PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton and Jan Pedersen

Earliest 1841

Two Bells

Latest 2005

58 Canterbury Road


Royal Standard 1978

Above photograph kindly supplied by Jan Pedersen, 1978, the "Royal Standard" is shown on the left.

Two Bells, Folkestone 2009 Two Bells Sign, Folkestone 2009

Above photographs by Paul Skelton, 5 July 2009.

Awaiting picture of Whitbread sign.

Above card issued March 1955. Sign series 4 number 43.


From the Folkestone Chronicle 15 December 1855. transcribed by Jan Pedersen.

Wednesday December 12th :- Before James Tolputt esq., Mayor, James Kelcey esq., William Major esq., and G. Kennicott esq.

Charles Hazeltine, who had been remanded from Friday last, was brought up on a charge of stealing a pair of stockings, value 1s 6d, the property of Daniel Down. It appeared that the prosecutor had lodged for some time at the house of Mr. White, the "Two Bells," in Bridge Street, and that on the nights of Tuesday and Wednesday week, prisoner (who stated that he was working at Shorncliffe Camp) lodged there, and slept in the same bed with the prosecutor. On Thursday morning prosecutor got up first and went to his work, leaving the prisoner in his bed, who said that he should sleep a little longer. At that time a pair of stockings of the prosecutor's were hanging on a rail at the foot of the bed. About 8 o'clock Mr. White, the landlord, got up, and on going into prosecutor's room, prosecutor, prisoner, as well as the stockings were gone. The prisoner had not paid for his lodgings. Mr. White immediately took the road to Canterbury, calling at the roadside houses by the way; and on getting to the "Lion" public house, at Bridge, he found the prisoner, procured a parish constable, and the missing stockings were found upon the prisoner, who at once admitted that he had taken them. Prisoner was now asked if he consented to have the case decided summarily by the magistrates, under the New Criminal Justice Act, and replying in the affirmative, the depositions were taken, on which, having been called upon, he pleaded not guilty, but was convicted, and sentenced to one month's imprisonment and hard labour in the house of correction.

This is the second case which has been decided summarily under the new act since the last Quarter Sessions, which but for that act must have been committed for trial. There is consequently every probability of our ensuing court of Quarter Sessions being a “Maiden” one.


From the Folkestone Observer 3 October, 1863. Transcribed by Jan Pedersen.


Wednesday September 30th:- Before Captain Kennicott R.N., J. Tolputt and A.M. Leith, Esqs.

Helen Townsend was charged with stealing a blanket, a sheet, and sixteen bedroom towels.

Mary Ann White, wife of the landlord of the "Two Bells," said the prisoner engaged a furnished room for herself and her husband, a man named Sinick, on the 26th of July. On Saturday night the 19th instant she told prisoner in the presence of her husband, and in the presence of her own husband, that she had taken one of the sheets from her bed. She at first denied it, but afterwards admitted that she had taken it. Prisoner and her husband said that they were going to Hastings in the morning, and witness said she should fetch her back. They went out before witness was up on Sunday morning. The sheet was missed by her on Saturday afternoon about three o'clock and she had not since seen it. On Monday morning she missed a towel from prisoner's room, fifteen towels from a chest on the landing, and a blanket from the front bedroom. Prisoner sometimes went into the front bedroom to scrub it out. She pawned some things before, and witness had to get them out. Prisoner promised to pay the cost of redeeming these things, but had not done so. Witness went to Hastings yesterday, and caused prisoner to be apprehended and brought here. Prisoner owed 17s. 10d. for rent &c. The value of the sheet was 10s. and of the towels and blanket, 10s.

William White, landlord of the "Two Bells," said that on Saturday his wife charged prisoner with cutting up the sheet and making a shift of it. She admitted she had done so, and that she then had the shift on. Her husband said he would see the bill paid if witness would let her go. On Monday witness's wife missed other things, and he then sent to Hastings to have prisoner arrested.

The magistrates sent the prisoner to Dover jail for a month's hard labour.

Two Bells 2012 Two Bells 2012

Above photo kindly sent by Phil Nicholson, 29 November, 2012. Looking ever more dilapidated.


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