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Earliest 1738-

Three Mackerel

Latest 1847

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Radnor Street



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Kentish Post 30 July 1748.

To be sold by auction at the "Three Mackerel" in Folkestone, on Wednesday, the 17th of August next, at two of the clock in the afternoon:

The Sackville, privateer, formerly the Old Dorcas cutter, now lying on Folkestone Stade, a prime sailor, burthen about 40 tons, with mast, yards, apparel and furniture.

Inventories to be seen at the place of sale.


Kentish Gazette 23 March 1782.

Advertisement: To be sold by auction, on Monday, the 25th of this instant March, at the sign of the "Three Mackerel," in Folkestone, about three o'clock in the afternoon; All that good cutter privateer called the Petit Maraudeur, lately taken and condemned as a prize, to the Speedwell, Capt. John Hart, as she now lies on Folkestone Stade.


Kentish Gazette 28 August 1782.

Advertisement: For sale by auction, on Monday, the 2nd of September, 1782, at the "Three Mackerel," in Folkestone, at two o'clock in the afternoon; The Flying Fish, shallop, with her mast, yards, sails, anchors, cables, standing and running rigging, a prime sailer, and now lies on Folkestone beach.

For further particulars enquire of Richard Godwin, at Folkestone.


Kentish Mercury 31 August 1839.

At the Guildhall, Folkestone, last week, Thomas Dunn, beer-shop keeper, (Three Mackerel) was charged by Ballard, an excise officer of Hythe, with selling spirituous liquors. From the evidence it appeared that Ballard went to the defendant's house, dressed in the garb of a butcher from Ash, in company with Mrs. Kiel, a chimney sweeper's wife, and asked for something to drink. He said he had attended the Dover market, but as trade was so very dull, he had been obliged to sell his meat at 3 less than prime cost. In the course of the evening Mrs. Kiel feigned very ill, and her companion wished to know if there was any gin or brandy in the house. Being informed by the landlady that they had nothing but a little rum, which they had purchased for private use, he requested a glass of that, which the landlady gave them. The exciseman stated that he had purchased six glasses of brandy of the defendant, for which he paid 3d. per glass, and appealed to his beloved Phillis for corroboration, who stated that he was drunk when he entered the house and scarcely knew what he was doing. As the defendant, however, had kept his house open till a late hour, the magistrates fined him in the mitigated penalty of 12 10s.


Dover Telegraph 2 April 1842.

Dover Quarter Sessions: Yesterday these Sessions commenced before W.H. Bodkin Esq., M.P., the Recorder; Edward Poole Esq., the Mayor; and a full bench of Magistrates.

James Watson, carpenter, aged 50, was charged with stealing, at Dover, two saws, the property of Thomas Farley Pettman. Prisoner was also charged with stealing two saws, the property of Thomas Chaney.

T. Pettman stated that he was working at the new houses on Camden Crescent, and left his tools in the attic when he left work in the evening. On the following morning he found his saws gone. He afterwards found that Henry Bailey, who lodged with him in the same house, had on the previous evening bought one of his saws of a man at the "Queen's Head" for 1s. 6d. Henry Bailey stated that he bought the saw for 1s. 6d.

Mr. Pearson, police constable, of Folkestone, stated that Mr. T. Chaney and another person came to Folkestone, and from information he went to the "Three Herrings" (sic) (Note: "Three Mackerel") public house, where he found a basket of tools, from which Chaney identified two saws as his property. The prisoner soon afterwards came in, when he took him into custody and brought him to Dover.

Guilty – Six months imprisonment and hard labour.



SPURWAY Thomas 1823+ (Pigot's Directory 1823No address given)

DUNN Thomas 1828-39+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29


Pigot's Directory 1823From the Pigot's Directory 1823

Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29


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