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Earliest 1865-

South Eastern Tavern

Closed 2013+

79 Torrington Road

South Ashford

South Eastern Tavern 1906

Above postcard, circa 1906, from Andy Turner, also showing the "Foresters Arms." right.

South eastern Tavern & Foresters Arms

Above photo showing the "South Eastern Tavern" left, date unknown, kindly sent by Andy Turner. Also showing the "Foresters Arms." Centre.

Forester's Arms

Above postcard a coloured image of the above.

South Eastern Tavern

Above photo kindly sent by Chris Excell, circa 2013.

Don't think the burnt out van does the area justice! or perhaps it possibly does!

Former South Eastern tavern

Above photo, date unknown by Darkstar.


In 1869-70 the pub was part of a consortium who were advertising their goods of selling tea in response to grocers' selling beer and wine. (Click for further details.)


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette 20 December 1862.


A ruffianly garrotte attack was made on Mr. R. Jell, landlord of the "South Eastern Tavern," South Ashford, on Thursday evening, on the Beaver-road. Mr. Jell was returning home from his daily employment as a butcher in the town about nine o'clock, and when he had got to Trumpet-bridge a man came suddenly behind him and clasped him tightly round the throat with both hands, tripping him up at the same time with his feet.

The man fell on him; but notwithstanding Jell grappled on the ground with his assailant - whose features from the darkness he was quite unable to make out - and succeeded in regaining his feet. A violent struggle then took place, in the course of which they wrestled from the west to the east side of the road, and Jell getting his antagonist against the fence approaching the bridge, had the presence of mind to throw him over into the river. He immediately made the best of his way home, where the muddy and torn conditions of his clothes directly attracted attention, and upon telling how he had been attacked, two mechanics who were in the house started and gave information to the police. Every public-house in the town was at once visited, but in none was the fellow who had committed the outrage discovered. As he never spoke through-out the struggle, it seems probable that it was some one living in the neighbourhood, who was afraid his voice would be known; although it is an ascertained fact that several London garotters have lately visited Maidstone and other towns in this county. Whatever his motive may have been we hope the scoundrel may not go unpunished.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette 09 September 1865.


The licenses of the public houses in the Ashford division were renewed. The following new licenses were applied for:—


William Davis, landlord of the "Denmark Arms" beershop, South Ashford, applied for a license, the granting of which was opposed by Mr. Simmoms, landlord of the "South-Eastern Railway Tavern," South Ashford.


The Bench retired to consider the applications, and on returning into Court announced that they had decided to refuse all of them with the exception of that for the "Man of Kent." Ashford, kept by William Richard Brown, and for that house they had decided to grant a license.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 20 September 1890.

A Little Boy Drowned.

An inquest was held at the "South Eastern Tavern" on Thursday, by the East Kent coroner (Mr. R. M. Mercer, Esq.), on the body of John Hearnden, aged 2 1/2 years, the son of a tinman in the South Eastern Railway Works at Ashford, named Herbert Hearnden, living at 9, Bridge Street, South Ashford, who was drowned in a stream at the back of Bridge Street on Wednesday.

The mother of the little boy, Elizabeth Hearnden, stated that she last saw him alive about 4 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, when he came round to her back door. He was brought into her house about twenty minutes to six quite dead. The witness stated that 12 months ago the deceased fell into the same river, and she pulled him out.

Clara Luckhurst, a little a girl of 11 years, living at 4, Bridge Street, was called, and said she saw the deceased lying in the water face downwards. She had seen him playing by the side of the river in the afternoon. Some other children were also playing there. When she saw the deceased in the water she ran and told her sister, who went and told Mrs. Hearnden about it.

William Knowles, of 3, Bridge Street, said his attention was drawn to the river by Mrs. Hearnden calling out. He went and pulled the child out, but he was perfectly cold and dead to all appearance. He immediately went for a policeman, and Mr. Savory, the surgeon at the Medical Association, was sent for, but he did not come.

The Coroner, in remarking upon the occurrence, said that there had been three previous cases of drowning in this river before that one, and something ought to be done to lessen the danger of the place. There was, at present, nothing to prevent the children falling into the river. The path alongside was not a legal one, although the tenants of the cottages adjoining used it. When he held one of the previous inquests the jury added and rider to the effect that the danger of the place should be remedied, and it was forwarded to the agent of landlord, but no notice had been taken of it. He did not know whether the present agent, Mr. Knock, builder, of Ashford, was the landlord's agent at the time when he sent the rider. He thought it would be the best plan if some member of the local board, or somebody who had interest and influence in the welfare of the town, would make a stir in the matter. However, He was of opinion that this was the fourth death which had occurred from that cause, the people living there would protest against the danger of the place, and ask for something to be done. The jury returned a verdict of "Found Drowned," and express their views very strongly in accordance with those of the Coroner.


Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser 05 March 1896.


George Checksfield, landlord of the "South Eastern Tavern," Ashford, was summoned for selling rum and whiskey below the legal limit.

Mr. B. Drake, who defended, pleaded guilty, and defendant stated that he sold the spirit as he bought it, and could only suppose it had evaporated by being kept in a damp cellar. A fine of 1 10s. and the costs 1 6s was imposed.


From the Whitstable Times, 10 November, 1900.


The East Kent Coroner (R. M. Mercer, Esq.) held an inquest at the "South Eastern Tavern," Ashford, on Monday, respecting the death of Elizabeth Sarah Davis, aged 54. It appeared from the evidence that the deceased was the wife of a carpenter named George Samuel Davis, living at 45, Rugby Gardens, Ashford. She had been ailing for some little time, but she would not have a doctor. The deceased was taken worse on the previous day with pains in her chest and died early that morning. Dr. Vernon made a post-mortem and found the deceased had died from (1) heart disease (2), clot of blood forming in the heart.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 20 December 1902.


An inquest was held at the "South East Tavern," Ashford, on Monday, by the East Kent Coroner (Mr. R. M. Mercer) respecting the death of Cecil Romaine, aged Seven months. The child had been taken into nurse by a woman named Jane Fagg for 1 a month. The N.S.P.C.C. had been called in on several occasions and cautioned the woman as to the treatment of the child. The jury returned a verdict of "death from marasmus owing to injudicious feeding and exhaustion."

MARASMUS:- Undernourishment causing a child's weight to be significantly low for their age.


I have been informed that the pub closed shortly after the incident with the burnt out van but the building is now being run as a Muslim Community centre.



JELL R Mr 1862+

SIMMONS Mr 1865+

BOURNE William 1869-82+ (age 47 in 1881Census)

CHECKSFIELD George 1891-96+ (age 42 in 1891Census)

CHAPLIN Richard 1901+ (age 35 in 1901Census)

BOOTH Horace 1903+ Kelly's 1903

MONKTON Minnie Gibbons Mrs 1911-22+ (age 43 in 1911Census)

BAILEY Thomas 1930-38+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903



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