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Earliest Aug 1803

Wheatsheaf Inn

Latest 1976

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Wheatsheaf 1952

Above photo 1952. Creative Commons Licence.

Wheatsheaf ledger

Thomson & Sons ledger. Creative Commons Licence.


This inn known by the name and sign of the Old Lantern was built in the 11th year of Charles I, in 1636.

When first built the property was two farm dwellings belonging to the estate of one Francis Gibbons, who owned the mortgages on certain lands and properties, around the parishes of Dover and Deal, including a stretch of Marsh land at Shoulden, 16, acres of pasture at Ewell, 12 acres with tied dwellings at Waldershare and two cornmills. When he died in 1658, his estate passed to his son Ralph.

In that year of 1658, there resided here in one dwelling one Jesse Ladd, a thatcher of Martin, with his wife and six children, whilst occupying the other was one Thomas Castor, miller and his family, consisting of his wife Ruth, daughter Charlotte and four sons, Thomas, William, Samuel and Henry. By 1673, Jesse Ladd and his family still resided here, but only the widow Castor with sons William and Henry are recorded, occupying the other dwelling. At this date the dwellings were part of the estate of Ralph Gibbons, who upon his death in 1694, bequeathed his estate to his daughters Thomasine and Dorothe.

By 1706, both cottages were occupied by the family of Ladd. Gaylor Ladd, thatcher resided in one with his family and Silas Ladd, also a thatcher and his family resided in the other. in 1723, Thomasine Gibbons spinster of the parish, sold these dwellings with two others nearby and a parcel of land to one Simon Youden, yeoman of Swingate Parish and by 1730 he had rented both dwellings here, to Thomas Eastes tanner and harness maker, and Jacob Bowie, wheelwright. The Bowie family remained here for many years to follow, occupying at different intervals one or both dwellings. Most of the heads of the families were craftsmen, either wheelwrights or carpenters, apart for the remaining two members who occupied both dwellings in 1a781, James and Elias, are recorded as fruit growers.

By 1800 both dwellings were in the possession of Stephen Uden, son of Simon. The name Uden being a perversion of Youden, and for some reason the family now chose to spell it as that. In 1803, there resided here a tallow chandler and smelter called Jacob Sawley. In August of that year he applied for and was granted a license to sell ales from the premises, which at this date bore no title other than that of a registered ale house, but by the turn of 10 years it had come to be commonly called the “Wheatsheaf” ale house. It continued to thrive and by 1818, Sawley had purchased the freehold of the house from Stephen Uden. At this date Sawley is described as a grocer and beer seller of the Wheatsheaf, Martin.

Sawley kept the house until his death in 1839, whereafter his wife Shophia, described as a grocer and beer seller, took over the house. In 1843, she married Thomas Holmes a carpenter of Deal. She kept the “Wheatsheaf” until her death in 1856, whereafter Thomas Holmes, sold it to Francis Ladd, A descendent of Jesse Ladd, who had occupied the house in 1658. He kept it until his death in 1875, whereafter his wife Mary took over, staying until 1881, when in that year she sold the “Wheatsheaf” to Walter Jell. When he died in 1890, his wife Elizabeth took over the house which at this date incorporated both dwellings and was the “Wheatsheaf beer house and grocery store”. In 1894, Elizabeth Jell, sold the house to John Gage a beer retailer and carrier to the parish of Martin, a carrier was a form of removal or delivery men, who undertook to carry such items as news, parcels or peoples belongings to a destination on a given route, usually another inn, so that he could be met and they could collect from him.

Gage kept the house until 1902, handing over in that year to George Collins, who remained here until 1926, when one Harry Walter took over until 1929, handing over in that year to James Fisher, who in 1931, who was succeeded by Arthur Liggens. In 1936, the house was granted a full license and became the “Wheatsheaf Tavern”. Upon the death of her husband in 1937, Mrs Amy Liggens, took over the house and stayed for many years. In 1976, the name of the house was changed to the “Old Lantern” and to – day it is owned and kept by Mrs Christine Carr.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 27 September, 1878


The Licensing Sessions for the Dover district of the county was held at Dover on Thursday before Dr. Astley, Steriker Finnis Esq., Major Stevenson, F. Fortescue, Esq., and C. J. Plumptre, Esq.


An application was made by Mr. H. Parker to draw at the “Wheat Sheaf,” Langdon, as the last tenant did not conduct the house in a proper manner. He was turned out, and the house had been closed ten days.

