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Earliest ????

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Keston Mark

Closed 2008

65 Croydon Road


Keston Mark 1903

Above postcard, circa 1903.

Keston Mark pre 2009

Above photo, pre 2008, kindly sent by Sally Wood.

Keston Mark sign 1991

Above sign 1991.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


Originally known as the "Red Cross" the pub had to change name in the 1930s due to the Geneva Convention as the symbol is used to depict humanitarian protection.

The "Keston Mark" derives its name from the marker which once stood nearby denoting the boundary line of the parishes of Bromley and Keston. The pub and nearby tearooms were popular in Victorian and Edwardian times with day trippers from London visiting the nearby beauty spots. The pub closed in 2008 and the premises have been converted to residential use, now called Landau House.


Keston Mark 2020

Above photo, 2020, kindly sent by Sally Wood.

Former Mark 2020

Above photo, circa 2020.

Mark sign 2020

Above sign circa 2020.


From the  By PubSpy, 9 August 2002.

Keston Mark, Keston.

THE Keston Mark is a well known pub in the Bromley area.

The area around the crossroads between Croydon Road and Westerham Road is known locally as Keston Mark, and there has apparently been a pub on the site ever since at least the mid 1800s.

It was once known as the "Red Cross," but was renamed to avoid confusion with the famous international organisation.

The historical angle isn't really played upon inside the pub.

This is a Whitbread pub, clearly catering for something of a younger crowd.

Colourful boards everywhere promote various activities such as Playstation night, and the daily showing of the Simpsons - hardly indicative of a "traditional" English boozer. Even the pool table is "American" style!

These points aside, the pub is actually quite attractive. The wooden bar area is classically elegant and there is a grandness about the place which is often missing from today's newer pubs.

It reminds me of Eltham's "Rising Sun" in many respects, although this could be as they are both run by Whitbread.

Service on our visit came from a skinhead landlord who looked like he could handle himself quite nicely in a tricky situation.

Clearly not to be messed with.

While not being the most talkative chap in the world, he was at least polite and quick to get us our drinks.

Cask ale doesn't seem to rate too highly here, so beer-lovers may find themselves out in the cold somewhat if they come down here, although the Flowers was perfectly reasonable.

The worst thing about The Keston Mark was the irritating MTV in the background. I'm dubious of pubs with screens at the best of times, being a bit of a football-hater. But pubs which constantly have a TV on tend to be a real conversation killer.

Watching a Mariah Carey special might be good entertainment at home, but I go down the pub to get away from the 1000s of channels on offer in my living room and have a conversation.

My fellow drinkers weren't the most friendly looking sorts either. Maybe it was just the hung-over paranoia, or maybe just a bad time, but it wasn't the warmest welcome I've ever received.

Regular PubSpy readers will probably be too busy up at the nearby "Two Doves" or "Bird in Hand" to be too concerned with the "Keston Mark."

Still, this is by no means a bad pub, and is certainly one of the smarter places I've been in recently. One certainly for the younger crowd.



LAWLESS John 1841+ (age 38 in 1841Census)




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