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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1836

Regent Tap and Regent Tavern

Latest 1854

(Name to)

Market Lane



This definitely had connections with the "Prince Regent" in the past. Earliest mention found by Barry Smith is 1837 to date. However, further information from the Dover Telegraph mentions it being sold in 1936 by John Brockman, who at the time was the licensee of the "Prince Regent." So I believe he sold part of the building to another person.

The 'Tap' later changed its name to "Young England" but the continuous assembly of disorderly characters at the premises brought about its demise in 1854.


From the Dover Telegraph, 24 December, 1836.

Mr John BROCKMAN, The Regent Tavern, Market Place, Dover – business to be sold by private contract.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 1 January, 1853. Price 5d.

The landlord of the "Regent Wine Vaults" was summoned for allowing disorderly characters to assemble at the "Regent Tap." The prosecution was instituted at the instance of the "Lay Association for the Protection of Women." Mr. E. Knocker conducted the case on the Society's behalf, and at its opening remarked that the defendant bore an irreproachable character, and he Mr. K. believed the enquiry would elicit that the offence was committed without the knowledge of the landlord of the "Regent," when sublet the "Tap;" but as the latter was held under the license of the former, Mr. Buckman became responsible for the mode in which the "Tap" was conducted. Mr. Knocker gave an outline of the nature of the charge, which sufficiently indicated the shockingly disreputable proceeding in the Tap, and the notoriously bad characters tat had there assembled. Upon the faith of Mr. Knocker's statement, though confessedly ignorant of what had taken place in the "Tap." the landlord of the "Vaults" pleaded guilty; but as a pecuniary punishment was not sued for, on the grounds that Mr. Buckman was really unaware of the offence being committed, only a strong remonstrate from the Bench, with an intimation that in no future case would such leniency be shown to any party. Mr. Buckman acknowledged the considerate feeling of the Bench, and expressed his desire to close the "Tap" rather than allow a reputation of such gross immoralities as had been hinted at by Mr. Knocker.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 25 February, 1854. Price 5d.


Several parties residing in Market Lane, attended to complain of the annoyance experienced from the "Regent Tap," and the annoyance and disturbance created by those in the habit of visiting that house. The Bench directed Mr. Coram to order his force to observe from time to time whether prostitutes were permitted to assemble at the "Regent Tap," and a proof thereby to take the necessary steps for bringing the landlord (said to be a Mr. Newing) before the Court. A similar order was given in reference to the "Three Tuns," Biggin Street.



See also "Prince Regent".



LEWIS 1840+

HOUGHTON Thomas F 1846+ Dover Telegraph

BUCKHAM William 1853

Last pub licensee had NEWING William 1853-54 Next pub licensee had


Dover TelegraphFrom the Dover Telegraph


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