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Three Compasses

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129 Beach Street

146 Beach Street Post Office Directory 1874


01304 374661

Three Compasses 1997

Above photo, 1997, kindly sent by Wendy Baker.

Three Compasses in Deal Three Compasses sign in Deal Three Compasses sign in Deal

Above photos by Paul Skelton, 26 July 2008.

Three Compasses sign 1987

Three Compasses sign November 1987.

Above with thanks from Brian Curtis


According to the Deal History Society, this pub goes back as far as 1661 when it was called the "New Inn."


Kentish Gazette 02 June 1801.

Last Saturday died, after a short illness, Mrs. Cavell, of the Three Compasses at Deal, leaving a large family.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 10 July, 1869. 1d.


The plaintiff in this case is the brewer at Buckland, near Dover, and sued the defendant, who is the landlord of the "Three Compasses," public-house, Beach Street, for 28 0s. 1d., for beer. Defendant admitted the debt and expressed his willingness to pay within a reasonable time. Plaintiff obtained judgement, with a view of coming to an amicable arrangement.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 19 June, 1869. 1d.


THE "THREE COMPASSES," at the top of Coppin Street, Beach Street, Deal.

Enquire Alfred Kingsford, Buckland Brewery, Dover.


From the Deal Licensing Register, Clerks MS Book, 18 September, 1890.

The "Three Compasses" having been closed for 4 or 5 months owing to the bankruptcy of the tenant, the renewal of the licence was opposed. One witness said:- "I live in Beach Street, immediately opposite the "Three Compasses" - the behaviour of the inhabitants of Copping Street has been a great nuisance to Beach Street. It is from fighting and drunkenness, bad language and disorderly woman. The house next to mine has been vacant for some years. The neighbourhood has been respectable since this house was closed." The licence was granted on transfer after an adjournment.



An outlet for Fremlins in 1974. Library archives 1974



CAVELL John 1823-24+ Pigot's Directory 1823Pigot's Directory 1824 (Lowest)

CAVELL Francis 1828+ Pigot's Directory 1828-29 (Lower Street)

MYHILL 1869 Deal Mercury

WOOD H to Jan/1870 Deal Mercury

APPLETON William Jan/1870-82+ Deal MercuryPost Office Directory 1874Post Office Directory 1882 (age 31 in 1871Census)

OUTWIN John Thomas 1891 Post Office Directory 1891

CULLEN Frederick W 1891+ (age 30 in 1891Census)

EDWARDS John 1899-1908+ Kelly's 1899Pikes 1908

TAYLOR Henry 1913+ Post Office Directory 1913Deal library 1914

Last pub licensee had HALL Emily 1913-1919

LOCK William 1922+ Post Office Directory 1922

ALLEN John G 1934+ Kelly's 1934

LOUGHLIN William O 1938+ Post Office Directory 1938

BRETT William J 1974+ Library archives 1974 Fremlins

BARBASIEWICZ Nicholas 2008+


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