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West Cliff Tavern

Closed 2000

14 Townley Street


West Cliff Tavern 1965

Above photo, 1965, showing Doris Lock with sons, Michael and Stephen. Kindly supplied by Michael Lock.

West Cliffe Tavern 1965

Above photo 1965. Kindly supplied by Michael Lock.

West Cliff Tavern 1970

Above postcard, 1970, kindly supplied by Rory Kehoe.

West Cliff Tavern inside 1970

Above postcard, showing the indide, 1970, kindly supplied by Rory Kehoe.

West Cliff Tavern bar 1970

Above postcard, showing the bar, 1970, kindly supplied by Rory Kehoe.

Westcliff Tavern 1988

Above photo, June 1988, kindly sent by Philip Dymott.

West Cliff Tavern

Above photo taken with permission from Saunders family web.

West Cliff Tavern sign 1991

Sign above December 1991 with thanks from Brian Curtis

Westcliffe Tavern business card 1956

Above business card, 1965, kindly supplied by Michael Lock, who says his parents kept the pub for about two years.

Thanet Times, Tuesday 12 May, 1964.

Eric Langley, "Westcliff Tavern."

Ships lights in the bar is remainder of his sailing days.

Eric Langley 1964

In common with many seafarers, mine host at the "Westcliff Tavern," Ramsgate, Mr. Eric Langley's main ambition while abroad ship was to own his own business and preferably a public house.

Serving as a signalman in the Royal Navy during the war years, with much of the time spent in South Atlantic waters, Mr. Langley realized his ambition in October 1962, when the Westcliff Tavern was re-opened.

A reminder of his sailing days when the idea of taking a pub was first born in his mind now stands in the saloon bar. It is a highly polished, well-preserved genuine oil-burning ships sailing light, which says Eric, causes quite a lot of interest.

Still a self-confessed junior in the trade, Eric said the only experience he had of spirits and mixing drinks before taking the house was on the other side of the counter.

"Just before I took over the pub, however, some of the other publicans in Thanet were very good," said Erick. "They offered to take me into their own pubs and show me the ropes and when I opened up quite a few of them came round on the first night to wish me good luck."

Born in Southend, Eric is the first member of his family to take a public house. Before becoming licensee of the "Westcliff Tavern" he was a heating and ventilating engineer.

A married man, with a 17-year old son who has followed in his footsteps as a heating and ventilating engineer, and a 10-year-old daughter, Eric is proud of his family. "My wife gives me all the help possible in the pub and even my daughter helped arrange bottles and the like before we open the doors, he said.



Michael Mirams informs me that the house closed around about the year 2000 and is now a private residence.



HARLOW James 1867+

HOLE Edmund 1881-82+ (age 54 in 1881Census)

HUDSON Richard 1890-91+

SUTTON William Frederick 1903-22+ Kelly's 1903

KNIGHT Frederick John

MOODY Frederick Next pub licensee had pre 1930

KNIGHT Frederick John 1929-30+

EVANS William Punter 1934-39+

LANGLEY Eric Oct/1962-64+

LOCK Fred G & Doris 1967-69ish

FIELDS Ray & Bettine 1970+ (phone Thanet 53857)

Last pub licensee had WRIGHT Weston 1980s+ Next pub licensee had

MILLS Jane 1994-97



Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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