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Two Doves

Open 2022+

37 Oakley Road


020 8062 6513

Two Doves

Above postcard, date unknown.

Two Doves

Above photo, date unknown. By Brin Hawkins.

Two Doves 2010

Above photo 2010 by Mike Quinn Creative Commons Licence.

Two Doves sign 1985Two Doves sign 2010

Above sign left 1985, sign left  2010.


I have also seen this addressed as in Keston.


Bromley & District Times, Friday 10 March 1893.

Licensing Business.

At the Bromley Petty Sessions, on Monday, the following licensing matters were disposed of.

Two other applications in respect of to the "Two Doves," Bromley Common and the "Black Boy," St. Mary Cray, were adjourned for a week.


Bromley & District Times, Friday 8 April 1898.

The "Old Two Doves." Bromley Common.

Proprietor. F. W. Penfold.

Choices wines, spirits and ales, cigars of the finest brand.

All home comforts for traveller either walking, riding, driving, or cycling.

A good tea garden.

Stabling accommodations, splendid scenery.


From the By PubSpy, 10 February 2009.

 Two Doves, Oakley Road, Keston.

PubSpy braves the snow only to get an icy reception at "Two Doves," Keston. But the well-kept beers and friendly staff keep him warm.

A lot of column inches have been taken up in recent days with talk about how Britain failed to cope with last week’s snow. Schools did close, public transport stalled and the roads were icy — yet none of these problems could stop me from going to the pub.

There would have had to have been six feet of snow rather than six inches to prevent my journey to this week’s venue, The Two Doves near Keston Mark.

Others clearly felt the same because after the regulars had finished giving me the once over I noticed most of them were wearing Wellington boots.

Their distrustful gaze did not make me feel at all welcome so it is lucky the barman was friendly, otherwise I might have turned around and left.

This would have meant I would not have sampled a selection of very well-kept beers and missed out on an otherwise enjoyable wintery evening.

First up was Young’s Special (2.90) which managed to be fruity with a touch of sweetness while still being hoppy and I would have been happy drinking it all night.

But I quickly changed my order when I saw the Two Doves also had St Austell’s Tribute (2.90) which is always a welcome guest wherever I visit.

Without wanting to sound too much like a wine connoisseur, it had a really fruity and almost biscuity flavour.

I don’t know why, but drinking it made me think of Scotland rather than Cornwall, where the pale amber ale is brewed.

Both were well worth the trek through the snow, as was the Young’s Bitter (2.80) which slipped down my throat very nicely.

If the sign outside is to be believed and the garden is award-winning, then I will be back in the summer for more drinks and to see if I can win over the regulars.



PENFOLD Alfred 1871-74+ (age 39 in 1871Census)

JEAL Ambrose 1882+

BARHAM Thomas 1891+

TIMBERS Mr dec'd to Jan/1893

TIMBERS Helen (widow) Jan/1893+


FAIRCHILD H W 1903+ Kelly's 1903


FAIRCHILD Henry Edward Mrs 1918-22+

FAIRCHILD Robert 1930-38+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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