The Bench cautioned the new tenant and the license was granted.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 13 September 1879.


The only fresh license granted was in the following instance.

George Kay applied for a new licence to sell the "Wheat Sheaf" public-house at East Langdon. He stated that Henry Parker, the late tenant, had left the house about six weeks ago, taking the license him. It was not known where he had gone. Superintendent Kewell said he had no objection to a license being granted to Kay; he bore a good character. The magistrates granted the application.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 5 March, 1880. Price 1d.


Mr. W. Mowll, solicitor, of Dover, made an application for an authority to sell at the "Wheat Sheaf" public-house, Martin, near Dover, until the next transfer day. The name of the old tenant was John George Cane, but he had gone away, and the authority asked to be granted to James Charles Joseph Plumridge.



From the Dover Express, 18 April,1902.


The Sessions of the Wingham Division of the County of Kent took place on Thursday at Dover, the Magistrates being Major Banks (in the chair), W. H. Burch Rosher, Esq., P. Rose Innes, Esq., J. L. Bradley, Esq., and Captain J. H. Monins. Mr. Kingsford acted as clerk.


The licence of the "Wheatsheaf Inn" was transferred from George Dixon to Eli Green.


Dover Express 4th July 1947.

Wingham Petty Sessions were held at Dover on Thursday, before Lord Hawarden, presiding.

Licence transferred.

The licence of the “Wheatsheaf”, Martin, was transferred from Ada Doris Liggins to Alfred William Claringbould.




SAWLEY Jacob Aug/1803-39 Dec'd

SAWLEY Shophia 1839-56 Dec'd

HOLMES Shophia (re-married Thomas in 1843)

LADD Francis 1856-75 Dec'd

LADD Mary 1875-80?

PARKER Henry Sept/1878-Sept/79 Dover ExpressWhitstable Times

CANE/KAY John George Sept/1879-Mar/80 Whitstable TimesDover Express

PLUMRIDGE James George Joseph Mar/1880-81 (also shop-keeper age 50 in 1881Census) Dover Express

JELL Walter 1881-1890 Dec'd

JELL Elizabeth 1890-94

GAGE John 1894-1902

DIXON George to Mar/1902 Dover Express (Wheatsheaf, East Langdon)

GREEN Eli Mar/1902-Apr/03 Dover Express (Wheatsheaf, East Langdon)

FOX Caleb John Apr/1903+ Dover Express

EVANS Mr to Sept/1908 Dover Express

Last pub licensee had COLLINS George E Sept/1908-Mar/14 (age 44 in 1911Census) Dover ExpressPost Office Directory 1914

EVERETT/LEVERETT Mr Nathan Mar/1914-July/15 Dover Express

HILLS Frederick Johns July/1915+ Dover Express

HILLS Mr J H dec'd May/1918 Dover Express

HILLS Mrs E 1918-Oct/20 Dover Express

WRIGHT Harry James Oct/1920-Oct/22 Dover Express

DEYES/DAY Rosie Bessie Ann Winchester Oct/1922-Oct/1925 Dover Express

WALTER Harry J Oct/1925-29+ Dover Express

FISHER James Henry 1929-/Jan34 Dover Express(Pikes 1932-33Address given as East Langdon)

LIGGINS Arthur Eilliam Jan/1934-37 Dec'd Dover Express(1936 gained a full licence and became a Tavern)

LIGGINS "Amy" Ada Doris 1937-July/47 (Pikes 1938-39Address given as East Langdon)

CLARINGBOULD Alfred William July/1947-52 Kelly's Directory 1950

GASKIN George Edward 1952-54 Kelly's Directory 1953

HAZELL William 1954-Aug/58 Kelly's Directory 1956

ROBINSON H G Aug/1958-Nov/59

ROBINSON G S L Mrs Nov/1959-64+

PRICE Iris S E 1974+ Library archives 1974 Charrington & Co


Post Office Directory 1914From the Post Office Directory 1914

Pikes 1932-33From Pikes Dover Blue Book 1932-33

Pikes 1938-39From Pikes Dover Blue Book 1938-39

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Kelly's Directory 1953From the Kelly's Directory 1953

Kelly's Directory 1956From the Kelly's Directory 1956

Library archives 1974Library archives 1974

Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express

Whitstable TimesWhitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald


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