different ciders.

Last week, John travelled to Bruges to bring back the latest selection of bottled Belgian Christmas beers.

Live music has been booked for all three nights and a quiz has now been prepared for Saturday afternoon.

The entry fee is 3, which includes a glass to take home.

Today the event opens at 11am with an entrance charge of 5. On Saturday it opens at the same time with a fee of 4. Each night last orders are at 11pm.

The festival is restricted to anyone over the age of 18. Hot food will be served during most of the opening hours.


From the By Nicola Jordan, 21 December 2022.

Landlord John Brice calls last orders at the King George V historic military pub in Brompton.

The landlord of an historic military pub dating back centuries is calling time on New Year's Eve.

The King George V in Brompton, one of the oldest hostelries in Medway, is closing for essential improvements to be carried out leaving its future as a licensed premises uncertain.

Licensee John Brice, who has been behind the bar of the "KG5" with wife Diane for 20 years, will not be returning to the helm but hopes it will remain a pub.

He is blaming a raft of reasons for a drop in business, notably the hike in beer prices competing with cheap booze from supermarkets, a change in drinking habits since lockdown and high business rates.

He is using the beginning of the new year, a traditionally quiet time in the industry, to get works done to comply with fire regulations.

Mr Brice said: "The works necessary now involve the cellar and the two floors above the bar area so that disruption to customers would be unacceptable.

"Our letting rooms are an important part of the pub income, so it is vital we get them back in use as soon as we can.

"It is also a tough time for the pub industry with the increasing costs of power, food, staff and drinks – some of them big rises.

"Beer prices have gone up twice since we last passed them on to customers. In the New Year most will cost us an extra 15% more, so we will take time to see how the marketplace settles.

"With those beer increases, it will mean a pint costing an extra 1 or more just to stand still.

"With the unfair level of business rates for small businesses and competition for cheap booze in supermarkets, it is a difficult time for pubs.

"During Covid, people got into the habit of drinking at home and since life has got back to normal, trade has not returned to former levels."

Diane & John Brice 2022

Diane and John Brice man the pumps.

The pub in Prospect Row closed for a year-long major upgrade after a dispute with a former tenant.

Mr Brice, the chairman of Medway Licensed Victuallers and a real ale connoisseur, spent more than 100,000 on a makeover ensuring the listed premises retained its historic features and refurbishing four en-suite bedrooms.

Dating back to 1690, it was frequented by Royal Navy personnel from the nearby Chatham Dockyard as well as soldiers from Brompton Barracks.

The village outside Chatham town centre was known to Lord Nelson and General Kitchener.

Memorabilia including berets caps, badges and emblems adorn the walls along with pictures of the solider's seaside home town in Devon.

King George V inside

The King George V in Brompton needed a massive makeover.

The couple retired after running the pub for 10 years in 2014, saying they wanted to put their feet up and “sit at the other side of the bar”.

But they returned at the helm to get the pub, which is popular with locals, back up-and-running.

At the reopening in October 2021, Mr Brice, said: "It’s been a long and difficult journey, but after seeing the end results it’s all been worthwhile.

“I used this pub as a drinker 40 years ago and it has a special place for me.

“I couldn’t just sit here and watch it die. It’s one of the oldest pubs in Medway and is a landmark to naval history serving many characters over the years from both the Royal Navy and Army.

“The pub basically looks like it always did. But everything has been upgraded, repainted, re-upholstered, re-carpeted and given a totally fresh appearance.”

He re-introduced The Monday Club, rum club, whisky society, monthly walks, live acoustic sessions, piano evenings, meat raffle and silent quizzes.

Mr Brice, who also owns the "Frog and Toad" in Gillingham, organises the Medway Beer Festival at the Stanley Ballroom in Chatham which has gone from strength to strength over the years.

He had a long career as a broadcaster and journalist with the BBC before going into the licensing trade.

He is currently awaiting a back operation which is likely to take him out of action for months.


Unfortunately the pub closed its doors on the last day of 2022.



BRICE John 2004-14

SIMMONDS Leon & Emma 2015+


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